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Let me start by saying yes, this is currently an Apocalypse Formation, for 6E and the previous Chaos Codex. My rules are therefore homebrewed, to update it to the current codex, AND for 40k, not Apocalypse, in this day and age of Formationpalooza.


1 Chaos Sorcerer with Mastery lvl 3 (or Ahriman the Exile)
1 War Coven Squad (see below)
3 Squads of Chaos Terminators

Every model must purchase the Mark of Tzeentch. The Chaos Sorcerer must be deployed and remain within the Chosen Squad.

Special Notes:

War Coven: A War Coven Squad is made of 5 models. They have identical stats to Chaos Chosen (with the same options for upgrades), but also count as being Mastery level 1 Sorcerers. They automatically have Inferno Bolts as part of their Wargear. Unlike most Sorcerers with a Chaos Mark, they can choose to forgo generating a power from the Lore of Tzeentch, and may instead take the Primaris power for any school allowed to Chaos Space Marines. Note that if they take this option they do not gain the Chaos Focus or Psyker Focus bonus power. Each member of the War Coven Squad costs 60 points before upgrades.

Rubric Terminators: Each Terminator Squad has the Slow & Purposeful special rule, Inferno Bolts, and an Aspiring Sorcerer instead of the standard Terminator Champion (still in Terminator Armor). These Aspiring Sorcerers cost an additional 20 points. Terminators can not take any upgrades, but the Aspiring Sorcerers can take all standard wargear options. While the Aspiring Sorcerer is part of the squad, ignore the Slow & Purposeful Special Rule.

The Sorcerer Commands: If the Sorcerer is chosen as your Lord for your army, you may reroll the Warlord Trait. If Ahriman is your Warlord, he can add one additional squad to the effects of Master of Deception.
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