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Hay guys, new here so ill give a little back story then get right into it.

I've been playing fantasy for a few months now, playing a game or two almost every weekend. I've been using beastmen up until now, so I'm sure some of those tactics will show through in my lists/games with wood elves. My main opponents have been vampire counts and tomb kings, although we have a sizable empire and high elf army floating around my group, and a friend just started collecting Lizardmen. with that in mind thoughts on my 1500 pt list would be appreciated.

SpellWeaver lvl4(I'm thinking life or shadow) bow dispel scroll 250
Shadow Dancer helm of the hunt 120

11x glade guard hagbane champ musician 185
12x glade guard hagbane musician 190

5x Wild Riders FC shields scarecrow banner 165
5x Wild Riders FC shields gleaming pennant 165
20x Wildwood Rangers FC standard of discipline 265

8x Waywatchers

comes out to 1500 on the dot

So the spellweaver huddles up in the smaller GG unit throwing out buffs/debuffs, both GG units try and deploy in forests if possible and shoot at anything that moves Prioritizing big monsters and Heavy calv/infantry to try and whittle some wounds off with poison before they get to my guys.
I'll probably have one unit of Wild riders counter charging/chaff hunting and the other hold back as a charge deterrent for my other units until a juicy target presents its self.
The shadowdancer leads the WWRs into the fray, negating the rank bonus of those damn skellies/ghouls/zombies/ect. and the extra attacks should help mitigate the damn summoning of more.
The waywatchers i'm on the fence about. everything I hear about them is great, but I can't take the numbers I want without making some major changes. I was thinking about trading them for warhawk riders, then upgrading the Wild Rider banners, not sure though.

what do you guys think?
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