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The Spartan Guard.

The people of Eden had not been altogether ecstatic about their future.
The High Kings speech was broadcast across the entire planet.

They were told that they were now part of the Imperium of man and that they would serve ancient Terra in its never-ending crusade to make the universe mans rightful domain.

That had been met with cheers.

In honour of such a momentous and joyous reunion with the old world the senate had decreed that the high city be renamed Luicians Falls after all it was he who had allowed the path of the Emperor to come here unmolested and it seemed appropriate with the beautiful waterfalls that cascaded behind the city itself.

They were told that the Emperor liked this world for the simple fact that she was the exact twin of Terra before the wars stripped away her oceans and left her a shadow of her former self.

They were awed by the revelation.

They were informed that the space marines that had come with the Emperor and his brothers were going to be sons of Eden. Warriors that would come from Eden would refill the ranks of those that fell and they had loved it.

When he told them that the cult of Mortari was to be no more the cheers stopped. With a heavy heart he told them that it was the Emperors will that there be no gods, he had said that there was no such thing as deities and that the worship of such had led to wars and death.

The monastery would now become the headquarters of the Spartan Guard and any worship of the old father of Eden was to be no more.

He knew they would do as he asked but they would not like it and he did not blame them. It has made sense what his father has said but as he looked out over the sea of faces before him he became well aware that the people of Eden did not like having to give up the idea of a god.

He ordered that the temples be turned into places of education and that the old festivals be slowly scaled down. He would allow the summer and winter festival as well as mischief night and gift giving day.

The Emperors representative from Terra frowned at the Primarch as he stepped down

“You have something to say to me?” Lucian curtly demanded.

The dark robed adept cleared his throat “Festivals are a sign of religion my lord…”

“They have been in Eden’s traditions for more years then you have breathed Terran” Lucian snarled

“you are asking them to forsake their religion for the glory of empire. I am allowing them to keep the old traditions”

He glared hard at the adept who paled and bowed his head, it was not a good thing to try and assert ones self over an Astartes and it was a worse thing to try and exert your authority over a Primarch

“do not presume to tell me what to tell my people oh and in response to the request from the Mechanicum the answer is no. I will share whatever technology my own people find and have but I am not having them polluting my world like they have done their own and like Terra has become…”

“The Mechanicum will not like that lord” The Adept interrupted.

Lucian narrowed his eyes “if you will let me finish, I will not allow them to pollute Eden with their chemicals and toxicity however there is a world in this system that may offer the Mechanicum more.

There were old rumours of a civilisation there that died out they supposedly used technology far beyond what we have here. They may set up shop there. No one lives on that world anymore and it is not of use for colonisation so let them have that!”

The Adept bowed his head “I am sure the Mechanicum will find that most satisfactory Lord”

“I don’t care if they do or they do not, they can take it or leave it but that is my final word on it.”

With that he walked away leaving the adept in no mistake as to the Lord of Eden’s thoughts about the will of strangers.

Konrad stood upon the Cliffs of Affirmation admiring the beauty before him. His world was shrouded in constant darkness had a dark and dangerous beauty about it. Death stalked her every street and mountain region.

He was the night of Nostramo and for years he had fought to bring justice to his world which he had done and from Nostramos more violent gangs he had recruited his Night Lords.

Now as he stood on the cliffs he appreciated his brothers’ world and why it was that he was adamant that no pollution scared his world like it had done Terra.


He turned as Sarina regaled in her armour as the Warrior Sister Commander of the Sisterhood of Mortari approached him and went down on one knee.

He bid her to stand and she did so immediately. She was quite lovely as mortal women went and her scars from her battles in the ring served to give her a warriors’ pride. She was built like an Amazon of old Terran mythology but that did not detract from the fact that was a beautiful woman.

Her red hair made her tanned complexion stand out more and in her black armour she did indeed look like a woman of death.

“Have you kept your old name?” He asked, “I thought the Emperor said no reference to the old god of this world.”

Sarina motioned to the mausoleum behind him “Our warrior queen named us lord and our King has allowed us to keep the name to honour her.”

Curze turned to look at the building,

It was white marble with pillars of black and the rims etched in gold. The relief’s showed a great griffon carrying the warrior queen to her after life. It was indeed the resting place of a queen.

“Was she queen before my brothers ascension?” He asked.

Sarina lowered her gaze to the floor, unable to look the Primarch in the eyes and deciding that if she looked at the ground she would be able to answer his questions without weeping before him like some child.

“That is the resting place of Queen Elisha My Lord. She was Lucians wife”

“Wife?” the lord of the Night Lords head snapped round. He raised his eyebrows in surprise and then returned his gaze to the tomb “wife” he whispered.

“You sound surprised lord, do you not have a mate?”

Curze shook his head and sat himself upon a rock

“We Primarchs were not sired in the old way Sarina, not in the way that you were. We were made from the Emperors own DNA each of us having some of our fathers powers within us.

We are created in his image but we have no mother and we have no need for female companionship of that sort. It is not a necessity as it is to mortal men and women”

“I see”

He beckoned her to sit down beside him which she did being close to him terrified her but also made her thrill inside that he had allowed her to talk with him on such a personal level she was overwhelmed by the honour.

“Did you seek me out for a reason?” Curze asked.

