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The planet of Silvestria is located on the eastern fringe of Imperial space.

The planet is a garden world with vast oceans of autumn forests. The only colours for miles are red, ornage, yellow, brown and the rare shade of green. The planets populace is fairly rich and highly sophisticated and thus its regiments are as well. The regiments of the planets are adept at combat in woodland areas, though they still perform well in urban areas, due to thus their main camo is a mixed range of autumn colours to blend in with their homeworld.

The worlds regiments are made up of the general tithe that each world has to pay but a lot of the regiments are from the military academy, this academy trains a huge amount of tempestus soldiers and many officiers take brief lessons there as part of their training.

The regiments of this world are experts at stealth, infantry based combat scenarios and primarly work in smaller combat zones. This is not to say that they dont perform well outside of these scenarios for they are helpful even in large scale battles.

The regiment has access to lots of rare weaponry and thus has large amounts of plasma weaponry which has been quite troublsome with the risks involved with plasma weaponry. The regiments are allowed to minorly alter their guns to personalise their weapons which has lead to some guns having small carvings, scopes, stocks, and other perosnal markings. They are highly disciplined and thus look down upon more rugged regiments but still see the value of their support.

Their homeworld was invaded by Orks which lead to a significant loss in forces, they however prevailed on the planets surface due to a home field advantage being able to set up effective kill zones in its dence forests where the Orks numbers meant little. However due to losing the fight in space, the waaaghh would eventually destroy them due to a lack of supplies getting to the troops on the planet. This lead to finding the warboss the main priority though it was a daring gambit and a storm trooper squad from the planet's own academy signing up for the daring raid to kill the warboss, though they succeeded all members perished and all 10 of them have a memorial in the planet's schola.

The regiments biggest hero is still alive: Lucius Briggston commissar who was the leader during the planet's defence and held out for the entire 3 months before Imperial fleets arrived to drive back the remaining Ork forces.

The worlds forces has access to lots of side forces including: Adeptus Sorititas, Officio Assassinorum, Adeptus Mechanicus, and often work alongside Inquisital forces.

The worlds forces are amongst the finest troops used as imperial bodyguards for important figures and Inquisitors alike.

The number of forces stands at:

121 basic guardsmen regiments
27 scion forces
56 tank regiments
12 artillery tank regiments
60 PDF regiments (same trained standard as standard guardsmen)

And ever increasing, this number does not include units trained on this world belonging to other worlds.
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