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For ten thousand years the Emperor of Man has sat immobile on the golden throne; holding back a tidal wave of death and destruction while acting as a guiding beacon to His distant Imperium. In the wake of this, an organization was created to safeguard man from the alien, the daemon, and the heretic both within and without. Each member of this group is bestowed with the authority to command armies and condemn worlds, as though the Emperor himself were doing these things. These individuals make up the Imperium's inquisition; men and women who fight some of the greatest enemies of man, not with bolter and sword, but instead from the shadows with whatever they can or must.

Segmentum Ultima is the most expansive of mankinds territory, easily equating to half of the Imperium in size. At its far fringe is the realm of Ultramar, empire of the Ultramarines. Ultima is also home to an emerging species known as the Tau; aliens that were marked for extermination but saved by warp storms that cut them off from man. Little is known about the Tau, but what was known of them now, and what has been rumoured since the abating of the storms is most troubling.

From primitive savages to space fairing beings, ones who possess not one world but several. It falls to the vast imperial bureaucracy to deal with these creatures, but not without the Inquisition getting involved in their own ways.

Inquisitor Lucien Kayn of the Ordo Xenos had, until recently, been investigating signs of a pro-xenos terrorist group operating in the Ollidan system. However, Kayn has gone missing, with only a vague message detailing the possibility of greater forces at work giving any credence to the notion that Kayn has not just gone silent to better his work. This is to be where you come into play.

Hello everybody, and welcome to The Trail of Bones. This is an inquisition based RP, in that the players will be members of the retinue of inquisitor Erismis Gabrien; a radical member, though respected, member of the Ordo Xenos.

Lets get started with the rules of this one:
  • Looking for a minimum of twelve sentences per action thread post in this one; and as always we are talking decent length sentences.
  • Character death is entirely possible during the course of this, so be wary of the potential consequences of your actions. Sometimes there is no other way but to risk it all, but other times there may be a better way (and if you eventually get it in your head that you are the one who should be calling all of the shots, plot-wise, then you may quickly find your characters life at an end.)
  • Post once per update, post one hundred times per update; I am fine with what you choose to do as long as you are able to follow the other rules and can maintain the post minimum each time.
  • Collaborated posts are both allowed and encouraged. This is when you and another, or others, collaborate in some way, shape, or form and your posts share things. (An example of this would be two characters holding a conversation, or one character covering another in a firefight.)
  • Give me a heads up if you are not going to be able to post for a time (maybe something major has happened in real life or your experiencing writers block and need some time or inspiration.) All I need is something like “shits hitting the fan at home, won’t be able to post for a while”, this keeps me from holding things back for others while giving me some indication that there is something else on your plate at this time.
  • As the GM my say is final; I will [generally] not hesitate to say no or do something the way I think it should be done. If something does not make sense to you, or you have a problem with something, than feel free to comment on it in the recruitment thread. No whinging though, PM that to me so no one has to look like a child.
  • No god modding; as GM I am the one running this show, so deciding whats going to happen is my call. The players and their characters will shape how certain events come about, and where the story goes. But you will not be taking control of another player character without their say-so, and you will not be altering the plot because you are bored or it suits your ‘needs’ (like generating enemies during a less active section of the story, so you can get into a fight.)
With that out of the way, would probably be good to move onto the characters:

Firstly, for Trail of Bones I am looking for a player group of between six and ten.

Secondly, and this is not set in stone yet, this may become a closed recruitment. Closed recruitment, as I define it, is that no new characters can be added once the action thread begins. Once a character dies, that’s it for his controlling player. Open recruitment, conversely, is when it is possible for others to join after the fact, or for players to come back in if their characters die.

The style of recruitment is undecided at this time, because I have never been a fan of closed recruitment (my Space Wolf RP’s are open recruitment up until a point, in which there is not enough plot left for you to make a character and get enough development done in order for it to be worth it.)

As for the characters themselves, there will be a number of classes for you to choose from who are broken down into a number of categories (mostly for my convenience.) Mind you, these categories are a tad general and there is a chance for overlap in certain things.

The Warrior: [Maximum of three characters from this category allowed]
Battle Sister*
Eldar Corsair**
Kroot Mercenary**

The Savant: [Maximum of three characters from this category allowed]
Sister Diologus*

The Mystic: [Up to two characters]

The Healer: [One character
Sister Hospitaller**

The Eclessiarchy: [One character]

* Only one character of that class is permitted
**Only one character of those classes are permitted in that given category

And here is the character sheet for anyone wishing to play to go through:
-Quirk [A habit or behaviour that everyone has, perhaps brought on by stress or irritation. Whats yours?]
-Fear [No matter who you are, or what you do, in the end we all have something that we fear deep down. What is your greatest fear?]
-Secret [No matter how noble, how righteous we are, there is always something that we do not want know. What are you hiding and to what lengths would you go to hide it?]
Time of service: (How long have you worked with/for inquisitor Gabrien)

You will notice that there is nothing for equipment or weapons. That is because each class has access to different gear and abilities. As such, you will find a list of those below.

-You will notice that some options are separated by a '/'; these represent one or the other options.
-Some characters have primary and secondary equipment sections. These represent things you will generally always have on your person, or heavy gear that may not be right for every single operation. Characters will always have their primary equipment available to them, but auxiliary equipment is only usable when noted as such (and there will indeed be times when you get to use it so don't worry.)
-Several classes have an abilities section; many of these are passive abilities that may have an impact on that characters update or what they might discover or do. Some abilities, like the pit-fighters ability to ignore or use pain as a fuel when fighting, are not so passive.






Battle Sister




Eldar Corsair

Kroot Mercenary


Sister Diologous






Sister Hospitaller




Just some final notes I would like to leave:

Know what your getting into by joining up. I have seen dozens of RP’s start off strong, and then die out because players became bored and decided to fuck off without a word. I make no illusion of the fact that I have little more than contempt for such people and generally will not work with them in the future. This story is not going to be one fight after another, and the updates will not be every three or four days. There is every chance that it will take months, or even in excess of a year, to finish this so please keep that in mind when you are considering joining. ·

Be aware that the time between updates can be a bit long, we are talking in the realm of two or even three weeks. This is because I would rather players take more time and put in quality work, rather than a rush job that adds little or nothing. Rushed work makes it harder for me and the other players to work with your character, because if you’re not making any form of investment in the character than why should we?

Other than that, if you have any questions feel free to PM me; and I look forward to working with you all.

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ill get to work as soon as possible on a corsair as eldar are my favourite.