“I have been asked by my lord to be your guide and to answer whatever questions you may have about our world lord”

He nodded a little and drew in a deep breath “so tell me about yourself how did you come to be in my brothers trusted circle.”

Sarina felt her pride soar honoured that one like him so reminiscent of her own master in his ways would take an interest in her.

“I was the daughter of a loyal army commander to the old High King Andreas whom the Tyrant murdered and usurped the throne. I refused to take his nephew to my bed and killed him, my punishment was the killing ring”

“I’m sorry the killing ring what it that?”

”A gladiatorial ring where the Tyrant sent all those he believed a threat to his rule and those he wanted dead. Men, women and children” He heard the sorrow in her voice

“Helana and I were from the same breed, her mother was a senator who died and she was placed in the ring and made to watch her father being gutted.
We trained together and became good friends so when Lucian was put into the ring we wondered if this was the youth our old legends spoke off.

When he came into the ring at first he was like a 16 year old, within half a year he was a man so we all believed that he was Mortari in mortal form. Well as mortal as a god can get”

Konrad smirked dryly

“he brought us all together and we fought as one in the ring for the amusement of the Tyrant.

We couldn’t believe that this giant was looking out for us. The Tyrant trued to have him murdered a few times even tried poisoning him he just shrugged it off like he had a bad stomach”

The Primarch nodded understandingly

“Our enhanced physiology allows us to shrug off ailments that would otherwise kill a normal human. We heal and we survive to fight another day. We are immortal we do no not age but we will die one day.”

“The Emperor? Is he immortal too?”

Konrad nodded “The Emperor is probably the only true immortal amongst us. I know so little about my father but what I do know is when he was a young man Terra was in Antiquity. That’s why he liked the choice of name of Lucians Legion he told me that he had fought alongside the original Spartans once.”

“They were real?” Sarina asked “I mean I only ever heard stories I barely believed that Terra was real until a few days ago.”

“Oh they were real” Konrad sat forward “Ancient Greece was a series of petty warring states but they were the centre of the ancient world of learning and the mother of democracy.

My father said. Sparta was a state ruled by warriors and their women were as respected as the men for their warrior prowess for it was said that only Spartan women gave birth to Spartan warriors.”

“Our culture has always had equal rights lord. We have had many a warrior queen worthy of the annuls of the gods halls… I mean…”

“Hush child I am not going to strike you down for your beliefs they will take some time to heal.” He assured her and motioned once more to the tomb “so was she a prisoner?”

“She was the Tyrants niece the daughter of his sister whom he murdered when she dared suggest that Lucian be set free into exile for the Tyrant could not beat him so he had her killed and Elisha decided that enough was enough.

She came from the Southlands renowned for their warrior and hunting skills and she was beautiful dark skinned and an inspiration to us. She came to the killing ring with her inner guard and offered her help to my lord. We could see there was an attraction there and as top gladiator he had his pick of women whenever he wanted but she stirred him.

All through the war she kept him grounded when his battle rage threatened to overwhelm him she calmed him down and made him see sense of a situation.

She formed our two sisterhoods the Sisterhood of Mortari and the Daughters of Eden we were her Praetorian as Anteaus Demetrius Nikoli and Seranus were his praetorian”

“I believe those four young men have been chosen to be full Astartes” Konrad told her

“I also have it on good authority that yourself and your cadre of warriors will also be enhanced although not to our extent”

”I went for mine a few days ago lord” She told him.

“Good.” He cleared his throat and picked up the wine bottle that he had brought with him but as yet had remained untouched

“Would you like some, I assure you, you will find it different now you have had your enhancements”

She thanked him as he poured her a goblet and bid her continue

“when the war ended Elisha and Lucian were wed and we had such hopes with a father like Lucian the children would be our future”

Konrad shook his head a little “Sarina, there would not have been children from such a union and if there were then they would not live long. Our physiology is so different to normal humans it would not be wise. I do not doubt that some of my other brothers have experienced women like Russ or maybe Angron but none of us ever took a wife, as much as he loved her there would have been no children”

Sarina was silent for a moment and took a sip of wine, surprised at the clarity of taste that ran along her pallet. She had drunk this wine for many years and yet she never could appreciate it fully until now. She took in what the master of the Night Lords had just said saddened that there would never be another like Lucian in their world.

“Shortly after their official coronation here Elisha was poisoned by her uncles followers and she died in much agony. Oh my lord was so angry he tore into the traitors city with his bare hands he tore the temples down and he killed like he had never killed before until all that was left was the children and he had them taken to the monastery he was not going to be a murderer of children.

But when he was alone we heard such a cry of rage, grief and anger that we thought he was going to go mad but we dare not intrude upon his grief for to do so would have been a desecration of his own personal loss” She looked at the tomb of her dead queen

“He has never took an interest in another woman since”

Konrad nodded “She must have been a remarkable warrior”

“Yes lord” Sarina cleared her throat “I am told that you specialise in night attacks”

“Yes I come from a world of eternal night, why?”

“My cadre specialise in night attacks, during the war we utilised our skills against the tyrants scouts and guards I was wondering if perhaps you would do us the honour of passing some of your knowledge on to us and, maybe pointing out where we could improve ourselves for when our lord leaves Eden we will be the ones who will protect our world”

The master of the Night Lords, the man that was called Konrad Curze who was known by another name, the Night Haunter was a man who was touched by little, he had seen too much darkness to let light touch his world but here and in this moment he was touched by not only her story of paradise being
so brutally reclaimed but that this young woman would ask him to teach her warriors some things.

