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Here is a story written piece by piece about the formation of my army known as the twin craftworlds of Thrand-il-Shar. This is based off a book series by the author Mark Haddon called the Darkweaver Legacy. If you have read it try to find some more familiar names here and if you haven't then read them now!!

Autarch Derkas Silverblade, the falling storm of leaves sat pondering to himself as he waited his audience with the renowned farseer Eldrad Ulthuan of Ulthwe craftworld. The craftworld of Thranal-ium had been summoned at all speed for an urgent meeting with the living legend. When the door opened the farseer seemed most tense.

"What is it you desired farseer? I speak for all my craftworld when I say what ails you in the sense that our entire fleet be called. It troubles me further when our own farseers are unable to locate any doom or misdeed of our craftworld that may have been peturbed." The autarch bowed down as he said this and waited for the Farseer to respond.

Eldrad Ulthuan pulled a rune from the air in front of him and read its meaning before answering the skilled autarch's question "It is nothing that you or anything the craftworld have done that disturbs me. I have gathered you and your craftworld for a mission of dire consequence."

"Speak of this mission elated farseer and we shall do what we can." The autarch was frustrated. He always hated the mumbling of fate that all farseers spoke of.

"You are aware of the craftworld of Shandarior?"

"That craftworld has been a close neighbor of ours even after slight disagreements over the years." This development worried the autarch further yet he understood why craftworld Shandarior came under the farseers attention. The were a numerous and proud craftworld who openly could claim of ownership of large numbers of warlocks including the famed Lords of the Inner Eye.

"Although they are not aware of this the craftworld stands on the brink of danger, already watched over by She who Thirsts as the craftworld sails into the jaws of its death. Autarch your craftworld is needed to intercept your fellow craftworld and possibly save it from its invaders." Eldrad spoke solemnly and with great conviction. The farseer already knew of the autarchs dislike of his kind but he knew his message must be passed through. The farseer had faith that should the craftworld set off then this autarch's martial skill would lead them through the times ahead.

"But farseer, surely a great craftworld like Ulthwe could go to its aid."

"No Silverblade, I sense the enemy is coming from the eye again and we have made our vows to safeguard this space from despoiling Mon-Keigh."

"Very well farseer, it seems that we have no choice, please tell us where we can find our kin."

To Be Continued

Thoughts for next passage. Some ideas that need to fill the plot would be what danger lurks for craftworld Shandarior and where they are located.
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