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Based on our earlier conversation I will be tossing a character in. I will take some time to read over the plethora of options and get something up over the next couple of days.

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Just a heads up I will be posting a character of either a Battle Sister or and Astropath (Being a little different). I will post ideas for both. I am new to RPs, but I might also be in an LOTR one, with Serpion8 if he gets his act together.
In response to Darkreevers below post I will then make my desicion within a week which one to use, based on other people's

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Just a heads up I will be posting a character of either a Battle Sister or and Astropath (Being a little different). I will post ideas for both then Darkreever can decide which one, if any. I am new to RPs, but I might also be in an LOTR one, with Serpion8 if he gets his act together.
If I might suggest mate, take your time and really invest some work in one of those characters. Trying to come up with ideas for both will in all honesty result in both of them being less than they could have been with some focused effort. It isn't really Darkreever's job to choose your character for you. You are the one that needs to decide in what persona you are going to approach the story and environment.

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It isn't really Darkreever's job to choose your character for you. You are the one that needs to decide in what persona you are going to approach the story and environment.
As Midge has been kind enough to point out, choosing which character your going to use is not my job. I reiterate this notiin because if presented with two or more characters I will not choose. I will make comments on all of the characters as I see fit, but it will come down to each of you to choose which character your playing.

As many of you may know by now, since I make no secret of it, there is no reserving of characters in this RP and as GM the final call is mine to make.

What I mean by that is; right now Son of Azurman has expressed interest in the Corsair and Lord Ramo is interested in the Assassin. Those are limited classes, the group can only have one assassin or corsair. Some GM's might take the first of these characters, but I am looking for quality. Its why you have over twenty classes to choose from, its why updates may be a week ir two apart, and its why the post minimum is as high as it is.

So its not the first character that gets in, but the one I like the most; the one that shows the effort. And believe me, it will be easier for you then me, since I have to choose.

Also, as I type this I am about to board a plane and am bound for Texas for this weekend. I will not be accepting or denying characters until some time Tuesday.

I will help players with characters, but thats about the extent of it at thiz time.

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Ok, there's no way I can pass this up, I'm a massive fan of the Ravenor and Eisenhorn series and I've been waiting for a decent Inquistor RP for a long time. I really shouldn't join this, but an RP on another site has just died from lack of GM so I reckon I'll give it a shot. Still debating between a couple of characters, but I should have one up fairly soon, I only have half as many shifts next week cause I'm heading to Uni soon so some late nights should be fine :D

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Name: Kreshk

Age: 65 years old

Appearance: Kreshk appears like any other Kroot, taller than most unaugmented humans and far skinnier, avian in nature with a bright plume of multi-coloured quills emerging from the back of his head, his skin is a mottled grey with streaks of faint red across his chest and legs. His eyes are a bright blue, almost startlingly so, and he is slightly taller and bulkier than most Kroot, though still thin when compared to a human of any real bulk. Due to Kroot physiology and DNA recombination this is because of his prior eating habits, which considering his appearance can only mean that at some point he has eaten the flesh of a Space Marine, enough to alter his appearance. Kreshk wears harnesses and straps that allow him to sling all of his weapons onto his body with plenty of room for more, several skulls of various species hang from his belt with at least two of them belonging to humans. He keeps his rifle slung across his back and his knives holstered at his sides and his calves.

Personality: Kreshk is eager to fight all the time, often looking for the violent solution to a problem or if there is no violent solution, creating one anyway. He deeply enjoys the antipathy showed to him by humans due to the irony that he works for one whom could kill them in a second if he chose to. He does not care even remotely about whom he works for, and bears no loyalty to his race or their clients in the Tau Empire. He seems to bear a particular dislike of the Tau above every other species he dislikes, which is all of them, though it is unknown to his fellow agents as to why. One of Kreshk's favourite past-times is pushing the buttons of the humans he works alongside, confident that very few will actually try to do anything about him and he is confident he could kill those who would dare. Strangely enough he seems to have a slight respect for Inquisitor Gabrien though as to why this is he keeps to himself. Despite his antipathy towards his race he does keep with many of their traditions, including devouring the flesh of any true warriors he bests in combat, though he does it more to gain strength rather than to honour them, and views with amusement the disgust that humans show towards this practice.

Kreshk has a habit of clicking and squawking when he is angry or annoyed more so than usual, this tends to happen when he goes for more than a day or two without hitting something. His only real fear is being taken back to the Kroot homeworld of Pech, and for what they will do to him if he is ever taken by any Kroot warband loyal to the homeworld, though he has never specified exactly what would happen to him if it makes the near fearless Kroot scared, it is likely something even an Inquisitor would be sickened by. Kreshk keeps one secret from the warband, not out of any shame, but because he is sure they would kill him if they ever learned that for a brief time he served in a warband that scouted for a Chaos Lord of the Steel Brotherhood, and helped kill an Inquisitor and his retinue during the battle for Argus IV.

Equipment: Hunting Knives, Kroot Rifle

Abilities: Keen Senses (The Kroot are born predators, taking on some of the most deadly prey. Hunting is their life, and so their very bodies adapt to the task.)

Background: Kreshk was born on a War-sphere that orbited Pech into a kindred of Bold Hunters. Like all Kroot he was raised to be a Warrior and in his 25 years of life in the kindred he has fought many enemies ranging from the Imperial Guard, Demiurg mining vessels, Hrud Hives which he claims are responsible for his skin having turned grey prematurely, Eldar Corsairs, Chaos Cults and even once against the Genesis Chapter of the Space Marines. It is likely that he devoured a Space Marine during that battle which would explain his bulkier body shape when compared to other Kroot.

He however eventually abandoned his warband when he refused to swear loyalty to the Tau or their so-called 'Greater Good', and insulted his kindred for joining with such a weak-willed species and for being so quick to pledge alliegience to them just because they supported the defense of Pech against the Orks, after which he was no longer welcome on Pech. By this time Kreshk had stopped caring, having seen his people swear themselves to a cult race that would curb their warrior instincts and expect them to be grateful for it and who called them savages so arrogantly.

For thirty years he roamed the neighbouring sector, selling his services as a mercenary, assassin, bounty hunter or bodyguard, whatever was required. He fought for the Imperial Governor of Camar Primus in the 9th Secession Wars; assassinated several Arbites Judges for a ganger-lord in the slums of Taranis; trained the household guard of House Unvin and helped them suppress several merchant riots; spent two years bodyguarding the corpulent Lord Arshmen before his heart gave out; and at one point he worked for a corrupt Ecclesiarchal cardinal and eliminated several unorthodox preachers that spoke against the cardinal, something he greatly enjoys telling humans.

