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just make sure you get powers on all your aspiring sorcs :D

i really feel 1k Sons are underrated, i dont particualy like Tzeentch, but i do like the overall look of 1k sons

the main things about them is they ARE NOT fast, and they do not charge into combat, becasue they dont do well in combat, they do however get the most Phsycic powers of any other army in Warhammer (considering their troop choices get freaking phsycic powers)

also, ALL their shots are AP3 this means your bolter is going through EVERYTHING but Temri armor, on the downside they are expencive and always move using slow and purposeful but really you shouldnt be doing to much moving with these guys

and the best part of all... you ALWAYS have a 5++ save :3 this means the Melta-spam that has become the norm today aint got shit on you
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