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This is the Ruleset for a special unit I came up with, based on a particular pair of GK I used in the last Apocalypse battle. They're based off my favorite characters to write about in my spare time.

The Twins

Number: 2
Weapons: Elijah is armed with a bolter with Stalker Rounds and a Frostaxe (Nemesis). Lexias is armed with a Bolter/Stake-crossbow and a Nemesis Halberd. Both are armed with krak and frag grenades, and Artificer Armor.



I used them in a small Kill Team game against my friend. (It was Elijah, Lexias, and six Grey Knights against a 1500 point list.) and pretty much the Twins cut a swath through the foul Xenos (Weedy pointy-eaded' Eldar). I'm going to come up with a datasheet for them. Otherwise, they'll make an appearence at The Black Crusade shortly.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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