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ok i know its some sort of unwritten rule to leave the missing primarchs alone but hell they are missing so fans can interpret who they were to thier own hearts content so i designed these boys.

The Spartan Guard

Homeworld: Eden
Armour colours: red and gold with brown trim.
Heraldry: the helm of an antiquity tribal state in front of a shield.
Battle Cry: Come home with your shield...or on it
For the Spartan
Galactic Location: Segmentum Pacificus

The Spartan Guard were the XI leigon Astartes led by Lucian Dragos, one of the more younger primarchs. Lucian was the High King of Eden, a planet that was the exact twin of Terra and rumoured to be the fabaled lost twin world.
He had led a civil war against the ruler known as the Tyrant and after bringing peace to the world and restoring the balance he was found by the Emperor who arrived with Lorgar, Angron and Konrad Curze.

Once the Spartan Guard were founded Lucian and his sons travelled with the Night Lords for a year before going thier own way.
The Spartan Guard use Shields as well as bolters and halbreds. They also have an ability to blend into thier surroundings making them invisible to the naked eye, this was first thought to be sourcery but was in fact a design in the armour that allowed them to camoflauge perfectly and the Mechanicum was given the STC that the armour design came from. In Gratitude the Mechanicum make all the Spartan Guard armour from this STC.
The Primarch wields a massive sword known as the Mortis Sword that can cleave through metal like butter and armour like paper. He is nicknamed The Spartan a nickname given to him by Angron.
The red angel and younger brother fought in the killijng ring in a battle that lasted a day and a night and was declaired a draw the Red Angel then gave Lucian his nickname.
The Spartan Guard are closely tied with the Word Bearers, Night Lords and World Eaters but they also share honour with the Lunar Wolves and Ultramarines.

Thier Fortress Monastry is the old temple to Edens old god Mortari and is still called the Mortari Fortress.
at the time of writing this i have not yet decided if they are Chaos or Loyalist any sugesstions would be gratefully appreciated.

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I like this idea honestly

Now the thought chaos or traitor

Traitor is where im headed here since the close ties with night lords word bearers and world eaters ...

But what kind of relation ship with the emporer does the primarch have is close or very distant.

Also consider this do they also believe in the same honor system as spartans

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i was discussing this with my brother and he said that in reality the Spartans had the old freemen and slave thing going so i opted for having a society based upon the warrior doctrine, the quote come home with your shield or on it is a more honourable way of saying it but means the same thing in ancient sparta when that was quoted to them it was saying die as a warrior or return with your shield, as a brave warrior you will come home to be buried with it or live to fight another day, return without the shield and a coward you will be,
so yes they have the same code of honour return with your shield and a coward you will forever branded as in the field of battle that is the first thing warriors are tempted to drop to flee and if they loose a battle they will not return until the war is won or they are dead, the shame of loosing is the worst.

by all accounts as brave as they were they were quite viscious in thier undertakings.
Lucian is quite distant towards his father even when he warred side by side with him he is unsure how to take the man that is the big E and he is nervous around him.

and thank you for your kind words.
he will not be as close to his father as Horus is and probably feels a little

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The Spartan Guard shared close ties with the World Eaters, Word Bearers and Night Lords, they also shared ties with the Lunar Wolves but Lucian would grow increasingly concerned over Lorgars rhetoric and when he voiced his concerns Lorgar seemed to go out of his way to deny them in a way that was not entirely truthful.

As the years continued Lucian and his sons cut a bloody path through the foes of the Emperor and althought Lucian was not especially close to his father, he was a loyal son. it was his battle alongside Sanguinus and the Word Bearers that made him convinced that somehow Lorgar was not what he had been.

the humans of Ferrox were devoted to witchcraft in all its forms and refused to accept the emperors way, three leigions, the Word Bearers, Spartan Guard and Bloiod Angels were sent to teach this vastly populated world a lesson and seeing the god they worshipped made the Spartan Guard fight all the more ferociously for it was one of the foul gods that the tyrant had worshipped back in the days before the coming of the emperor.

once subdued Sanguinus and Lucian found Lorgar in a library that had been ordered destroyed, Lorgar claimed he was meerly awaiting his brothers arrival so they could destroy the foul books together but lucian had already seen him take two tomes and demanded an explinaton when they were alone.

with their once close realationship already strained Lorgar dismissed his brothers acccusastions and returned with his sons to the crusade leaving Lucian in no doubt that Lorgar was a changed man.

