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Name: Aleron Calixtus


Appearance: Aleron is 6'6" tall, slim build, with olive skin that is covered in various tattoos. His black hair is close cropped never reaching more than 1 inch. Wearing a black black body glove for maximum mobility, he is not the best in avoiding color clashes. Also carrying a curious metallic chain, that he is reluctant to speak of.

Personality: Coming from the notorious Gunmetal city, Aleron has seen his share of violence this has hardened him, but also taught him humanity. Mostly though Aleron enjoys the company of other people bringing his jolly spirit to the table. In battle he almost always prefers close combat as his skills with a blade (or just about any other object that can cause harm) are extensive, but he is not unable to kill from a distance.

Background: Found in the Forge of Takara, one of the districts of Gunmetal city, he was an orphaned swordsman among gunman. Raised on the streets he developed his skills with a blade, fighting local gangs until offering his services as a mercenary in the local hive wars. He acquired his fine blade in one such war with the Khayer-Addin Fane, striping if off the body of a fallen bodyguard.

After leading several victories in the name of Takara and smashing a heretical cult, he met and was drafted by the inquisition to serve the Imperium. Lucky for him because nobles had just found out about Aleron and one of their daughters.

Weapons: Laspistol, Lasrifle, Sword of the House of Addin (Think of a cooler name later).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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