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The System Hasn't Failed?

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Not many people know this,
But about 2 months ago I got my 40k stuff for sale ripped off. I had it on the trading post here and somebody got it and set up a trade with me.

He had told me that he had sent my stuff so I, trying to give people a chance, sent my stuff. He never sent his nor did I get any response in preceding emails. I have had my house robbed 3 times and the police here didn't do nothing, so I gave them up. He did the same to another forum user ( i think) and the other guy sent letters to his parents, called the local stores, and called the police. He admitted to the thievery, and as it stands, Im due to get my stuff back after the trial.

I would like to thank James (i have no idea what his forum name is); also the detective dude, who has shown more initiative than the lame "law keepers" around here.
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See it is shit like that which keeps me from ever trying trading online and sites like Ebay. I have heard far too many tales of people getting ripped off to trust it. And that is sad when you consider that there are thousands of people out there just like me (or you) that are decent people who have something to trade with. It is morons like this Josh character who ruin it for the majority.
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