Time of service: Kreshk has spent ten years working for Inquisitor Gabrien. The two met when both of them tracked down a noted heretic of the Copperhead Cult, Gabrien for information on a larger network, and Kreshk for the bounty on his head. Kreshk got there first and had already killed and taken the heretic's head, but decided to strike a deal with Gabrien. He had extracted the location of the cultist's main base and would share it with him provided that when he stormed it, Kreshk could come with him. Gabrien agreed when it became apparant he could not force Kreshk to reveal the base. The two stormed the base together and wiped out the entire cult, Kreshk killing the Sorcerer that led the cult with a knife from across the room before he could begin an incantation. Impressed with Kreshk's strength Gabrien offered the veteran Kroot a place in his retinue, which Kreshk accepted provided there would be much more violence in his future.

Anything needs changing, let me know. Hope I get in.


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Battle Sisiter
Name: Miranda Odon
Age: 35 Terran Years
Appearance: 1.72m in height, with ear-length red hair. Pale skin that it quite smooth with very few blemishes. Standard figure for an Adeptus Soroitis. Nose is bent from being broken but otherwise her features are unchanged. Sparkling hazel eyes would be atractive on anyone but a Battle Sister. She has an aura of menace about her, despite the fact when she is armour less she looks like a beautiful. She also has a deeply troubled feel to her, often making people around her uneasy, which is probably due to her awkward upbringing and stance in society.
- Quirk:slightly ADHD, very energetic, even in excess of what is to be expected
- Fear: Anything with eight legs. She also detests the Greenskins because he family was slaughtered but them.
- Secret: She is troubled by daemon-haunted nightmares
- General: Quite jokey sort of person who often under-values the seriousness of situations, often leading to discrepancies. She is divorced from many of the people she protects, as she has no experience of romance or anything 'normal' people go through.
Background: raised in a Ecclesiarch orphanage, which sent her to the OotSR when she was old enough, so she has a vervet love for the emperor. as mentioned before she was sent there after her family home was overrun and her parents slaughtered, till the Astartes came and rescued her. This happened when she was 2.
Since then she has taken part in many campaigns with the Battle Sisters, including an ill-fated campaign againts a renegade planet. An Agri-world called Keros on the Eastern Fringe that had recently declared itself independent from the Emperors Divine light. A small force of around 200 Adeptus Sororitis were sent along with a contingent from the Imperial Army, which consisted of a few tanks, a single Baneblade, and an Infantry regiment.
The Initial campaign went well, the Battle Sister sweeping past the initial resistance, with Miranda carrying a boltgun and Shock Maul in one of the lead squads, killing many Cultists without a single casualty. When they got to the largest city on the main continent, Keros Prime, a warp portal opened and many Daemonettes poured out of the city and killed many of her sisters before proper resistance could be mounted. One of the dead included her Flamer bearer. Not wishing the weapon to go to waste she discarded her Bolter and picked up the flamer.
She linked up with 3 of her Battle-sisters and they took cover from the Daemonic assualt in a shell hole caused by the light artillery bombardment. The minions of Slaanesh came thick and fast, very very fast, but they were no match for the divine wrath of her flamer, it's lick leaving charred corpses in its wake as it scoured the warpspawn from anywhere the came.
As the last of the daemons fell she voxed command and was told to advance into the city to cleanse the filth. She hauled herself out of the shell-hole, cursing her awful luck at such a task. On the way she and her 2 sisters linked up with a band of 5-6 Battle Sisters, 2 from her squad. All order had vanished for the time being - The daemonic assualt had cost them all dearly. As they advanced, no resistance was offered. It was an all out assualt, but she knew there had to be defenders.
The promethium in her flamer was running very low, so she reluctantly switchted it for a Boltgun. Eventually the squad made it to the city, and forced their way in. Their training proved itself again and again as ambushes hit the squad, but with Bolter and sword they cleansed the Cultists and Mutants. As the day wore on 3 sisters lay dead, the almost constant ambushes taking their toll.
When it came to night they pressed on, ever wary of an attack. Miranda lead her Sisters, as none of the others could face command. She was always making sure her squad were ready, although they were running short of ammunition.
As they walked through the city, systematically clearing every building along their root Miranda heard a voice through the vox 'Stop advancing and get the hell out of there!. It was the distiinctive voice of an Inquisitor. Without hesitation she signalled to her squad and they began to run back towards an exit. One was not far of and they made it out in less than an hour.

Time of Service: A few months

Equpiment: When the going gets tough she burns her way through the enemy with the Fire of the Emperor, and delights in the deaths of the Emperors enemies

Name: Astropath Zeta-grade Gabrak
Age: 60 Terran Years
Appearance: Diminuative stature, barely 1.60 in height, with light brown skin, with the usual sunken eye sockets. Wears the standard robes of the order. Face is very flat, almost expressionless.
-Quirk: Hates using his powers, and is almost afraid of psykers.
- Fear: The warp. Almost everything about it scares him, Daemons, everything. His only solace is his method of blocking them out - connecting himself to reality by self harm.
- Secret: Self harm. (If this is inappropriate I can always change it.)
Background: Raised on a hive world, in one for he richer parts of town but was cast off from his family after they discovered his gift. He lived rough, trodden upon for his early twenties before the Black Ships came to take him to his new life, which he hated the sound of because of his hatred of his gifts, caused by his upbringing. He then followed the same procedure as other Astropaths.
Service: His entire life after becoming an Astropath was dedicated the Inquisitor Kayn, until his untimely disappearance. He was taken in but refuses to give information, as he was brutally taught to just report, not to remember or anything that actually turned out useful in the end.
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Name: Dominic Burns

Age: 27

Profession: Pilot

Weapons: Laspistol

Appearance: A shock of blonde hair frames his cheery face. His bright blue eyes sparkle when he smiles. He is constantly covered with smears of oil from servicing planes. Dominic stands at around six foot and is quite well built. Although not especially muscular Dominic has no time for the luxuries of rich food or drink so is slim. Never found out of his flight suit and goggles Dominic is a memorable sight. He refuses to wear his mask and it hangs idly at his neck. His flight suit is a deep blue, the colour of his home world, Kar Duniash. The flight suit is the last thing Dominic has left of his home world and he holds it dear. His only weapon, a las-pistol, hangs at his belt and is there more for decoration than actual use as Dominic has little need for a sidearm.

