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I play my thousand sons army quite regularly amongst our friends although we have home brewed rules for them which as Zion stated we make the rule

"while a sorcerer is attached to the unit this unit is relentless. if there is no sorcerer attached to the unit then they are slow and purposeful" this one house rule really brings a big change to making them viable.

we're still play testing the idea of the AS being able to upgrade mastery levels at 25pnts/lvl but must remain at least one level under the HQ sorcerer. for example a lvl3 sorcerer will allow all the AS to be upgraded to lvl 2 psykers. or if the HQ sorcerer is lvl2 or lvl1 then the AS can only be lvl1 psykers.

my thousand sons usually use a predators/forgefiends as support for them.

because of the 4++ you don't need to run from cover to cover you can just march to objectives.

but yeah under current rules they are not competitive. I wouldn't take my army to a games tournament unless I just wanted to put my army on show and have something different at the games day.
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