“Sarina, I would be honoured to teach your sisters some things” the Primarch gave a rare smile “and you may even be able to teach me a few things”

Lorgar and Angron listened as Konrad related the story that Sarina had told him later that night. Angron had been disinterested until the story of the killing ring came up and how it was left alone as a place of the dead.

“I think it is time we tested our little brother” He finally spoke “I want to see how strong he really is or if laying with a woman has made him weak”

“Weak?” Lorgar shook his head “I doubt that still I would like to see how strong he is”

“Then as a former gladiator yourself Angron perhaps a spell in this ring will answer your questions on him” Konrad idly mused.

Angron liked the sound of that idea “Arrange it”

Lucian walked into the killing ring and folded his arms across his broad chest. The seats were filled to capacity not only with his Spartan Guard but warriors in the armour of the Word Bearers, Night Lords and World Eaters also attended. He had received the summons from the one called Khan asking that he meet Angron here in the killing ring.

Lorgar and Konrad stepped out with the Red Angel. Lucian eyed them suspiciously.

“Brother, this ring has a bloody history as we were informed by your very honest and humble warriors who fought and bled here” Lorgar quietly spoke

“but it is time that this place become what it was originally meant to be, a training ground for not only the future of your Legion but the army that will be raised here to follow in the glorious footsteps of the parent warriors and maybe sports to test the mettle of your people”

“And how do you propose I wipe away the murders that were committed here in the name of glory?” Lucian coldly asked.

Konrad detected the tone and knew that it was not lost on either of his brothers. He didn’t suppose he could blame him for the feelings he must have experienced the reunion joyful as it had been at first had turned into a nightmare for him. He had to tell the populace that all they had been raised to believe in was now obsolete.

Konrad moved forwards and inclined is head a little “Allow me to stand in your corner Lucian and Lorgar will stand by Angron to ensure the gladiator rules are adhered to”

Lucian said nothing and the Night Lord moved beside him. Lorgar stepped back and to the right of Angron leaving the two warriors in the middle of the ring.

They circled each other warily, like wolves ready to strike, but looking for weakness to exploit. Neither took their eyes from the other and Lucian did not take a weapon, out of respect for his actions Angron refused his mighty axes, liking the idea of hand-to-hand combat.

He rushed forward with a speed that belied his sheer bulk but Lucian ducked at the last moment and in a move that allowed him to carry the Red Angels momentum lifted him off his feet by his shoulder and threw him over his head and onto the sand of the ring.

Angron got to his feet and allowed the smile to cross his face. To the watching World Eaters their lord and gene sire was going to enjoy this and they began to chant his name to give him the power of his sons love.

The Spartan Guard native and Terran began to chant the name of their Primarch and the atmosphere began to build.

The two Primarchs attacked each other in moves that were only seen in the training rings of the World Eaters ships. Angron gave no quarter and to the watching Khan it brought back some painful memories of the day he had to try and calm his lord so that he would accept his new position.

This giant red warrior sent Lucian flying through the air and to the watching Spartan Guard who had fought beside their Primarch in this very ring, who had never known defeat was now being beaten senseless.

Angron picked him up by his neck and was about to hurl him across the ring once more when Lucian brought his mighty oak tree width arms crashing down on Angrons shoulders causing the Red Angel, the War Hound to cry out in pure pain.

Lucian was dropped to the floor and he drew in deep ragged breaths as Angron staggered back a little to clear his head.

The Primarch of the World Eaters nodded to himself, now he had a fight on his hands.

They traded blows that would have killed a mortal and seriously wounded a Space Marine. Neither gained significant advantage and the roar of the watching marines was testament to such a battle.

The sun passed over the sky as Angron was hurled in a great arc across the length of the ring only to land on his feet like a cat. When darkness fell Lucian was hurled to the ground and about to be stomped on when he caught Angrons foot and threw him backwards giving him room to move.

Both men traded blows that shook the very ground like a great earthquake and the approving delighted roars of the watching Astartes could be heard like a mighty thunderclap.

As Night fell the battle continued and as dawn rose up both the Night Haunter and Prophet of Colchis decided that enough was enough, there would be no victor this day and in truth they had not expected there to have been.

Lorgar approached the heavy breathing Angron and nodded once at him. Angron was reluctant to allow this to end but the means had been served. Lucian snarled a little but was halted by Konrads hand firmly on his chest.

“It is done brother, you have not only cleansed this place but proved to one who is untrusting that you are a worthy battle brother”

Angron moved Lorgar aside and came before Lucian; even the Night Haunter stepped back a little from the towering vessel of rage,

“Cut the rope with me Lucian and together we shall shed our blood and take worlds in the name of our Legions and the glory of man” Angron growled.

Khan stared in shock at his masters’ words and glanced at the Astartes beside him, Anteaus the First Captain of the Spartan Guard had thoroughly enjoyed the sceptical.

“What did your lord say brother captain?”

“He has asked him to be one with him” Khan replied

“It will mean our Legions will be bound to defend each other if needed we will be brothers in spirit and blood not just ideology. The rope denotes victory and defeat red for victory and black for defeat, my sire was the only one of his brothers and sisters that had a complete red rope with no black twists”

Anteaus nodded “I like that idea”

Lucian nodded and held Angrons hand in the grip of warriors. His arm was raised into the air and Angrons voice boomed out.