Lucian was distraught when he heard about Istvaan IV, Rogal Dorn requested that he return to Terra and on Terra he fought Angron and Lorgar with all the bitternesss of a brother betrayed, as strong as he was and as brave as he was he was not able to defeat two of his brothers and also Lorgars influence had spread to two of the Spartan Guards Company, 4th and 5th company turned against thier brothers, believeing in what Lorgaar had pronounuced.

Wounded from his battle with Angron Lucian turned his attention to Lorgar and it was a battle to end battles. two former brothers, once closer then father and son were fighting in a battle that eventually showed Lucian where Lorgars loyalties lay but Lorgar issued a prayer to the gods and struck his brother with his own sword.

reports state that for the briefest of moments Lorgars sanity returned as he watched his brother die before his eyes and at his own hand and he lay the sword at the side of the mortally wounded Spartan and backed away.

the grief over his actions were felt on the escape to the eye of terror and he knew that through this action the Spartan Guard and Word Beaerers would become bitter enemies. the 4th and 5th companies were melded into the Word Bearers but given a new name The Flames of Lorgar and over the centuries would prove a constant annoyance to the Guard and their world.

Lucians body was interred within the fortress monastry where it lays today and pilgrims from all over the galaxy come to pay homage to a fallen god.
when the Astartes were split into chapters the Spartan Guard were split into four second founding chapters and Anteaus, the mighty first captain was named as the Chapter Master of the Spartan Guard.

Demietrius became chapter master of the Sons of Lucian
Nikoli became chapter master of the Edonian Griffons
Sereanus became chapter master of the Swords of the Spartan
Davinuis became chapter master of the Sons of Eden

the men of thr Praetorian chose worlds within the spartans conquered worlds to call home and to this day the four second founding chapters still share close ties, such is the ties of thier original founders.

there are three more successor chapters. during the 3rd founding a chapter was raised soley to hunt down the Word Bearers, World Eaters and Night Lords, the renegeades that betrayed the Spartans Loyaties.
they were called the Mortari Brotherhood and thier chapter master was said to have been a direct descendant of the legendary first captain Anteaus.

dring the 5th founding the Angels of Eden were formed but were mysteriously wiped out less then two hundered years after thier founding. The historians on Terra nor Eden known what befrell the Angels just that they died.

and the 6th founding were named the Mortis Sword Brethern but they turned traitor and fled into the eye of Terror.

Unlike some chapters the Spartahn Guard refuse to say Prayers to the Emperor, he is not a god and he has never been a god, just a powerful man, they refuse to name him holy or any such thing and this does bring them into odds with the heroiarchy of Terra who believe that all man adn marine should worship the emperor but the spartan guard will not do so and funnily enough the people of eden also refuse to see the emperor as a god just as a powerful man who was still keeping the imperium tigether.

as they are not dpomg anything wrong the inquistion cannot move against them but the Spartan Guard and thier successors know that for thie refusal to worship the emperor as a god they are watrched.

The Spartan Guard are ferocious warriors and are loyal to the Emperor in his guise as protector of mankind and lord of man but not as god, they remember the teachings of thier primarch and Lorgars murder of thier master is a story that is told to every spartak and every chapter serf so they remember why they fought against ones that origianlly were the closest brotherrs of thier beloved primarch.

the current chapter master is Alexos and he has been the Spartan Guard Chapter Master for over 309 years when the previous chapter master was killed by the word Bearers 16th host he stayed over his masters body until help arrived and the former first captain was elevated to the posistion of chapter master.

Alexos wears an armour styled in that of the Primarch and wears the ring of Kings which denotes him as the High King of Eden, a posistion all chapter masters have fulfilled since Anteaus became the first master after Lucians death and he attends the senate house once every six months to see to new laws and overses the raising of the next generation of would be SG.

A replica of the Mortis Sword is given to each chapter master and he still has the inner circle of Praetorian, the first, second and third captains along with the high chaplain and master of librarians.

The Spartan Guard and thier successors remain the Emperors loyal sons but they are not blind to the religious fervour that has turned the imperium into a religious state and that is what they hate about it so issues with the Inquistion and the Ecclisarchy rear thier ugly heads from time to time.

however they do believe that thier master will rise again at the end of days to take revenge against the brothers that not only betrayed hi but in a way let the great Curze down.
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