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It should be noted that a mono-edged weapon is just what it sounds like. The cutting length of the blade has been honed to a unbelievably sharp edge and coated with a super hard/durable substance- normally a form of synthetic diamond. This results in a weapon that will not only cut you if you look at it the wrong way, but also will never need to be sharpened.

Also, a mono-edged blade is capable of parrying a power weapon (depending on the weapon of course) with a fair chance of not being outright destroyed by the power weapon's field; however this typically does not fare well for the mono-weapon, leaving it marred and losing its mono-edged trait.

Mono-edged is not really 'rare' per say, however they are normally 'family' blades and/or very costly pieces. A vast majority of Astartes blades are mono-edged as the process of coating and strenghtening the blade suits their needs very nicely.
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