“I have read the legends of this world and where they originated from on long distant ancient terra, warriors that do not know the shame of defeat who would rather die then be taken prisoners.

My war hounds and I will join together in battle should you require our assistance without hesitation for gladiators stick together.” His voice deepened

“Stand Spartan Guard, World Eaters, Word Bearers and Night Lords and acknowledge the High King of Eden who shall forever be known as The Spartan! My brother”

Lorgar turned to Konrad as the assembled marines roared their affirmation at the World Eaters Lords worlds.

“Who would have thought it”?

“What?” Konrad frowned a little

“Angron can be quite eloquent when he chooses to be”

Konrad chuckled “Aye Lorgar that he can, he senses a kindred spirit and we also would take our new brother to our heats. For when he meets the others he will need our experience to deal with the more…. pompous attitudes of some”

Lorgar nodded and patting Konrads shoulder they joined their two brothers in the centre of the ring.

“Brothers sons let it be known that the Word Bearers of Colchis and the Night Lords of Nostramo are also proud to call the Spartan and his guard brothers.” Lorgar orated and silence fell.

“There will be battles to fight together and alone but remember warriors if we stand together nothing will ever defeat us! None will stand in our way. The battles that you Eden born men and women of this world fought here will continue out there and, although you may never see your Home world again know that you take her to the stars and fill her with pride, sons of the Emperor we are but you are our sons and our future!”

Konrad added his voice “So go with your arms and come home with your shields…or on them”

The Spartan Guard not only swayed by Angron and Lorgar took Curze to their hearts as he respected their motto and Lucian found three brothers that he would trust until his dying die.

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Lorgar made his way through the monastery with his ever faithful and trusted First Captain and oldest friend Kor Phaeron by his side. The first captain of the Word Bearers nodded every so often in appreciation at the works of art that obviously taken centuries to render on the walls and the stained glass.

Lorgar had not allowed such beauteous works to be destroyed and instead allowed them to stand as memorial to an age gone.

“This world was dedicated to the ideal of their god” Lorgar quietly spoke to his first in
the native tongue of Colchis “I see the smouldering embers of religious fervour in their eyes Kor Phaeron and I have no wish to see it die.”

”Ah my Urizen but would they accept the Emperor as the god that he is even if he does not” Kor Phaeron pointed out.

“Not at first no, they will see him as the slayer of their beloved god but in time my son, in time who knows what they may believe in.”

The two giants made their way through the former meeting place of priests that was now the mess halls of the Astartes that would take residence there when the rest of the Spartan Guard left this world.

Lorgars golden face broke into a broad smile as they approached the great festival hall and Kor Phaeron felt his heart begin to hammer in his chest, no Astartes knew fear, it was as alien to them as the concept of true love but whenever an Astartes came near a Primarch it was a terrible feeling to behold, to be in the presence of a demi-god and one so powerful was enough, but to be in the presence of two was a shuddering
uncomfortable feeling.

“Lucian” Lorgar embraced his brother warmly and Kor Phaeron went down on one knee.

“May I present my First Captain Kor Phaeron” Lorgar introduced.

Lucian glanced down and bid Kor Phaeron to stand

“Rise First of the Word Bearers you have done me honour”

“The honour is mine lord” Kor Phaeron humbly spoke willing his body to stop trembling.

Lucian ran an approving gaze over the second most powerful voice within the Word Bearers Legion. He was a tall powerfully built man dark haired and a zealous fire burning in his dark eyes. His terminator armour barely held in check the violence that would become unleashed when his beloved Primarch ordered it.

He also sensed the great love and loyalty that the First Captain held for his gene sire and he warmed to the First Captain immediately.

“I hope we have not kept you waiting brother” Lorgar apologised “I had some business to attend to on the Fidelitas lex

“You are not late Lor” Lucian assured and Kor Phaeron was stunned at the shortening of his Primarchs name but Lorgar seemed genuinely pleased with the affectation

“Indeed your First Chaplin has been regaling my own Chaplin’s with how they must conduct their duties. Seranus is quite taken with his advice”

Lorgar chuckled to himself “Erebus has a way with words Luc” He used his own affectation and Kor Phaeron began to realise how quickly the brothers had bonded and he was pleased for there were few amongst the other Primarchs who could stand to be in the company of one so visionary as the great Urizen.

The two Astartes that stood sentinel by the great oaken doors brought their tridents up as the three approached and opened the great doors, their heads bowed in reverence to their master and his brother and in respect to the First Captain of the Word Bearers.

The room fell silent as Lorgar, Lucian and Kor Phaeron entered the room and the Astartes gathered fell to one knee as one and Kor Phaeron did the same as he laid eyes upon Angron and Curze.

This was a meeting of senior officers, to allow the newly risen Astartes to get to know their experienced brethren and for the four Primarchs to relax in each other’s company as well as listen to tales of valour.

It was like a fraternal conclave where everyone was equal and they could all talk freely. Angron sat before the assembled warriors showing that for this night he was one of them and he began his tale. The tale of how he came to be and how he became the lord of the World Eaters.

Besides Angron was his Equerry Khan, the closest of all his sons Khan alone could soothe his Primarchs dark moods. Since the day he had faced his lord down and convinced him to be the general of the World Eaters, their gene sire and their Primarch he had earnt Angrons respect and Angron treated him like he was his own blood son and not gene son.

