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So probably the funniest thing happened to me two days ago. I was at the local GW near my house and I was playing my friend with my SW. We were talking about my units after I used JotWW to kill Vulkan and then I was talking about firing my land speeders gun into his land raider and he said I couldn't because I moved 12" which I replied "Yes I can since it's a fast vehicle." and since The manager didn't know I was talking about a land speeder and thought I was talking about a land raider which then he said "Wait...what kind of broken army are you running Blood Wolves? Because if so there's the door" I guess which was referring to a Land Raider being a fast vehicle which I guess counts as a fast vehicle? (idk I don't play BA) but that wasn't the best part when I went home to write a 5000 point list for another game on army builder and I used all four HQ spots for runepriests but for one of them it was marked as "Venerable" and he had an armour value which I guess makes it a Venerable Runepriest Dreadnaught which I then showed to the Manager and so he actually went to the back found the frame we usually use for campaign maps and framed the sheet and put it up writing on the paper "YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT FOR THIS LIST":laugh:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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