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Thoughts on Drop Pods.

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To be specific: assaulting out of a drop pod. Why is this not possible? Can someone show me where it says you can NOT assault out of a drop pod? Ultimately I ended up thinking of these things while reading up on "open-topped" vehicles Since I will be starting Dark Eldar soon. You can assault out of open topped Vehicles. a drop pod is an open topped vehicle.

I am just curious as to others thoughts on this.
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That and the fact that the drop pod is considered to have moved at cruising speed. Any vehicle that has moved at cruising speed, no assault for you. Only if it has a special rule allowing you to assault, like the Vanguard Vets with Heroic Intervention, IIRC.
Any vehicle that moves at all means no assault, Wether it moves at cruising or combat speed. The only exception is for Open Topped vehicles, which Droppods are, and thusly why this thread came about. It's only the "deepstrikers cannot assault" clause that keeps them in line.

Hope that helps a bit :)
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