To others in the Legion had Khan the Astartes been sired in the old way then Angron would have been his father they were that close.

No one knew the name of the world that was his cradle world in truth Angron probably didn’t know it but from what he could gather reading between the lines it was not all that blissful an upbringing.

Lucian had been raised a son of the mountains and taught the ancient skills of blending where he could appear invisible to the eye but in truth he was blended into his surroundings a unique camouflage but when he had heard the story of his brothers up bringing he considered himself fortunate that he had a noble beginning even if the ending of the story was not fantastic.

Angron said that the world he was stranded on was a technologically advanced world with a downtrodden and poor populace ruled over by an elite class of nobles. The most popular and widespread entertainment was that of gladiatorial duels and that was how Angron and Lucian recognised each other’s battle stances.

The difference being that where Lucian and his sons of Eden were trained and taught by their time and battles in the ring as well as Lucians increasing powers as a Primarch, Angron was part of a cybernetically enhanced cadre.

He had been found by one of the gladiator slaves, mortally wounded and almost killed by alien warriors although Angron had no idea why they wanted to kill him he knew that they were Eldar.

He had told Lucian that ever since that day every run in with the Eldar was one that he made sure ended in their deaths and that their deaths were as painful and bloody as possible.

He had survived this almost fatal start and over the course of the next few years became the greatest gladiator the planet had ever seen but he was a discontented warrior and he plotted and planned his escape all the time he was there and when he deemed the time was right he led those that he had come to call his brothers and sisters in an armed revolt.

It was an armed revolt that whilst brilliantly planned was ultimately doomed to failure as the newly arrived Emperor warned his newly found son. The forces that were under the command of the nobles vastly outnumbered the gladiators that Angron led.

However Angron did not have his pride, a martial pride that Lucian could well relate too and this pride made him refuse any offer of help or aid from his father nor did he listen to the man.

The Emperor himself refused to allow this and even though Angron was quite prepared to die with his brothers and sisters his father transported him to his battle barge the night before the final battle, true to the Emperors prediction Angrons army was slaughtered to a man and woman, there was no survivors and because he had not been there in the final battle Angron felt that his honour as a warrior was blemished and what made his rages worse was the psycho surgery that he had received during his training years that heightened his already natural rage.

Lorgar had mentioned to Lucian quietly that the Red Angel, the Great War Hound had never forgiven the Emperor for taking him from the battle and no matter how many battles the Worlds Eaters won, or how many worlds they conquered to Angron it was never enough.

However, Angron had pride in his voice when he said that had it not been for Khans persistence in that deep chamber of the Conqueror Angrons own battle barge he might never have recovered from the madness that afflicted him at that time or his grief at the deaths of his brothers and sisters.

He had beaten Khan and still the Captain of the Eighth Company persisted and within that persistence came a respect and a deep love for the man. Angron would allow no council from any in his Legion save Khan and Lucian had to admit that the Astartes had certainly earnt his role as Angrons Equerry.

“Tell me Khan” Lucian was curious “What made you so determined to succeed even after Angron had almost…. ended your life”

Khan glanced at his Lord who nodded curious himself at why Khan had succeeded when others had failed.

“My Lord when we were all told, all Legions was told that we had a Primarch, a gene father who was the reason for our very existence the urge to find him was overwhelming.

The Emperor had called us War Hounds and we were there when Perturabo was reunited with the Iron Warriors and how they changed when they were reunited with their father.

I saw myself how the warriors that the Emperor had called Mountain Warriors became your sons the Spartan Guard and how they have changed how they hold themselves with pride now that they are complete.

That is how I felt when I learnt that the one the Emperor brought back to the Conqueror was our general, our creator and our father. I had to make him see that we wanted to serve him and be his warriors, his sons that he could lead into many battles”

A rueful smile crossed Khans face “it was a painful experience but finally I managed to do what I had been entrusted to do by the Emperor. I swore I would not attack my Primarch, no matter what he did to me I swore that I would do him no harm.

He was my reason for existence and I could no more harm him then I could my own battle brothers.

I would rather have fallen upon my own sword then harmed him so no matter what harm befell me I had to prove to him that the horrors that had befallen those he called brother and sister on that world would be erased over time and that we would honour their sacrifice by being the best that we could be in his name.”

“I suspect that you have done that Captain Khan” Lucian said with a deep respect in his voice.

“Brother” Angron met Lucians gaze “with my sons behind me worlds would rather surrender then have us amongst them, understand this Spartan, we World Eaters are a violent breed and we would rather be amongst the enemy then battle lines.

I have worked hard to make us one of the most feared of the Legions behind the Lunar Wolves and Night Lords”

“Lunar Wolves?” Lucian frowned.

“You will meet them one day brother” Lorgar promised “When news reaches our other brothers you will meet Horus, the first of us who was found and the Emperors favoured son”

Lucian nodded a little and returned his attention to Angron

“Perhaps Captain Khan would be kind enough to teach my assault troops how best to attack”

Khan swelled with pride at The Spartans request. He glanced at his Primarch who nodded once.

“It would be my honour my Lord”

Angron rested a hand on Khans shoulder “You will have no better teacher for your assault squads Lucian”

Lucian turned to the captain of his first company assault squad “Have all the assault squads assemble on Griffons Peak at dawn tomorrow. Whatever Captain Khan tells you Rhanu you do and they do.”