Personality: A daredevil. Dominic loves the buzz he gets from near-death experiences and is considered by many commanders to be too reckless to be a good pilot. But that is where they are wrong. For beneath his adrenaline-junkie exterior lays an extremely skilled pilot who has never met his match in the skies. Dominic knows no fear and will throw himself into the most dangerous situations. He is exceedingly friendly and refuses to see the bad side of anything, always seeing the good things. He believes every cloud has a silver lining, and he should know, he spends enough times up with the clouds. He has no great love for the Emperor, his only respect is for his commanding officers.

-Quirk: Dominic can’t help but tinker; he loves to know how things work and often breaks the object in his desire to learn its secrets.

-Fear: Dominic is terrified of the day that he will grow too old to fly in his beloved planes.

-Secret: Dominic has no real loyalty to the Emperor, they just happen to be the ones giving him the vehicles.

Background: Dominic was born into a well-off family upon Kar Duniash. Although his family were not poor they were not very rich and his father ran a small workshop in the one of the many shipyards of Hydraphur. From a young age Dominic worker in the workshop alongside his father and developed a love for the many ships of the Imperial Navy. He soon became a skilled mechanic and could completely take apart then put back together again a F100-XB Afterburning Turbofan at the age of 10. Life as a mechanic was perfect for Dominic, the steady stream of customers attracted by the lower prices and more ‘human’ workers than the Adeptus Mechanicus. But all that was changed when the nearby world of Vetronum came under attack by Ork forces, led by Arch-Arsonist Snagrod. Within days of the distress call reaching Kar Duniash nearly the entire fleet was scrambled towards Vetronum. This left only a small handful of Battleships and Cruisers to watch over the Space Port.

It was then that Snagrod demonstrated once again his infamous understanding of tactics. Almost immediately after the fleet was scrambled the large Ork fleet arrived in orbit of Kar Duniash. The small remaining fleet was destroyed almost instantly and it seemed the world was doomed. But at that moment the true spirit of the Emperor shone through. For from every workshop and every hanger came the mechanics and the workers. And with them were the hundreds of thousands of Planetary Craft. Lightning’s, Avenger’s, Marauder’s, Thunderbolt’s and Vultures were all wheeled out of the workshops and crewed by the brave mechanics that had serviced them so well. One by one the engines roared into life and soon the planet was filled with the roar of engines.

In Dominic and his father’s workshop there rested two craft, the sleek shape of a Lightning and the rectangular shape of a Thunderbolt. At this time Dominic was only 14 years old and his father forbid him to fly as he climbed into the Thunderbolt and ignited the engine. The roar was deafening and Dominic could only watch as the craft roared before shooting into the sky. He could see now the thousands of similar craft taking to the skies to face the Ork fleet above them. Dominic waited only seconds after his father had left before grabbing a set of goggles from the workbench and climbing into the cockpit of the Lightning. After strapping himself into the too-big seat he studied the controls before him. He knew the concept of how the Lightning worked but he had never seen one fly, let alone flown one himself. But his planet was in danger and he refused to let others put their lives in danger while he sat and did nothing on the surface. And so with a flick of switch and a pull of the lever he rocketed into the air. Thrown back against the seat Dominic took a second to take control.

Grabbing the controls before him tightly he swung the plane round into a stomach-churning dive. Pulling desperately on the many controls before him Dominic managed to at last level the fighter and take a breath he didn’t know he had been holding.

After gaining some control over the craft Dominic turned his eyes upwards. He saw explosions blossoming across the sky as the Imperial Craft fought desperate dogfights against the Ork Fighta’s. Slightly relaxing his hold on the controls Dominic pulled back the controls and rocketed towards the battle in the sky. Soon Dominic was in amongst the explosions and he zigzagged desperately as gunfire exploded around him. Pushing through the smoke of an explosion Dominic found himself lined up with an Ork Fighta. Without hesitating Dominic’s hand flew to the control he knew well and pushed hard.

The twin lascannons on the wings roared into life and the beams erupted into the Ork craft. In an almighty explosion the Fighta erupted into flames and plummeted towards the surface. Who knows what it was, maybe it was the roaring face of the Ork as his craft exploded, maybe it was just the sheer thrill, or maybe it was something entirely different. But at the moment something clicked inside Dominic, it was like this was what he was born to do. From then on it was just a blur.

With engines roaring Dominic became an angel of death. Ork after Ork met their ends at the end of his Lightning’s lascannons. After days of fighting against the Ork fleet the rag tale band of mechanics and workers were exhausted but victorious. The bulk of the Fleet had returned with great haste after discovering Vetronum to be nothing but an abandoned wasteland. And between the returning Fleet and the thousands of craft from the surface the Ork fleet was devastated and Snagrod was forced to turn tail and flee, pursued by a group of Cruisers. With the planet safe the many mechanics brought their crafts back to the surface, knowing that it was over. For many of the mechanics they never made it, and for many more that was it for their experience in the air, they went back to fixing the machines they once flew. But for a small group the buzz was too much, Dominic included.

After finding his father, exhausted but alive, Dominic made his way quickly to the Imperial Navy base where he told his story to the Junior Officer. It was by chance that a group of other mechanics were nearby and upon Dominic’s description of his Lightning, congratulated the boy and one and all told of how to boy was like an ace pilot. Faced with overwhelming facts the bewildered Junior Officer called his superior who reluctantly accepted the boy into the Imperial Navy as a Lightning Pilot. From that incredible beginning Dominic flourished. After wishing farewell to his mother and father his life became a whirlwind of high risk f=dogfights against superior enemies. But never once did he show fear, for flying was his life and the adrenaline rush he got from it more than compensated for the burns and scratches he received from his missions. In his spare time Dominic worked upon all vehicles and he has an impressive knowledge in all Imperial and some alien vehicles.

Dominic’s reputation as a fearless daredevil grew and grew before he became a famous ace across the Ultima Segmentum. But this reputation deterred some Imperial Navy commanders, who believed his recklessness and lack of any sense of danger was a danger to him and others. That may well be the reason that Inquisitor Gabrien showed interest in the skilled pilot. Dominic doesn’t care, as long as he gets his adrenaline rush he doesn’t care who he works for.

Time of service: 4 months

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Sister Hospitaller

Name: Sister Sara Hyderon

Age: 30

Appearance: Sara stands at around 5 foot 7 inches, a petite frame as she has not had to train for combat as rigourously as the militant Sisters have had to, but is still capable of fighting and crushing those that oppose the Emperor. She has light blonde hair that falls down to shoulder height, and Sara keeps it tied into a small ponytail, so that it does not get in her eyes when she is operating. Sara's eyes are a brilliant deep blue, which can be compared to the dark expanses of the sea. He skin is fair and unblemished, save for her tattoo of the Imperial Aquilla on her left cheek.

