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Name:Alfr Njörðr
Appearance:Alfr stands at six feet tall and weighs about 170lbs. He has short brown hair. Alfr wears black carapace armor. He has added steel studs to the shoulders, boots, and forearms. He holsters his stub gun in a shoulder holster on his left side, and his auto gun is on his back. The chainsword is on his right hip.
Personality:Alfr a nice guy who like to help others in battle as much as he'll help them with their personal lives. Alfr isn't a good leader because of this, he doesn't like to yell at people or be mean. Alfr doesn't like to fight when war can be avoided, he'd much rather negotiate.
Background:Alfr grew up in a military family on a world in the mists of rebellion. Alfr's father was a commissar for the PDF. During the long rebellion, Alfr saw many horrors of war, and lost his father. One day Alfr and his family got a letter saying that Dad was MIA, but he was never found. For this reason, Alfr has a no man left behind mindset.
Weapons:Auto-gun, Stub gun(looks like a Colt .45), Chainsword.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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