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Thousand Sons - The Path of the Wraithlord

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Alright gents, I am going to do a project log here of my Thousand Sons chaos army as it slowly progresses. I am currently finishing off a few more models in the Tau army I have and then I am devoting myself to Chaos once more. I am not going to post a list with it as I tend to use varied lists based on the same theme quite often. Instead, this will just be the space where I take pics and show off what I am doing for those who are interested. I will focus on a single model or single unit at a time so that there will be a visible and easily followed progressing to the log (not to mention keeping me focused on the task at hand and not going off on tangents all the time lol). Pics to come tomorrow of my wip daemon prince.
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Here comes Wraith to make us feel bad! Woohoo!

I'll be watching this Wraith. Good luck.
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