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The Zul'nai are a race of Warp-electro-magnetic energy beings, hailing from a system in the Thorval Nebulae in the Ultima Segmentum. They are unique because their composition allows them to survive blows and shots that could easily put down the toughest of Orks. A Zul'nai's "physical" form resembles that of an avian-reptilian creature albeit transparent and constantly shifting between colours.However exposure to Warp energy tends to make their forms unstable and as fragile as glass. Zul'nai technology is incredibly advanced and unique, for each device is powered by the Zul'nai themselves, from the smallest energy trinkets to the largest starships. Their weapons require no ammunition, as their guns fire the after-products of Zul'nai existence and their notorious Zul-blades extend their forms into a fine blade of coruscating Warp energy that makes a mockery of Terminator armour. A Zul'nai Psyker is unique in the fact that he draws his power from his own form, but there is a great risk. The Psyker could very well use so much power that he could phase out of existence or explode, annihilating anything in the blast radius.

In battle, the Zul'nai wear an advanced armour suit that makes their forms more stable in the heat of battle. This Warp armour is fashioned from many psycho-active materials that anchor the Zul'nai's energy in place. Some Zul'nai have the ability to possess an enemy's corpse, allowing them them to infiltrate the enemy lines and wreak havoc from within. The Zul'nai's biggest and most subtle advantageis that few know they even exist. Many ship's crews have mistaken Zul'nai spacecraft as either random energy leaks or omens of disaster. The Zul'nai exploit this status to the full, as many Imperial Guard regiments and space marine chapters have reported ghostly figures coming to their aid when the end is near. Many Ecclesiarchal priests say they are the spirits of Imperial heroes, sent by the God-Emperor to protect his servants. However it seems the Ordo Xenos and the Eldar know better, for they see a race of philanthropic energy beings. Only the Eldar of Biel-Tan have made contact with the Zul'nai after they helped protect the Exodite world of Zir-Valar, all that was exchanged was the Zul'nai Empyrean lord telling the Eldar to forget what happened or risk death.

Zul'nai special rules

Warp body: All Zul'nai units have bodies of Warp energy which renders the most powerful shots and blows useless. All Zul'nai have the eternal warrior special rule and a 6 up invulnerable save.

Psychic overload: The Zul'nai have a major weakness against the energies of the Warp. Any psychic power used on a Zul'nai unit will dispell the eternal warrior rule for 1 turn. Also any psychic shooting attack wounds on a 3 or more.

Fleet of foot



Warpsingers serve as the Zul'nai's psychic enhancers. Should he choose this life, a Zul'nai has to be cautious for his powers could destroy him. The Warpsingers strengthen their fellow Zul'nai through a harrowing song that can drive them to greater acts of valour or drive them to fight like the heroes of old.

Special rules

Phase-weapon: This weapon crackles with the force of the Zul'nai Psyker's energy. This force weapon ignores ignores invulnerable saves.

Warp crucible: This crackling amulet amplifies a Warpsingers energy voice. A Warpsinger can roll for 2 psychic powers instead of one.
Warpsinger 5 4 4 3 6 1 2 10 4

Empyrean Lord
The most dangerous of all Zul'nai Psykers, an Empyrean Lord can call upon his own Warp energy to devastate the enemy. They summon up bolts that rend souls, storms that can ravage the hardiest of tanks or flay a man with but a gesture.
Empyrean Lord 6 5 4 3 6 2 3 10 3

Special rules

The Immaterial: Empyrean Lords can transfer their essences across the battle field so his powers can wreak havoc. The Empyrean Lord counts as Jump infantry


Phase weapon

Soul helm: An Empyrean contains his powers with this arcane helmet. on a D6 roll of three, the perils of the warp is negated.

Immaterial armour= An Empyrean Lord wears a unique set of armour that allows him to be protected by his own energies. The saving throw counts as invulnerable.

Glyphs of havoc: Some Empyrean Lords draw more power from an arcane glyph. An Empyrean Lord can use D3 extra Psychic powers.

Glyphs of preservation: This Glyph helps protect the Empyrean Lord from his own abilities. Roll 2D6 on the warp overload table and apply the lowest result.

Zul'nai psychic powers

When a Zul'nai Psyker has a perils of the Warp. Roll a D6

Psychic overload table

1,2,3 Perils of the Warp: Normal

4,5 Fizzle out: The player rolls a D3, take the amount of wounds on the result

6 Supernova: place a large blast template over the Zul'nai Psyker. Any unit under it takes a strength 8 AP 2 hit. The Psyker is removed as a casualty regardles of wounds or saves.

Empyrean Lord psychic powers

Burning heart: The Empyrean Lord unleashes his rage in the form of a devastating blast.

Range: Template S:5 AP: 3

Blades of Ghar-Uzahn: An Empyrean Lord summons a vortex of psychic blades. an enemy unit in close combat with the Empyrean Lord takes a strength 4 hit.

The reaping of souls: The Empyrean Lord reaches out to his enemy's soul and rips it from his body. The player chooses an enemy model within 24" of the Empyrean Lord and rolls a D3 and take away the wounds from the enemy and add it to the Empyrean Lord.

Lance of the Nebulae: The Empyrean Lord uses his energy to draw a powerful blast from the stars.

