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With the reveal of Magnus also came the reveal that the Thousand Sons are becoming their own sub-faction among the Chaos Space Marines, confirming the rumours that the Cult CSMs are each getting an overhaul. Early rumours on the makeup of the coming TSons army, ([] boxed text is stuff i've added to clarify),

Bell of Lost Souls said:
A:It’s not. The HH Marines in the game [2nd HH Boxset] will be generic (except for the two characters [Bjorn and Ahriman]).

But they come from the same CAD portfolio. Take, say, the computer models of generic 30K Tartaros Pattern Terminators, add 40K bling, change poses, switch a few weapons -> 40K Rubric Terminators. Saves time and effort and costs.

Same for the Tzeentch models. It was a massive design portfolio that included everything from Tzaangors to LoC and Magnus. They may not be the same sprue, but include lots of computer “bitz” and design elements from a large, newly created Tzeentch-design-elements-library.

(Similar approach for Khorne, Stormcast, etc..).
So it appears that the new Cult Marines will share the same armour and base design aesthetics as their 30k incarnations, i.e Rubric Terminators (SQUEEE!!!) will be wearing Tartatos-pattern Terminator armour that has been warped and blinged up over ten thousand years, but it will still recognizably be the ancient GC/HH variant. Makes sense that Rubric Marines will be sporting the earlier MKs of Power Armour as well. And for examples of the newly designed Tzeentchian bling, the Tzaangors and Kairic Acolytes from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower are cut from the same cloth as the Rubrics will be, and since those figures are awesome, I feel even more excited to see the Rubrics return.

Frankly this sounds incredibly baller to me, as it means I will be able to create two armies to embody one lore. A 30k Sons company, and the same force as a 40k Sons warband. The lore, design and painting potential here is unlimited, and I have a feeling it will be the same for the World Eaters, Death Guard and Emperor's Children when their Cult Codexs come around.

Super stoked for this release. :grin2:

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