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So eventually FW will publish Horus Heresy: Prospero. But I think that's at least 3 years away (Massacre, Mechanicum, Prospero). Until then, I don't really think we're going to see alot of Thousand Sons units. However, I wanted to create something that could give a Thousand Sons army some flavor. A lot of the legions have their special First Company terminators... The Justinaens (I can't spell em.. Horus's own), the Deathshroud, the Morlocks. From what I can tell, the Thousand Sons had their Scarab Occult. This is my take on it; something kind of fluffy for them, semi-useful, and not (hopefully) overpowered.

Scarab Occult - 250 points

WS 4 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 3 Ld 9 Sv 2+/4+

Unit Composition: 4 Sekmet Terminators
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Terminator Armor, Heqa Staff, Mark of Tzeentch
Special Rules: Bulky, Veterans of the Long War, Rehati, Tides of the Empyrean

The Scarab Occult can only be purchased as a retinue for a Tzeentch-marked Sorcerer, and must be in the same unit as that character. There may only be 4 Sekmet Terminators, no more, no less. Unless Ahriman is fielded, the Sorcerer must be the army's Warlord.

Heqa Staff: These long, ornate staves end in curved blades, making them powerful and elegant. With a shift of the grip, a warrior could wield these weapon for speed and finesse, or adjust for a powerful cleaving blow. The Sekmet are able to channel arcane might into the weapon, setting foes ablaze with every swing.
When in CC, choose which mode the Terminator will use:
S User AP 3 Melee, Soul Blaze
S User + 1, AP 2, Melee, Unwieldy, Soul Blaze

Rehati: Upon Selection of Psychic Powers for your army, you must designate one Cult of the Thousand Sons for each of the 5 Rehati members. Each model should have a token or paint scheme to represent the 5 cults.
Pyrae - Pyrokineses
Corvidae - Divination
Pavoni - Biomancy
Athanaean - Telepathy
Raptora - Telekinesis
Your Chaos Sorcerer must choose a cult appropriate to the psychic powers he has selected (if he has only chosen Tzeentchian powers, then you may select any of the 5 as his cult).

Tides of the Empyrean: The warp is always in flux, like the ebb and flow of the Great Ocean. Each turn, roll a d6.
1 - Pyrae
2 - Corvidae
3 - Pavoni
4 - Athanaean
5 - Raptora
6 - Player's choice.
As long as the Sekmet Terminator that is the master of that cult remains in play, the Chaos Sorcerer may cast the Primaris power of that school without expending a warp charge (he must still roll a Perils check). All powers measure LoS and range from the appropriate Sekmet model. If at any point the squad is on the table without the Sorcerer, than use the values of the Sekmet Terminators instead.

Points reasonings: A Chaos Terminator Champion w/ Power Axe and Power Sword, with MoTz, costs 50 points. These guys have identical statlines, and you're buying 4 of them. The additional 50 points is damn close to the Scroll of Magnus. You're not taking wounds like the Scroll offers, but you get dinked as you lose guys. I didn't upcost the Soulblaze, because franky, everyone hates it. It was mostly fluff.

Alright.. hit me. Comments? Critiques?

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I could see that, actually. Possibly what I might do is make the Sekhmet as the 4 'casters', and count them as characters (allowing precision strikes), with up to 4 bodyguard Scarab Occult.

Same stats all around, same weapons, etc.
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