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Thoughts on Drop Pods.

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To be specific: assaulting out of a drop pod. Why is this not possible? Can someone show me where it says you can NOT assault out of a drop pod? Ultimately I ended up thinking of these things while reading up on "open-topped" vehicles Since I will be starting Dark Eldar soon. You can assault out of open topped Vehicles. a drop pod is an open topped vehicle.

I am just curious as to others thoughts on this.
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How about in the Drop Pod rules? Page 69, Codex: Space Marines, page 32, Codex: Blood Angels, page 47, Codex: Space Wolves, and page 22, Codex Black Templars, all have a line in the rules stating that a unit cannot assault the turn it arrives via drop pod.
Dark Angels didn't have that line (such are the perils of an old codex), so they FAQed that one.
Aah yes, I thought I remembered it in there, but I had no reason to check as it had already been answered.
Also [email protected] Dark Angels, pretty much inviable except the 'wings.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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