”Yes Sire.” Rhanu inclined his head in Khans direction “I look forward to what you will teach us Captain”

Khan nodded and the two Assault Captains sat aside from the table deep in conversation.

Lorgar took the goblet from the tray offered him by one of the serving staff and decided it was his turn. He got up and walked round the table he sat at preparing himself, composing himself and his Word Bearers waited on what wondrous words he was going to speak.

Lucian had seen in a few days what the gift of oratory had done to his Chaplin’s, they were puppies in Seranus’s hands and that in turn was done to the Word Bearers First Chaplin Erebus who had spent time with Seranus and taught him how to be the voice and the soul of the Legion that his master needed.

Lorgars adopted world was Colchis, a feudal world of very religious people. He was found by followers of the predominant religion and raised within their traditions and as such he became part of what had been called the Covenant.

It didn’t take long for Lorgar to become a very able and very devout preacher. He was the greatest Orator that the Covenant had ever possessed and along with his powerful charisma drew many followers to him, one of who had been his spiritual advisor and who saw in him the future of the world and that was Kor Phaeron himself.

It was painfully obvious that the more popular the charismatic priest became the more jealous that the Covenant became of him, as his power seemed to grow steering their flock to him and not to them.

All through his youth Lorgar had been plagued by visions of both a mighty warrior encased in bronze alongside a cyclopean giant in blue robes. At its zenith the visions were so overpowering that the devout priest confided in his spiritual advisor about them and the two of them were convinced that Lorgar was receiving visions prophesying the return of Colchis’ god and that it would be soon.

He began to preach this to the populace telling them that their god was soon to return and the more they listened to him the more that people flocked to him and this in turn took the power of the Covenant away from the people and they did not like this.
However his enemies saw a way around this using his own words they declared him a heretic and an enemy of Colchis.

His followers killed those that came forward to arrest Lorgar; such was his power they would allow no harm to come to the Prophet. The Covenant was split into two factions, those that saw Lorgar as a threat to the status quo and those that saw him as the saviour of their world.

An immense and bloody Holy war ensued and alongside Lorgar was the ever present and ever faithful Kor Phaeron along with a younger priest by the name of Erebus who’s own oratory skills was second only to Lorgar and who worshipped Lorgar like a god.

The war itself made the entire Colchis populace choose a side and lasted six years, the culmination of it was that Lorgar and his followers stormed the temple that he had been raised in and killed the monks there.

He was named the Prophet of Colchis, The Word or in more respectful tones The Urizen, the leader of the faith and the voice of the gods.

A year later the Emperor arrived alongside the Primarch of the Thousand Sons, Magnus the Red recognising the Emperor and Magnus from his visions Lorgar knew them for who they were and immediately swore fealty to his father and his dream.

He rearranged the Covenants belief structure towards the worship of the Emperor as their saviour and the one that brought enlightenment into Colchis.

The people who so adored Lorgar were united behind him and in the worship of their new god. Lorgar allowed the festivities and celebrations to continue for months and eventually took command of his Legion, the Word Bearers with Kor Phaeron as his second in command and Erebus as his First Chaplin.

Lucian watched his own senior Chaplin and Erebus listen to Lorgar explain how he came to be the Primarch of the Word Bearers.

“Lorgar, forgive me brother but if the Emperor refuses to acknowledge any deity or any form of religion, why does he allow you to worship him?” Lucian asked.

“Only the divine will deny their divinity brother and in time the Emperor is a god for only a god can do the wondrous things that he has done.”

Angron snorted a little “Fancy words brother but we all know that he is uncomfortable with the Word Bearers ideology of him”

”I was raised on a world where religion was all and the Emperor brought us glory in all that we have done. Mock me if you will brother but you will not change me or my sons from our destiny”

Lucian got up “Your beliefs are yours Lorgar and I will not judge you by them”

Lorgar smiled briefly and sat himself down.

“Tell me First Captain,” Lucian turned to Kor Phaeron “was Lorgar really so charismatic that a whole world would say to his word and his word alone?”

Kor Phaeron raised his head proudly and Lucian saw the light of religious fervour in his eyes barely restrained and he supposed that the Emperor for all his power was never going to change the sons of Colchis, Especially when it had been engrained into their psyche long before his arrival or indeed that of Lorgars.

“The Urizen spoke with the words that only the Gods could speak. He gave our people truth when the Covenant sought to hold onto their power through whatever means they could. I was honoured to be my Urizens spiritual leader and I am honoured to be his friend and the Commander of the Word Bearers in his absence”

“Then I hope you continue to act as his advisor in the ways that will continue to make the Word Bearers the Legion they are and I am sure will become. I myself rely on my four favoured sons to guide me”

“And they will guide you my lord” Kor Phaeron bowed his head “that is our job to not only protect bur to be council to you when you require it”

Anteaus leant over “Kor Phaeron, perhaps you could tell me what your holy war was like for in a way our war against the Tyrant was a holy war our fight for our god against his”

“My lord?” Kor Phaeron turned to his Primarch.

“We are here to get to know our young Legion Kor Phaeron,” Lorgar waved him away “go get to know the First of the Spartan Guard”

Kor Phaeron bowed his head and walked away with Anteaus.

Lorgar picked an apple from the table and took a bite savouring the taste of it nodded to him and sat back.

