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TheHammerCast Episode 4 ELDAR

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TheHammerCast: Episode 4 ELDAR

At last, show #4 is finally finished! Our first foray in the exciting realm of 40k! Two top US players dissect the mighty Eldar from top to bottom. As always, we strive for the highest production value around! Many thanks to all those who have contacted us via email, your response has been gratefully received. All feedback is appreciated! [email protected].

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Listened to the entire show. Awesome.

I really learned some things from that cast, and some of the strats you guys talked about I had dabbled in my mind, but hadn't put into action. I hope to try it out in my next game.

I hope to hear a review of the BLOOD ANGELS new codex. I think would be great to hear a in depth review to that codex that just hit shelves recently.
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