Sara when not in a warzone, or a mission with an inquisitor wears the black and Bone White robes that mark her out as a healer of the Order of Quiet sorrow, the black representing a past failure of the order. When she goes on a mission or into a warzone she wears light armour with the same colouring as her robes.

Personality: Sara is a compassionate individual towards the servants of the Emperor, her talents of healing and her compassion sending her down the path of the Ordos Hospitaller. Whilst she is a campassionate individual, she is not above fighting in the name of the Emperor, and dispensing the Emperor's mercy if a patient cannot be healed, though she would rather try to her best abilities before condemning someone like that. She is driven, and strives to provide her best in service of the Emperor, and those that she attends to on the battlefield and off of it.

When Sara becomes irritated she tends to pace backwards and forwards a lot, not liking to stand idly by or to unleash her anger if she can. She will try and stay composed but if put under too much pressure she will snap, throwing insults at whoever has put her in that situation, even though they may not have done it deliberately.

Sara's greatest fear is that one day she will fail the Emperor and fall to the whispers and lures of the dark chaos Gods, like her parents had before her. As such she goes to great lengths to ensure that this never happens, regulary purifying herself and seeking for redemption. She hopes that one day the Emperor will rise once more and lead the Imperium in the destruction of the Chaos forces that plague the galaxy.

Sara's greatest secret that only a few select people know is that several of her family members had turned to the sways of chaos and become worshipers of the Dark Gods of Chaos. Sara managed to escape from her home, and changed her name, growing up on the streets before she was taken in by the Sisterhood. Sara goes to any length to keep it hidden, she is afraid that if it is discovered than she will be branded as a heretic as well, but has faith in the Emperor, that he will protect her.

Background: Sara was born in the slums of an Imperial Hive city on a planet named Forkus. Her family suffered terribly underneath a corrupt arbites force, as did most of the workers that lived, worked and died for the Imperium. As such her family did not believe in the God-Emperor, cursing their luck for their lot in life, whilst Sara, who spent a lot of time praying and worshiping the Emperor so that they could have a better life.

Unbeknownst to her her mother and father prayed, but to a different set of Gods, joining a cult of Khorne, and seeking to gain more supporters so that they could gain the aid of the Blood God of Chaos and help them take over the planet so that they could freely worship him. When Sara found out at a young age she ran away, being taken in by a Ecclesiarch orphanage where she claimed she was an orphan. Whilst in the orphanage, Sara would help out tending to the sick, trying to be as compassionate as possible to make up her parents faults.

Soon the cult was discovered by an Inquisitor and the Sisters of Battle were called in, slaughtering all those that had anything to do with the cult. So ashamed was Sara of her parentage she had told no-one of where she came from, claiming that her parents had died in one of the many worker accidents. As such her secret remained hidden, and when she was old enough, she was taken by the sisters to be trained as one of them, her devotion to the Emperor and his cause plain enough for all to see.

She was soon set upon the order of Hospitaller, her natural ability to help aid those, as well as the compassion she showed setting her down it. She paid close attention to her studies, becoming a surgeon as she worked herself as hard as possible. At the age of 22 she became a fully fledged sister of the Order of Quiet Sorrow, taking the Black and bone coloured robes to show their past failure.

After spending some time at one of the many convents of the order of Quiet Sorrow, she was assigned to one of the many crusades that are sent out to claim/ re-claim worlds in the name of the Emperor. For five years she slogged from one warzone to another, attending those that were injured in the fighting, as well as taking place of a platoons medic of the Cadian 259th, when he was killed on the planet of Sorvus against the Chaos, fighting alongside the Cadian troopers as she healed them. Fighting against the chaos allowed her to improve upon her marksmanship with her laspistol, as well as her abilites as a surgeon and a healer, showing compassion where it was needed most. As such the troops looked on her fondly, being treated far better than the medics that did a rough job to ensure that they were battle ready.

However, it should be noted that when faced with a coward, who had turned from the Emperor and run from the fight, resulting in several deaths of his squadmates Sara would not treat his wounds, holding him in contempt for abandoning his post and his duty. When they came across enemy officers, because of her knowledge of the human body Sara would sit in on interrogations, something that her order are used for with the Inquisition.

After the campaign on Sorvus Sara was assigned with the 259th to Alerost a agriculture world where the casulties from the campaign were being treated, and some of the weary combat units were being used to keep small local raids of the Dark Eldar away. Whilst the 259 fought the Dark Eldar, Sara worked day and night in the infirmary with the regiments medics. One day a man was brought to her, his blood having dangerous levels of toxins in them. Sara, being the most experienced, and most skilled of the people treating patients was immediately called upon, Sara bringing the toxin levels down to normal levels for the moment, though there was no way that it could be cured.

It turned out that the man was an Ordo Xeno Inquisitor by the name Gabrien, who had been trying to find the Dark Eldars webway portal. Seeing her abilities and experience he decided to requisition Sara to help him, becoming one of his henchmen and being one of the few that he trusts his treatments to.
It was on Sorvus that she met Inquisitor Garbien, aiding him in his mission against the Chaos cult that had led the uprising and providing him and his retinue with the medical skills that she had at her fingertips. Since that day he asked her to accompany him, and seeing an opportunity to serve the Emperor even more she accepted.

Time of service: Two Years

Equipment: Laspistol and Narthecanium, Abilites: Healer

Hope that this is ok darkreever

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Name: Amber Cloud

Age: 23

Appearance: Wiry and thin, but with that gaunt look that proves it came from poverty, not choice, Amber is not what one would regard as a good role model for children. She’s only about 5 ft 6 and almost every square inch of spare skin appears to be covered in tattoos ranging from religious symbols to gang markings, though her face is mostly clear of these. She has two tattoos that she specifically added after joining the retinue of Inquisitor Gabrien, an Imperial Aquila on her left cheek, and on the back of her right shoulder, “In repentance I serve.” She wears her hair short, bleached blonde or whatever colour she happened to feel like, changing the colour sometimes as often as two or three times a month. She has two studs in her left ear and three in her right, and a small nose stud along with ring piercing in her eyebrow.

Personality: She’s a bitch, no one survives in the underhive without being resilient, but to survive as a girl in the gangs is even more exceptional. She doesn’t take any shit, even from the Inquisitor, though she still holds onto a measure of the fear he always inspired in her. To survive she’s become noticeably more masculine in behaviour, she has a crude and bawdy sense of humour and an energetic, infectious laugh that’s hard to resist joining in with.