He was well aware of how the other Primarchs regarded him and his sons. That they saw them as nothing more then religious zealots with ideals that were against the laws of the Emperor and wondered why it was that he allowed Lorgars religious fervour to continue but maybe the Emperor had his reasons and maybe he thought that eventually the Prophet of Colchis would come round to the truth of the matter, no matter what the Emperors reasons he had overlooked Lorgars zealotry and hoped that the Word Bearers would do what they were created to do.

Lucians gaze turned to the silent man that was his brother Konrad. Behind him stood his two most senior Astartes who he learnt were called Zso Sahaal also known as the talonmaster and Krieg Acerbus who was the axemaster.

Demetrius and Nikoli seemed to get along with these two and Curze had made quite an impression on the Sisterhood of Mortari’s commander Sarina in fact she was sitting beside him talking to him and he was listening like a father to a favoured child.

He thought he would feel a little jealous after all Sarina had been one of his original close circle and the closest to his wife but instead he was proud, proud that another Primarch had taken an interest in his warrior women.

Curze took the ale that was offered him and took a long swallow appreciating the fine taste of hops and barley.

He was an enigma to many and from what he had been told there were those amongst the other Primarchs who thought him bordering on madness. Lucian didn’t see a madman he just saw a man driven by the need to do what was right for his Emperor and his world.

It was said that when Curze landed on the eternal night world of Nostramo he crashed through the surface and into the core. Nostramos very crust was wealthy in Adamantium and that brought a division itself into the world where the rich got richer and the poor got more downtrodden.

Nostramos crime rate was unchecked and the population was controlled by murders that went unpunished or suicide that no one bothered to investigate, those that were supposed to protect the innocent turned a blind eye their pockets lined by money from their true patrons.

It was a dangerous world and it was this world that Konrad Curze came to call his own and what a way to do it.

Unlike some of his other brothers there was no family to take him in and raise him or nurture him in the ways that he would need. He had to fend for himself and in his short childhood surviving from his sheer determination to survive and his wits and feeding on the feral animals that made Nostramo Quintus their home.

He was plagued on a constant basis by visions that threatened to drive him insane, visions of a horrifying and dark violent future that still plagued him even now, although he kept this to himself for fear of being called a witch or subjected to the superstition that surrounded his brother Magnus. The visions were so potent in the waking world that it would leave him shaken for days.

Before the coming of his father he was pitched into a perpetual battle of persecution and murder, he focused on the criminal elements of Nostramos society. He began small righting what he had perceived as wrong but as the crimes became more violent then so did he and eventually form disappearances he turned to mutilation and the Night Haunter was born.

Such was his thoroughness that the mothers and fathers of Nostramo would tell their children to be good less the Night Haunter came to take them away. The fear of the Night Haunter drove the crime rate to zero and Konrad Curze became the first and only King of Nostramo.

Such was his power and the fear that surrounded him every other city and town swore fealty to him not wanting his Night Haunter persona to come knocking on their doors.
Lorgar had mentioned that Curze was a benevolent king, a wise man but when he heard of an injustice on his world then the Night Haunter would suffice and the people would learn again. Two men trapped in one body was one way he had put it.

The people of Nostramo were sensitive to light coming for a world of darkness like they did so when the Emperor and his son Fulgrim of the Emperors Children arrived on Nostramo there were many who could not look upon him without going permanently blind.

Angron had said that Curze had almost ripped his own eyes out when he saw the man that was his father. The Emperor had stopped him and promised him a future of glory but it was said that Curze had told him that he knew full well what the Emperor intended for him.

Fulgrim became his mentor. Teaching him the ways of the Imperium and the complex doctrines of the Astartes, doctrines that the along with Lorgar and Angron were now teaching Lucian.

When he was given command of the VIII Legion he named them the Night Lords and now he was here around a world that was so different to his own and for once he felt so at peace.

His gaze met Lucians across the table and sat forward

“Have you decided what to call your inner circle brother and how it will be organised?”

“The First Second and Third Captains along with my Senior Chaplin and they shall be called the Praetorian and I was told I would need a Bodyguard” Lucian smiled a little amused at the thought.

Angron laughed a little “Brother they are more our ceremonial guard, the idea that a Primarch needs a bodyguard is laughable at best”

“Well they will be First Companies terminators and they are the Griffon Riders. Men from Eden that are descended from the great riders of our youth”

Zso Sahaal cleared his throat “My lord Lucian, May I be permitted to impart some teaching to your inner circle? Explain to them what is expected of them in the way of their duties to you?”

Lucian looked at Nikoli and nodded “Why not Captain the whole idea is for us to learn much about how the inner workings of the Astartes turn and my senior captains can learn from others as well as the Terran sons of the Spartan Guard.”

“Sire” He bowed his head in Konrads direction “May I have your leave?” Konrad nodded and watched as Zso walked away with Demetrius and Nikoli.



“Go watch over the Daughters of Eden and impart some knowledge to Helana on how best to protect this world when her master has gone. Their mountain tactics should prove enlightening to you my axemaster”

Krieg bowed low and with Sarina by his side to show him the way he went to do as his master had asked.

Later when the four Primarchs were alone their own inner circles mingling they walked to the training rings that had once been the training grounds of the ancient warriors of the temple. Terran born sons of Lucian were training the newly risen Eden born sons and the four Primarchs stopped to watch the discipline that was being imparted.

