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I have redone the background for my DIY SM Chapter. Please feel free to leave any comments and criticize as much as you want. I am looking forward to seeing what you guys think.

Watch, Learn, Judge.

Three Simple words that guide a Chapter.

Three words that would be followed until death.

‘The Wings of Fate‘. One of the new Chapters created soon after the Second Founding many Millennia ago. The Legion or Chapter they have gotten their Geneseed from is mostly unknown except to those involved with their founding. And it seems it would always be that way.

No one knows what History they possess. All that’s known about them is from when they were first Founded. Learning anything new about them is a rarity.

Their Emblem is a small Green Circle encased in a Purple Diamond like shape, with two wings coming from ether side. The Left wing(Your Right if looking at it.) is White, while the Right Wing is Black. The Chapter Colors are Black, White, Purple, Green, and Metal.

Recently, it has been seen, instead of having the emblem itself on their shoulder pads for their heraldry, they use the Imperial Eagles they don on their Armors and Vehicles by painting the wings Black and White. The shoulder pads are used to show what Company they are in, and what Squad they are part of.

The point of this change is unknown.

They have no Homeworld. Instead they had their ‘Monasteries’ within the colossal Star Fortresses and Battle Barges of their fleet. Always moving, always elusive, always vigilant.

The way that ‘The Wings of Fate‘, or also known as ‘Fate’s Wings‘, adhere to the Codex Astartes was unorthodox compared to Codex chapters and unique to those that Deviated even now. They Believed the rules given by Roboute Guilliman were more as Guide Lines that could be altered to leave room to be improved upon.

As a Crusader Chapter, they usually had their companies spread among a sector. Each watching over a given area. And most likely on their own with no reinforcements readily available from their own chapter. Thus it is unsound for them to have reserve companies mainly dedicated to support when there was none to be received.

The Chapter still formed it’s forces into 10 Companies. And subsequently 10 Fleets. But each was usually even in both skill and number of forces. With the Veteran, Battle, Reserve, and Scout Companies blended into each other to make 10 Full Battle Companies. Even so the First Battle Company was still mostly comprised of Veterans and travels with the Chapter’s Star Fortress in the First Fleet.

It was known that the Chapter periodically gathered in whole for the religious tradition of moving into a new areas and rebuilding their Battle Companies. It is assumed that even today, with the exception of the First, each company is still even in number and skill due to this fact.

Watch thy Foe and Ally.

In battle ‘Fate's Wings’ preferred to secretly watch both sides at a distance. Waiting until the time is right to strike.

Most of the Chapter’s forces are adapted at Infiltrating and Guerilla Warfare. These are among the first and most important skills that were rigorously taught to each Neophyte. Eventually these abilities were refined to such a point that even a Battle Brother wearing Power Armor baring the Chapter’s Colors and Heraldry of the First Company* could remain undetected. (*White with Silver Trim.)

Learn of their Ways.

Watching from a distance allowed each Detachment Force from the Company to know what both sides are capable of doing in battle, where their strengths and weaknesses are, and how to react to them.

One of their Company Captains had been Quoted saying “Ten Space Marines may be worth a Hundred Men in any battle, but without proper knowledge of what they may face they could fall just as easily as Five.”

Judge them for their Actions.

When the time was right and victory is assured, they appeared. Ready to cleanse in the name of the Emperor. Leaving nothing to chance.

Appearing where the Xeno could not defend from. Appearing to stop the Heretic from flanking their Imperial Allies' weak points. Appearing right in front of the Traitor who could only know that their Fate had been sealed for their sins.

The Chapter’s Numbers are unknown but an estimation has been made from all known data about them.

The estimation comes from two instances.

The first was made from the Reports of an Minor Imperial Forge World during an attack by Orks. Where one Company had been counted as having almost 80 ’Visible’ Marines during one of the defensive battles of an attempted Capture of one of the Main Factories. While reports of Unseen Forces taking out sections in the Ork Tide in other areas were made. Making it possible the Company had more or less 160 Troops as there was no doubt that these Unseen Forces were the workings of the Space Marines.

It is unknown if this was merely a rare coincidence of two Companies joining in battle or not.

The second is from the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The latest tithe of Geneseed receive by the Adeptus Mechanicus counted around 30. Making it to believe that the Chapter has about 1200 Geneseeds in their ‘Monasteries’ collectively as each Company Fleet is capable of inducting new recruits. Technically enough to rebirth the entire Chapter to Codex Proportions.

So after taking into account that some are being used for New Recruits, then some never make it to their ‘Monasteries’ as such with the more active Chapters, it is possible if using this number to estimate a Marine-to-GeneStock Ratio could make the Chapter count well over 2000 Battle Brothers.

But with the Chapter’s way of battle usually means fewer casualties and more intact Geneseeds recovered compared to other Chapters. Also in the past the Chapter has been known to give more then needed in the hopes of a Successor Chapter being created in their Honor. Making the GeneStock as a reference unreliable.

It has never been known if 'The Wings of Fate' have ever taken massive casualties or a severe lost in Geneseed. Thus it is likely that the Chapter can number anywhere from 800 to 1800. And it is possible for it to number as high as 2400.

In Game, The Chapter always has the SEE, BUT DON'T BE SEEN Trait. Usually the second trait if needed is SUFFER NOT THE WORKS OF HERETICS.

In turn they have, DIE STANDING as a Minor Drawback and FLESH OVER STEEL as a Major Drawback.

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Did a minor change.

Change Judgment to Judge since it sounded a bit odd when read.

Thanks to the person who pointed that out.

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Thanks for the Comment! I really appreciate it!

I was actually thinking of doing that as part of the Background as a three part short story in the 'Watch thy Foes and Allies.', 'Learn of their ways.', and 'Judge them for their actions.' sections.

I'll see what I can do.
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