-Quirk – Amber doesn’t like to sit still, despite what she’s been through. She fidgets, particularly in stressful situations, and has a habit of stripping her gun down absentmindedly, it’s something that’s nearly got her killed on several occasions.

-Fear – Losing the team, she might be fiercely independent and often hard to get along with, but the team is literally all she’s got. She’s spent her whole life inches from death from drunken gang leaders or lustful gangers and she’d be the first to throw herself into danger for another, no matter how much she apparently dislikes them.

-Secret – If she was psychiatrically analysed, she would be diagnosed as a serial addict, she has the kind of personality that finds it hard to move on from thrills and addictions. If it’s available in the underhive, you can probably guarantee that Amber has sampled it at some point. She’s not really sure why she keeps it a secret, drug use is common amongst gang members, perhaps it is fear that if she accepts it as part of her, she’ll fall back into the same self-destructive pattern she was in before she met Erismis Gabrien. The truth is, he’s probably the only reason she hasn’t gone back to it, though she would never admit it to anyone, she’s a little infatuated with the radical Inquisitor.

Background: Growing up in the underhive on Ecumen was not easy, but living in one of the shanty towns that often sprout up in prosperous areas of the underhive, her parents, poor, but stable local traders, dealing in trinkets and salvage dug out of the slag heaps. They were never the safest of places, but gangs tended to leave them alone, they were too big to take.

Not all gangs were so cautious, one leader gained too much power, too many gangers. Raskin Vek’s power and influence began to spread through the towns and one by one they accepted his rule. He was becoming almost a warlord in his own right, a ruler of the underhive as the houses ruled the upper levels. In the end only the Slag stockade, Ambers home town, remained free. But he wasn’t going to allow anything outside of his influence. When they refused to bow to his ‘rule’ he burned it to the ground, gangers running riot in the street, looting and killing.

Amber was lucky, in a way. Her parents dead, she fled from her burning home and into the chest of a large man, tattooed and festooned with weaponry and totems. It was Raskin Vek himself, he liked her, spared her life, gave her a home, made her his lover. She was fifteen at the time. She did what she had to do to survive.

The Houses weren’t oblivious forever though, but they didn’t care, he seemed to be keeping the underhive under control, peaceful, as long as it didn’t interfere with production they didn’t care. It wasn’t until rumours reached them of an army, a planned rebellion that they became worried. Though they sent well armed and armoured teams into the underhive they either failed to discover anything amiss, or failed to return at all.

Suspecting something unholy afoot, House Viln, the ruling House called in the Inquisition. The closest Inquisitorial representative responded swiftly, heading into the underhive with his team. When he disappeared real force began to mobilise.

Gabrien was one of those to answer the call, along with another two fellow Inquisitors and one requisitioned a regiment to help put down what they believed must now be a full level conspiracy. It took them a year to finally hunt down and eliminate Raskin Vek, he had been trading with the Dark Eldar, selling men and women as slaves in exchange for the service of their assassins and weaponry. Though most of his supporters were oblivious to the actual source of his power they were nonetheless put to death as xeno sympathisers. Amber was the only survivor of Vek’s immediate companions, she’d long since fallen out of love with him as her saviour, realising the true darkness at the heart of him when he discarded her in favour of prettier, sexier girls, and turning to drugs to numb the pain and desperation of her struggle for survival without his protection. When Vek had had Gabrien at his mercy she put a bullet through his spine. He lived, his legs paralysed, long enough to confess to his crimes under Inquisitorial interrogation. Amber would have gone through a similar experience had not Gabrien recognised something in her. Some steel that had kept her going even when Vek no longer loved her, no longer protected her.

Time of service: She’s one of the longer standing members of Gabrien’s team, despite her young age having been with them for over four years, though she’s had her clashes, in that time she’s made friends among the team, though occasionally still seems a little bit of an outsider.

Weapons: A functional autopistol, decorated with hand carved grips of ivory, replacing the standard ceramite grips. Chainknife, this is no work of art, its an ugly weapon, a knife with rotating chain blades, functional and brutal.

Abilities: Sixth sense (it takes skill to survive in the gangs, for you never know who might try to stab you in the back. The ganger has a sixth sense for danger, and it has saved his hide on more than one occasion.), knowledge [low-life] (a ganger may not be the best or the brightest, but he/she does understand the laws of the underhive and other such places and as such can pick up on certain things.)

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Hmmm, i would find the lexmechanic interesting, but i don't really get a good character in my head.

Plus as i feel i can produce quality work in less than a week (if anyone does not agree please inform me.) So i find the update length of 3 weeks a bit crazy, but you are GM so you are the boss.

So i'll pass on this one, i'm already part of an RP (actually more but those seemed to have died) so i'll focus on that game.

But good luck with this one, i can imagine all the cool stuff that could happen.

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Name: Demetrius Selara

Age: 40

Appearance: Tall,thin and pale, demetrius looks every bit the picture of the walking death. His shoulder length hair is kept slicked back, and is completely white from the stress and pain of being an Astropath. He elected to have his eyes removed after he was blinded by the soul binding and has a pair of mechanical ones instead. He wears the green robe of the Astropathica tied at the waist with a green cord of rope secured with the sign of an Aquila, and rarely has his hood down. He wears an ornately carved laspistol at his waist, although he rarely uses it.

Personality: Demetrius dislikes everyone due to the fact that he can read most of their thoughts, and when they are about him they are usually mean and wrought with fear. As a psyker, he is constantly lonely and because this he is quiet and depressed all the time. He speaks more to himself than he does to others, and many get freaked out by it.Angry at his position and the way his life turned out, he is a complete introvert and has nothing but mean things to say to others.

-Quirk: Social anxiety. When he is confronted directly by large groups, or when groups of people begin arguing, Demetrius gets extremely nervous and has panic attacks. When this happens he sits down and begins rocking back and forth, muttering random things to himself to calm down.

-Fear: Daemons. Being a psyker, Demetrius is constantly exposed to the warp, and has seen things with his mind that would send others screaming into the depths of insanity. Because of this he knows more about them than those that fight them with bolter and blade. Unfortunately this knowledge terrifies him, and when confronted by them in the physical realm he cannot cope.

-Secret: Delving into the warp he gained the attention of a savage daemon of slaanesh completely by accident, and it has been tormenting his life ever since. It whispers to him at all times, slowly working at him attempting to corrupt his soul. This is a secret he keeps utterly quiet, for if any were to even think that it was happening he would be immediately executed.