“You will need one to stay behind and lead the chapter while you are away Lucian”
Lorgar told him “to oversee the new recruits and govern your world in your absence for the chances are it will be a long time before you are here again if at all”

Lucian nodded a little but remained silent for a moment deep in thought then he answered,

“One of Elisha’s bodyguards proved an exceptional warrior and when she died he blamed himself more then any other although it was not his fault that she was to succumb to the hands of death.”

He pointed to a man that was in his late thirties silently watching the training of not only the newly risen Astartes but the future in the children that had been brought here from the Southlands who were now to be the first novitiates.

“Who is he?” Konrad asked.

The man was dark haired and pale skinned and yet he could see into the mans eyes from where he stood and saw a deep feeling of failure that he had let his queen down when she needed him most.

“His name is Leronas he is too old to become a full Astartes I am told but he has received the enhancements that will rise him above normal men and women.

Like the sisterhoods that he will now have at his command he is a fair man and a wise man he will be a good Chapter Master and I will leave the governorship of Eden in his hands”

“A wise choice” Lorgar murmured approvingly “I have spoken with him at length and his wisdom is akin to the old priests of my world”

“That does not surprise me Lor” Lucian turned a slight smile on his face “his father and father before him were high priests of Mortari before the war and his mother was an oracle. He would have been a great priest had the old ways ensued” Lucian sighed a little “and a great warrior priest he would have made too”

Angron stood straighter and heaved a sigh “I must take my leave brother, we have orders to continue the crusade.”

Lucian nodded and took Angrons arm in the gladiator grip “walk well in the stars brother and we will meet out there again”

”I look forward to that day Luc” Angron drew him close and embraced him “the World Eaters and the Spartan Guard will bring worlds to their knees and inspire such fear that they will not refuse the will of the Emperor.”

Lucian stepped back and in the way of a gladiator saluted his older brother who returned the gesture with pride and bowing his head Angron joined his waiting Equerry and left the monastery.

Lorgar and Konrad found him at dawn by the Mausoleum knelt on one knee. Konrad had told Lorgar who resided in here and the two brothers stopped a respectful distance. It had been four months since their arrival and now it was time to go and continue the crusade.

It had been decided that the Spartan Guard would travel in the company of the Night Lords until they had found their feet. Lorgar had hoped it would be with his Legion but he suspected that their father would not want his newly found son falling under the sway of Lorgars fervour.

It mattered not for there would be other times they would ride together.

Lucian got to his feet and turned to see them behind him “Is it that time already?”

”Your Fleet has arrived Luc” Konrad quietly told him “Your own vessel is to be called The Mortis Sword in honour of your blade”

Lucian nodded a little and joined them “Time to go then”

They made their way back to the city and Lucian did not look back. His old life was gone now, laid in the tomb behind him and Eden had her chosen governors to rule in his absence.

His warriors soul soared at the thought of taking his sons to the stars and doing the work of man reuniting the lost worlds of humanity with the mother world but it soared even higher as he laid eyes upon his Astartes.

All in perfect ranks by their companies, their bolters across their chests and shields on their backs. The company standards raised high and fluttered proud in the Eden breeze.
He nodded to himself proud at what he saw and knowing that this was his future, these were his legacy, these men that stood tall and proud before their father. For the Terran born sons the thought that their gene father was before them had brought a change over them just as Khan had said it would.

Their father stood before them looking magnificent in his armour, his brothers the Night Haunter and Urizen either side of him. He raised his ebon sword high; the blades soul flexes sparking in the sunlight.

“Spartan Guard, we go to war, we go to bring the worlds of man to Terra once more, we go to claim what is rightfully ours and we will teach the Xenos and the mutant what it is like to face our wrath.” His voice carried over his warriors to the city and the watching populace.

Mothers wept as their sons, newly made Astartes listened to his every word. Former lovers knowing they would never see the men they had been again but proud at the thought that before they were turned into these giants, these instruments of the King and his father they had known them.

“We leave Eden and some of you may not see her again but when your bodies have been brought home on your shields they will come home for this is the lasting rest of the warrior. The final journey you will make one day in the future where the next generation will carry on the legacy you have made.

Eden sons you have learnt from your Terran brothers, now there is no designation, bond as brothers for within you all is I. We are all Spartan Guard no matter what world you call home.

You have been given knowledge from the mighty World Eaters who cannot be here, from the great Night Lords who we will travel alongside for a short while and the majestic Word Bearers who we will be sure to war alongside in the future. Our bond with these three Legions will last all eternity I have given my word that my sons and I will come to their assistance if ever needed.

But now we go, we have said our goodbyes to this world and to my sons who have fought to set this world free but who are unable to join the ranks of their brothers I leave Eden in your hands to guard her and protect her and nurture the Legions future.

To the sisterhoods, our warrior women I leave the custodianship of our world. I know you will do me proud and I know you will do your queen proud”

The sisterhoods had spawned another two branches the children of Lucian and The Sisters of Night. Sarina and Helena stood prouder at his words and with their two other chief sisters Galana of the Children of Lucian and Jarina of the Sister of Night –either side they held their own heads high.

“We go!”

The voices of the warriors erupted into one long war cry that echoed around Eden long after they had transported off their world and into their ships. It rang round long after they left the system and echoed across the mountains of the world until day turned to night.
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