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Firstly, do you own the codex?

I'd go for Ahriman for your HQ as that guy's just plain nasty to your enemies. I mean that he can take down anything. For instance, you have a swarm, I have a template that wounds anything on a 4+. You have a tank I have a strength 8 shot. You have a HQ...you now have a spawn. On top of that you also get a force weapon that rerolls to hit and to wound.O did I mention that he gets to use three of these a turn?:grin:

However, it also depends what point size army you wish to build and something like Ahriman takes up a lot of points in 1500 so a sorcerer of lord-toting-daemon weapon would be a better bet.

RHINOS you Will need rhinos! Your army will be slow so without these you WILL lose every objective game that you ever play. Personally I'd run squads of 9 as this is fluffier and effective. Unfortunately for you I've never thought that TS were army building material. They are really good. But only if your facing space marines :p.

If you do end up facing nids make sure the sorcerer has WoC then do rhino rushes past his units and fire out of the top hatch.

For Heavy Support I'd go for Obliterators as these stay with the theme and are very good at every thing.

Terminators do go well with TS and the fluff. Put them in your lines and use them to counter assualt if the enemy's assualt troops are getting to close to your TSs Or set them up with combi flamers and roast large enemy units.

That said, TS are not fragile and once on an objective will ride out most enemy ordanance due to their invulnerable save.

So a TS themed army isn't really the best way to go but if your set upon them then there are ways to get around their difficulties either by transports or mutual support.

If you have not done so already then check out broken sword's tactica.:victory:
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