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The Wolf in Man - Prologue: The Lost Wanderers

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Ahoy, mateys! :eek:k:

This is the first 40k fic I've ever written, but I have plenty of other experience at writing, so you have nothing to fear...

It is the prologue to my planned dhort story series telling the story of the Blood Wolves (and later possibly also Gutbag's Bloodboyz), telling the background story of my near-future Chaos army.

Also, please inform me of any spelling errors or typos in the text, so that I can edit them out. I want this to be as good as I possibly could ever make it!

Enjoy! All response will be greatly apreciated.

(See next post for the story.)

Peace out, DeusMortemEst.:victory:
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Very, very good. A really descriptive piece that left me with my mouth open. It was top notch. More, more, MORE.:grin:
Don't know threads just get ignored sometimes. It anoys me....a lot:angry::angry:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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