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Hey Guys, Decided I'm getting rid of all the armies I don't use so I will be putting up a couple of posts for ebay.

This is an auction for my Conversion project of Grey Knights into Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons.

Obviously I didn't get anywhere near round to finishing it.

To convert these I used Various parts including the bolster upgrade sprues for CSM to Thousand Sons that were Mail order only, followed up by a custom 'Mechanicus' styled walker as they were used a lot by the Thousand Sons. For rules I used the Grey Knight Codex. This was just before they announced the forge world 30k series.

Force Contains:

1x Sorcerer (used as a normal HQ with some psychic, unsure of the name, old dex)
2x 5 Man Strike Squads with one Thunder Hammer & one Grav Cannon each.
1x Nemesis Dreadknight
1x Ironclad Dreadnaught (not pictured as of yet)

I do also have a spare Ironclad Dreadnaught of which I will throw into the bundle.

Only missing part is the Left hand for the nemesis Dreadknight but both guns have pinned point to allow for custom setup.

This can be a nice 700 ish points(old dex) start up army, practice painting etc. or could be used as a nice ally detachment.

This will be free Recorded 2nd Class P&P or you can opt for paying for 1st class upon winning the auction.

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