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Name: John "Face" Murdoch
Age: 23
Appearance: 6'7" extremely tall and slimly built, like a runner. But also as hard as a coiled spring. Green Eyes and Light Blonde hair. Face Always wears a light grey Flak vest and a dark grey Trench Coat.
Personality: Face is hated by many men in his former unit because of his ability to con anything and his ability to win over girls like they were prizes at a carnival. Face often missed briefings and meetings due to the fact that he was making his way back from a groggy night. He also loves a joke and has been classified as near insane in the acts that he does.
Background: Everyone knows of Faces background, he yells it from the rooftops. He was born in a small village and was brought up in a very militaristic family and was taught how to strip and re-build a Lasgun when he was six.
He joined the Guard when he was old enough and while fighting the forces of Chaos an Inquisitor brought him under his wing and instead of being killed at the end of the war, was instead made into an acolyte.
Weapons: Autogun, Autopistol, longbladed knife.
Equipment: Flak Vest, Pack of Cuban cigars.

If you can guess where I got the name from, I'll rep you.
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