Background: Born on the night world of Mordian, Demetrius was raised in a middle level hive by loving and nurturing parents. They tried to shield him from the brutal hive gangs and vicious ways of the underhives, keeping tabs on him at all times as he grew. They believed their son was made for greater things than death at the hands of gangers, and raised him as such. As he got older, weird things began to happen. Demetrius began to predict things before they happened, as well as becoming extremely good at manipulating people into getting what he wanted. His parents tried to hide this from others, but on the eve of his 13th birthday their worst fear came to be.

The black ships had arrived.

Trying to hide their son from the Imperial Guard as they collected the levy of psykers, they failed and Demetrius was torn from his home and sent to the ship. Sitting in the psi shielded hold full of other mournful psykers traumatized him beyond belief, giving him his fear of large groups and social anxiety. When the hold opened and they were herded out onto the surface of terra, he rejoiced happy to be out of the hold. Sent to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, the indoctrination and training that followed can only be described as soul numbing pain.

12 Long years pass.

at the young age of 25 Years old, Demetrius was deemed fit to become an astropath and was taken to enact the ritual of soul binding. Walking through the palace, Demetrius entered the room that contained the Golden throne, mouth agape at the psychic manifestation of the all mighty God Emperor. Kneeling before the throne he looked up into the face of the Emperor. The golden throne was the last thing his biological eyes saw, and was a sight that would stick with him forever. The ritual that followed would as well. Pain cannot even begin to describe what he felt as the Emperor transferred a small piece of his essence into Demetrius. Nothing could of prepared him for what happened, and after it was complete he passed out.

Waking several days later, he found that he was blind from the ritual like most of those that had gone before him. Given the choice between blindness and vision, he took mechanical eyes simply because he liked seeing the skies above him. After the ritual, he was classified as a low level epsilon psyker, and was assigned as a simple messenger at the edge of the sol system. for 15 years he stayed at his post, relaying messages through the warp for the Imperium, until he was picked up by a passing inquisitor simply out of necessity as their astropath had been possessed by the warp and was forced to be put down.

For three years he has been in the retinue of Inquisitor Gabrien ever since, serving as his loyal astropath. He has battled against all those that threaten the Imperium, loyally standing with his inquisitor at every turn. Now he finds himself in the Ollidan system, yet again ready to stand with Inquisitor Gabrien.

Time of service: 3 years

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Name: Jon Le’Marde

Age: 35 Terran years.

Appearance: Of middling height with perpetual stubble and nondescript looks Jon is an unremarkable man. His hair is brown, like his eyes, and shaved close to his head. His nose has been broken too many times and his eyes too close together for Jon to ever be called handsome. His right canine is chipped, the lower half missing, a fault he has never had repaired.

The acolyte favours bland, utilitarian clothing. He wears a long grox-hide trenchcoat with flak panels sewn inside it. It is strewn with pockets, flaps and pouches and is Jon’s favoured garment, worn every mission. Under his coat he wears a selection of simple clothing, basic and functional shirts and pants. Sturdy combat boots adorn his feet. He is not a man that would be remembered.

An Aquila amulet dangles from his neck, alongside the stylised depiction of a sun. The Aquila is a symbol of his future, his duty to the God-Emperor. The sun reminds him of his past, a homeworld likely to be never seen again.

Personality: Intelligent and methodical Jon is also resolutely sardonic, always ready with a quip or witticism accompanied by an indulgent smirk. He enjoys needling his teammates, provoking them with barbs and engaging in fierce debates. A patient man, Jon views each investigation as a puzzle to be solved; there is no case unsolvable, no secret too hidden that patience and the relentless application of directed effort cannot find. Quietly pious Jon is uneasy around the more rabid of the Emperor’s faithful, finding their bombastic displays of worship distasteful. Initiated in the secrets of the inquisition however he is aware of the need for that fanaticism when there are malefic creatures lurking in the dark. He is however firmly convinced of the superiority of the human race and its manifest destiny to rule the stars. Whilst he tolerates his master's use of xenos he does not approve and struggles to even remain civil when dealing with them. This has provoked many chidings from Gabrien and often leads to spirited debate.
Quirk: Jon has a habit of sketching and doodling. When idle he will doodle on whatever comes to hand, be it a pad of paper, data slate, bar counter or vehicle. The surface and drawing implant matters not, Jon will find his hands marking something. When irritated he will drum his fingers and play with his hands.
Fear: Vertigo. Jon has a deep fear of heights. Whilst he can comfortably board an aircraft or spaceship, merely standing on the roof a building as short as one storey will bring intense unease and nearly paralysis. He is loathe to go near edges and cannot lean over balconies.
Secret: Jon suffers from the stigma of mutation. His feet are scaled though human in structure. In a regime where mutants are routinely culled and mutation is seen as the mark of Chaos Jon fears for his life should any discover. He takes care to never let anyone see his feet. With none having yet discovered his stigma he doesn’t know what he would do should the unthinkable happen and someone find out.

Background: Born to an affluent family of the political elite on the world they called Tanis Johan led an industrious life. He worked as an investigator for the local law enforcement, wanting to make his own way in the world rather than rely on his family’s name. As the eldest son his decision did not go unchallenged and the Le’Marde estate was the scene of many furious rows.

At length Jon’s stubbornness prevailed and on the day of his majority he enrolled in the local constabulary. In disgust his father disowned him, turning his attentions to Jon’s younger brother Erhan, now the heir apparent.

Nearly a decade passed as Jon proved his mettle in the field, swiftly being promoted to investigator where his methodical approach served him well. He was something of a name on amongst the enforces, having closed three cold cases thought unsolvable and ignored. Estranged from his family Jon was not there to see the mysterious rites his family and the other senators were introduced to by outlandish strangers who wormed their way into the ruler’s affection. It saved his life.

Overtime the rule of the senators grew more despotic, their practices more bizarre. Soon the senators and their families no longer appeared in public. There were increased reports of missing persons and mocked rumours of creatures living in the sewers. In time leading figures of industry also vanished into recluse as did the heads of the governmental departments, including security. Such strange events stretched Jon’s tolerance of coincidence and he began a private investigation.

Unbeknownst to him there was another doing the same. Inquisitor Gabrien, alarmed at Tanis’ aberrant tithes and reports of Ymgarl genestealer infestations in the sector, was conducting his own investigation.

The trail led them independently to a munitions warehouse on the outskirts of Singnus Primus, the capital. There Gabrien’s fears were confirmed. Where Jon saw mutants, far worse than his own affliction, Gabrien saw the twisted progeny of a genestealer cult. His fears confirmed, Gabrien aimed to slip away silently but was detected by the inhuman sentries. In the firefight that followed he and Jon came face to face over the corpse of a monstrous hybrid. Impressed by Jon’s investigative nous and coolness under fire and owing the young man a debt Gabrien offered Jon a place in his retinue. Jon, aghast at the infection his world suffered agreed.