Range: 36" S: 8 AP:1 Heavy D3, Lance

Rage of the damned: The Empyrean Lord risks his life by opening a gate into the Warp, where his foes will be dragged to a horrible death. This attack automatically wounds on a 2 and hits a vehicle with Strength 9 with 2D6 for penetration.

Range:12" S:X AP:2 Heavy, Blast
If the template is not touching an enemy, roll on the psychic overload table.

Strings of the puppet: The Empyrean lord reaches his mind out to an opponent and controls his body. The player chooses a model within 12" of the Empyrean Lord and must pass a leadership test. If he fails, The Zul'nai player takes control of the unit until the end of the opponents turn.

Warp Singer psychic table

1. Bollero of valour: Unit becomes fearless

2. Requiem of Anarchy: The enemy unit takes D3 off its leadership

3. Sonata of Vigour: A friendly unit can add D3 to his initiative

4. Melody of Terror: An enemy unit takes 2 Morale tests

5. Sonnet of life: A friendly unit gains 1 wound

6. Song of war: A friendly unit adds 2 to its stats and attacks ignore armour saves


The most experienced of Zul'nai warriors, lead the species in times of war. Each Warmaster is a great warrior and tactician, capable of leading the Arcane host to victory. Many commanders have fell before the blade of a Warmaster and each of these legendary warriors have never retreated from even the most bloody of battles.
Warmaster 6 6 4 3 7 3 3 19 3

Special rules
Legend of the Zul'nai: A Warmaster is legend on the battlefield, his blades cut down the toughest and quickest of foes. He can re-roll to hits and wounds

Warp Shield: All Warmasters carry a device that uses his energy to protect him in battle. The Warmaster has a 4 up invulnerable save

Doom Helm: The Warmaster dons a helmet that takes on the visage of what his foe fears most. Any unit that loses the close combat with a Warmaster takes a -3 to their leadership.

Empyreal wings= A Warmaster flies into battle on pinions of pure Warp energy. The Warmaster rolls 2D6 and adds the result to his jump.


Warp hunters
These elite Zul'nai form Psyker/Daemon slayers of the Zul'nai race, for their forms are made of pure anti-psychic energy. Accordingly, the C'tan god the Deciever needed a race to test his terrible crop before spreading it among the fledgling Human race, so he turned to Zul'nai and the results pleased him, for if it could affect an energy being, it would certainly work on organic beings. However the Zul'nai decided make use of their changed kin, the Warp could not touch them and the Warp burns at their touch. This gift has a price, for to be a Warphunter is to be shunned by his kindred but his blades render a Psyker's flesh and bring death to the forces of Chaos.
Warphunter 5 4 4 3 5 1 1 9 3
Null lord` 5 5 4 3 6 2 1 10 3

Special rules
Warp shadow: The Warphunters anti-psychic disposition makes him immune to the touch of the Warp. They are unaffected by psychic powers and Daemons within 12" are no longer fearless

Null-blade: This blade of ant-psychic energy is lethal to anything touched by the Warp. All attacks made by the squad ignore all saves and wounds psykers and Daemons on a 2

Null-blaster: This weapon channels the Warphunter's essence at their foes. This weapon follows the same rules as a null-blade
Range: template S: 5 AP:2 Assault 1

The heavy infantry of the Zul'nai, the Saggitarii are veterans who have served the Zul'nai armies form many centuries. Saggitarii squads are used when simple hit and run tactics used by most Warmasters fail. Each Saggitar is a god amongst the Zul'nai, his legendary Sagg'itar armour a symbol of the will of his race. A Saggitarii squad's mere presence is enough to send the most lowly Zul'nai warrior to do acts of extraordinary valour.
Saggitarrii 5 4 4 4 5 2 1 10 2
Saggitar lord 5 5 4 4 5 3 1 10 2

Special rules
Lords of war: The Saggitarii are legends of battle. They have the fearless and fourious charge special rules

Immaterial Idols: Many younger Zul'nai aspire to the ranks of the Saggitarii. Any unit within 12" is fearless

Zul'nai claws: The Saggitari are notorious for their use these lethal blades.These weapons follow the same rules as lightning claws and adds 2 strength

Warp Glaive: Some Saggitarii carry a glaive of pure Warp energy. This weapon ignores armour saves and wounds on a 3.

Some Zul'nai energy forms are more immaterial than others. With this form, they become Puppeteers, an infiltrator with a gruesome ability. Puppeteers have the ability to take over the bodies of the fresh dead. However it takes concentration to stave off the effects of decay and as such it maybe required to search for another body. Despite this flaw, the Puppeteers play an important part in Zul'nai warfare. Many reports of dead Guardsman returning to life are becoming more common.
Puppeteer 4 4 - - 6 1 2 9 -

Special rules
Corpse puppets: The puppeteers are notorious for their abilities. The opponent has to keep casualties on the field, the puppeteer has to remain in reserve and deep strike into one of the models and that model comes under your control. The Puppeteer gains the strength, toughness, armour save and wargear.

"What the hell..": The Puppeteer has to focus to keep his disguise from decaying. The Puppeteers have to take a ld test every 2 turns, if they fail the corpse rots and the unit is revealed.

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Interesting, Ulthris. Interesting indeed. They certainly sound cool, so have some rep mate! Keep it up, I will watch this thread keenly.
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