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Hi all,
I'm new to this forum and so would like your thoughts on my proposed list for an upcoming tournament.

The list is:

Chaos Lord
- Jump Pack
- Meltabombs
- Daemon Weapon

Daemon Prince
- Wings
- MoK

Plague Marines x14
- 2x Plasmagun
- Champion w Fist

Noise Marines x6
- 5x Sonic Blaster
- Champion w Powersword, Doom Siren and Meltabombs
- Rhino w Extra Armour

Raptors x8
- Icon of Khorne
- Meltagun
- Champion w Twin Claws

Bikes x7
- Icon of Nurgle
- 2x Meltagun
- Champion w Powerfist



Havocs x9
- Icon of Tzeentch
- 3x Lascannon
- 1x Autocannon
- Champion w Powersword

Total: 1998pts

Now I am aware that the Rhino is the only vehicle but I aim to use it as either cover or race up behind cover (i'm sure i'll find cover somewhere for a single vehicle :-D). Other than this what does everyone think? All ideas welcomed :)


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Chaos lord with daemon weapon, not the smartest pick, just remember he may roll a one when you need him most and have one wound left! if you wish to have a lord and daemon weapon may i say MoS and put him with the Noise Marines? and send him after a charater the deamon weapon blissgiver can kill most charaters

daemon prince with warp time is better then MoK

i would say drop the champ and power weapon in them they shouldn't be getting into combat in the first place.

this is just me but doom siren well isn't that effective you see with a range of 24 on the sonic blasters i don't see them getting into combat to soon.

i personaly like bikers (don't see why other people don't)

ok only the rhino not the best thing but oh well, maybe if you take what i said with the lord drop the raptors and add 2 predators with turrent auto cannon and one with side lascannons and one with side heavy bolters now if you also drop the havoc champ with power weapon you can get extra armour for both of them.

just my opions that's all

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Great ideas thanks;

The Raptors and Bikers I took to give me the speed and punch I will need because of the lack of armour and long range weaponry.

I was looking at having the lord join the raptors for an ultra fast killy unit which I have found works well for me from past experience,

using the DP with MoK as a bullet magnet (I have a big DP with Balrog wings thats nice and red which many a tau player has broken into a sweat over lol),

the champ and P weapon for those times someones termys/assault squad etc deep strike on me and I need that little extra punch in cc,

yes doom siren may be a waste of points, I shall ponder that cheers.

Why do you see the need for the Preds?

Thanks (and keep the comments coming please) :)

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I had contemplated that as an idea but for the points I get more T6 marines with potential 3+ inv save and that can actually catch things that try to run than the equivalent number termys loaded up.


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Dropping that Daemon Weapon for a power weapon would give you 25 more points. If you also got rid of the 15 point extra armor on that sacrificial rhino (which I hope you weren't counting on lasting long anyways), you could afford to split that big ol' Plague Marine unit up into two 7 man squads, (I see that you're keeping with the sacred numbers theme, kudos), and put a champion w/ fist in the second one as well. My reasoning here is that, most things hit plague marines like a wall and get stuck there until they die, so you wouldn't need to get the full 14 tied up, leaving you with 7 still freed up. They are tough enough that anything that could reasonably threaten 7 is probably a really nasty unit that could chew through 14 as well without too much trouble, so you might as well have a squad left when those guys get done with them. Also, another scoring unit is never a bad thing. Just my opinion on the role of Plague Marines, though. Losing the doom siren would also get you another Plasma.
Looks pretty solid, though. I'm a fan of Nurgle Bikes, talk about tough to kill, and fast enough to hit the side armor of a vehicle with those meltas.

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Alright. I've been playing Chaos for a year or so, and not to brag, but I've had a few victories, and a few down-falls. But gathering all my experiance, and part of that is knowing you are shooting for about 2000 pts. Here's what I usually take on my list:

HQ Abaddon the Despoiler 275
In a terminator squad (fluff-wise, I think of them as his personal, elite bodygaurds. It makes me feel better).

Chaos lord 90
Terminator Armor 30
Mark of Khorne 10
Daemon Weapon (Bloodfeeder) 40
Total 170

Terminators (5x) 150
Reaper Autocannon (On the same model as the power fist) 25
Power fist 10
Mark of Tzeentch 35
Total 195


Khorne Berzerkers (10x) 210
Skull Champion 15
w/ Power fist 25
In Rhino
Total 245

Chaos Marines (20x) 300
Mark of Tzeentch 40
Aspiring Champion 15
w/Power fist 25
Total 370

Plague Marines (7x) 161
Plague Champoin 15
Power weapon 15
Total 191

Rhino 35
Daemonic possesion 20
Dozer blade 5
Total 60

Fast Attack

Raptors (10x) 200
Mark of Nurgle 50
Aspiring Champion 15
Power fist 25
Total 290

Heavy support

Havocs (5x) 75
Lascannon 35
Plasma guns (2x) 30
Missile launcher 20
Mark of Nurgle 50
Total 210

Defiler 150
Havoc Launcher 5
Total 155

Well, hope it helped. I think it's about 2000pts
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