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The tribes of Kuriss

The nomadic tribe of Kuriss dwell within the Maria peaks, a region of forest and land preserved within the highpeaks of maria, a dark forest borders the small tribes land and the are the sole source of recruits for the Arc Angel space marine chapter. There is a rare mutation within the tribe that is sought after by the chapter, the individual has a blanket over himself so to say in the warp, they can still be attacked by the fiends of the empyrean but they are shielded in a small sense from chaos curruption and are beacons of burning fire in the eyes of deamons on the battlefield, making these individuals very powerfull beings and perfecr space marine recruits. Every 6 years the Elders of the tribe round up 30 boys of the age of 11, they are sent into the Newbaal forest to make there own empire and survive for 3 years. What goes on during these three years is unknown. all that can be said is that the boys who are found by the souless angels in the forest after the 3 years are given a warm chalice of black ichor, and then they fall into a deep sleep and awake at the gates of the palace sanctuary where they must overcome a full grown space marine in no armour, the boy who can takes down the marine first if then taken away and the rest of the boys enter to begin there training. The fate of the boy whos future should be so bright is not known, it is said the are in most cases a blanketed one and are trained to become a guardian angel, to fight deamons, as the guardian angels do not fraternize with the rest of the chapter. The current 1st captain vazilli kultzer, once told a grand tale at a victory feast alongside brother marines of the space wolves. After many rounds of mead and company chants and songs, the 1st captain told a tale of the souless angels who came to get him. The captain recalled it being vlose to his third year in the forest, he had organized 6 boys as his inferiors and had also killed two rivals to prove his dominence, he racalled that he had fashioned crude armour and weapons to protect himself and his men and then came the day that the giants came for them, vazilli recalled how he attacked with ferocity and speed but the giants took him down and forced him to drink from there chalice, he said from what he could remember they were beautiful, resemblant of the grandlord himself, like sad angels. He then recalled waking in front of the gates, his armor gone but fuel in veins coursing like mad, and haow he and the 6 boys were told to attack a giant robed warrior, he racalled the struggle and how one boy who had challenged him and was put in his place took the giant down with an elbow to his temple. Vazilli closed the story with how he felt that at that moment he knew his duty was to protect mankind, he was going to be a warrior of the stars like the elders told at the great fires. He knew his destiny. The wolves howled for the chapter that night and the two chapters drank till the sun came over the hills and Aduin Protatus
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