He later learned that his world had been purged by an Imperial battlegroup. With the infestation caught early Tanis was deemed salvageable and the Guard had commenced a ground based campaign rather than simply glassing the planet. In punishment for its laxity and fall to xenos the surviving population was placed under a century of penitence, requiring increased tithe levels. Furthermore Tannis’ governing rights were revoked and an Administratum prefect installed.

Time of Service: Jon has served Gabrien as an acolyte for 5 years now. Granted limited independence Jon is used to investigate leads and ferret out cults, heretics, xenos trafficking, black market arms deals and the like. He specializes in investigation, infiltration and covert operations. Lacking any formal military training he is unsuited to full battles though capable in a skirmish. He is most comfortable in an urban environment.

Primary Equipment: Needle pistol, a long bladed knife with a cross guard and a short flick knife.

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Pilot and Kroot have both gone. Bawwww. I would have had my pilot up earlier had it not been for the phone dieing halfway through typing. [/spoiler]
Only if I accept those characters; there are no less than five people who want the corsair/kroot/assassin slot and its anyones game as to who is getting it. So if thats what you want, I say go for it.

Going to go for Ex Guard though, I think, hoping that Storm Trooper would be allowed?
Storm trooper is (technically) part of the guard, go for it if you want to. (There are no weapon changes for this though so keep that in mind.)

So i find the update length of 3 weeks a bit crazy, but you are GM so you are the boss.
Thats an update length of no more than three weeks. If it gets that far then I will update regardless of how many have posted because those who have will have waited more than long enough.

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name: Selnak Grex

Age: 37

Appearance: Grex is at first look an unimposing figure. Standing only 5'8" tall, weighing approximately 170 pounds, his average stature blends into a crowd with ease. Despite his smaller frame, he is a rock solid man, comprised of hard muscle and compact power. His slate-grey eyes are unflinching in the face of danger, having seen a hundred horrors on dozens of worlds. His close cropped auburn hair starting to show through hints of grey at the temples and hair line as well as in the short growth of beard that frames his jawline. Running down the right side of his face is a vicious scar that narrowly misses his right eye and runs down to the corner of his mouth that pinches and pulls his previously handsome smile into a slightly disconcerting grin. It is only the first of many scars that riddle his body, a lifetime of war marking its path in the bullet wounds and gashes from everything to a cut-purse's dagger to the rending claws of a Tyranid Genestealer.

Personality: Grex is unflappable, rarely losing his calm composed demeanor. He is unambitious, his sole drive making the scratch to indulge in his pleasures in life; booze, cigars, women, and war. As long as you are paying the bill Grex is your man to the end, but the relationship ends there. He is a consummate loner, neither desiring or needing the companionship of others. He lacks the ability to feel empathy for others, his concern for them extending only to the point of how it affects his ability to succeed in his own mission. He possesses a dry witty sense of humor that further accentuates his lack of emotional attachment.

-Quirk: Meticulous doesn't even describe Grex. He fastidiously maintains his equipment, each piece placed just so in the same place he has worn it for over two decades. His quarters are orderly to the point of obsessiveness.

-Fear: Equipment malfunction. At the age of 14 he almost died in a confrontation with a ganger, his cobbled autopistol malfunctioning at an incredibly inopportune moment. Since then his ritual of obsessive maintenance and upkeep have been in order to allay this fear.

-Secret: He has been approached twice during his service to Gabrien and offered comparatively large sums of money to eliminate the Inquisitor. To this point the offers have not been lucrative enough, but one can never tell if the next offer might not pique his interest.

Background: Born in the under hive of Eshunna XII in the Badab sector, Grex grew up in a turbulent environment. His parents, both Obscura addicts, had little time for the young boy that continually tried to force them in reality and at the age of 7 Grex's father beat him so badly that he almost died. After spending weeks recovering at a local medicae clinic, Grex emerged, a child broken in mind and body, and he spent the next 10 years living in the streets, avoiding entanglement's with gangs and the Adeptus Arbites where he could. Stealing or taking what he needed to survive.

Those years taught him all he needed to know about the human race... that they were cruel and heartless, just like the parents who had abandoned him to chase their next high. Those years formed and molded him into the remorseless, merciless killer that he would become and in no time he realized that his skills with a knife and a gun would be valuable to others. So his life as a mercenary began and with it a whole new world of creature comforts and experiences opened up for him.

Grex hopped from one ship to another, working only a short time before moving onto the next bidder, and over the next ten years built a name for himself as a top-tier soldier for hire. Working for anyone or anything that would pay his rate, not caring if it was Imperial or Xeno, he took their money and he did their dirty work.

It was on the hive world of Minas VI that Grex had the fortune of running across Inquistor Grabien. Grex along with several other mercenaries had been hired to assist the Adeptus Arbites in rooting out a gang that had taken a part of the city under their control almost overnight. The organization and ferocity of this group of underhive killers, stretching the man-power of the local pacifiers, it was decided that mercenaries could go where the Arbites could not and do what needed to be done without worry of political and social retribution. The fighting was fierce and of the 50 mercenary soldiers only 10 of them made it into the fortified area of the undercity where the gang had holed up.

Charging in, guns blazing the mercenaries found that they were not facing a human gang, but a vicious and deadly Genestealer cult. A festering sore at the heart of the city. Around him men fell, but Grex, a stoic look of resignation on his face continued to fight, his body moving through the motions. It seemed that he would fall, just as his companions had, when from the opposite side of the building and Inquisitor and his retinue surged into the fight. Between what remained of the mercenaries and the overwhelming firepower of the Inquisitor and his men, the rest of the blasted mutants fell.

Impressed at his calm in the face of danger, not to mention the number of mutants he had felled, Gabrien offered to pick up Grex's contract, nearly doubling his normal fee. It was a good arrangement for Grex, he got paid handsomely to kill what the Inquisitor said to kill and it took all the annoyance of finding new contracts out of the equation. In return Gabrien got a hardcore soldier that didn't ask questions and skilled gun.

Time of service: 9 years

Equipment: Dual auto pistols, Shotgun, Combat blade. Tactical combat vest containing a myriad of useful items, incorporating sheathes for his overlarge combat blade and shotgun. Dual thigh rigs for his auto pistols, mag pouches for 4 additional magazines per pistol.

I thought the dual pistols fit his character. If it is too much I will take it out.
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