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Now i know i have posted this before under another name but i have expanded it using Baron Spikeys chapter background generator and hope it is good. Comments and feedback would be appreciated

Name: The Silent Lions.

Leader: Chief Librarian Carnus Fenix

Parent Chapter: Dark Angels

Colours: Gold with red shouldergaurds and white lower legs.

Warcry: Due to their inability to speak they have no warcry.

Why was the Chapter Founded?: The Silent Lions were formed to watch over the area of space surrounding and including the Forlan system. This was due to it's close proximity to the path of Abaddon's 11th Black Crusade.

When was the Chapter Founded?: Early 39th millennium.

Gene-Stock: Pure
Like the Dark Angels, their parent chapter, The Silent Lions are notoriously intolerant of abhuman warriors or alien races. They are highly suspicious of outsiders. Their taciturn nature and stubborn refusal to accept anything other than total victory over their foes has served the Imperium well.

Gene-Seed Deficiencies: Due to a malfunction in the function of the Betcher's gland, the Chapter's brethren exhibit unusual vocal characteristics. For some reason unknown to any no member of the Silent Lions can speak at all. It is as if there tongues have been ripped out.

Chapter Hero's: Chief Librarian Romero Abdiel. Romero was key to ensuring the survival of the chapter after the Chapter Master, along with half of the chapter turned to Chaos.

Homeworld: The Silent Lions homeworld, Miros, was once a bustling hive world that poured recruits into the chapter. But it is now a death world, nothing remains but mighty ruins and desert.

How closely does the Chapter follow the Codex Astartes?:The Silent Lions follow the Codex for matters involving company's and squads. But they branch away when it comes to command structure and Librarian's. Due to a deep distrust of the corruption of power only the most powerful warrior dare take up leadership of the Chapter. Due to the high amount of Librarian's within the chapter it has become tradition that the Chapter Master's role is taken by a Chief Librarian. Although Company's are still led by Captain's, Librarian's are there close second-in-command. The Librarian's often move Company's if there power exceeds the Librarian of the Company above or they die. The Librarian of the 1st Company will be an extremely powerful pysker and will be heir to the helm of the Chapter.

Combat Doctrine:
The Silent Lion's simple presence is often enough to make rebels lay down their arms and re swear their lives to the Imperium or aliens run and hide. For seeing the power of the Chapter's Librarian's is an awe-inspiring thing.
Special Equipment:Blessed Wargear:It is common for members of this Chapter to have their Wargear blessed by a Chaplain before battle
Current status of the Chapter:Nominal: TheChapter can field a full 10 companies, each with ten squads.
Enemies: Disciple of Chaos. The Silent Lions hate any that follow the God’s of Chaos.

Initiation: Members of The Silent Lions are selected in a way of trials. On every world that the Silent Lions fight upon or over they will hold a great competition before they leave. The Trials will vary from world to world but they will always focus on the Trial of Fire, which shows which are the greatest marksman, Trial of Blade, which shows how a great a man is with a blade, Trial of Steel where the applicants skill with machines is tested and finally the Trial of Mind, which of course searches the applicants for physic abilities. The winner of any of these trials will be accepted into the Chapter. It is rare for an applicant to win two events and extremely rare, almost unseen, for an applicant to win three Trials’. It is unknown if there has ever been a applicant who can claim himself victor in every Trial.

A winner of the Trial of Fire would find himself serving as a tactical or devastator. A winner of the Trial of Blade would find himself serving as an assault marine. A winner in the Trial of Steel would find himself working with the mechanical branch of the chapter. And a winner in the Trial of Mind would be taken aside and trained uniquely.

A winner in the Trial of Mind would be taken under the wing of a Mentor. Each mentor is a powerful and wise Librarian who has dedicated his life to the training of young Librarian’s. It is at this stage that the chapter branches greatly from the Codex Astartes. For after 100 years of training the aspiring Librarian leaves his mentor and sets his own path. This comes in the form of serving in the Librarium. If a Librarian earns himself great honour and victory in the Librarium then he will be selected by the Chief Librarian and sent to the Deathwatch. Although this is considered extreme the Silent Lions see it as necessary to bring the greatest Librarian’s forward. After 100 years within the Deathwatch the surviving Librarian’s will return and be given command of a Company. Only an extremely powerful and mighty Librarian could be able to work his way up to the 1st company Librarian. It is the 1st company Librarian who is the heir to the Chief Librarian and thus will take over when he travels to the Warp.

Background and Founding:
The Golden Sentinels

It all began when a new chapter was formed. The new chapter was called The Golden Sentinels and was formed by Lustig Wiltag. The chapter's home planet was the bustling hive world of Miros. And from the cities of Miros recruits flooded into the chapter. It seemed none could stop The Golden Sentinels as they gaurded the surrounding planets from all manner of alien threat. Yet it was on the Chapter’s greatest day that the true colors of the chapter were revealed.

The battle for Orvar 4.

The future of the Golden Sentinels was bright as they travelled to Orvar 4. They had been rewarded for their efforts by being relieved briefly from their duty's, leaving the 3rd company to watch over the planets. But when they arrived at Orvar 4 to meet the Governor that had called for them the hideous truth was revealed. For no sooner had they landed on the planet did an almighty rift in the very fabric of reality tear open. Through this rift poured thousands of foul demons of Chaos. The unprepared Space Marines were torn apart by this unexpected attack. Those that remained turned to Lustig, their leader for guidance. But Lustig was not as he seemed.


Lustig had been tainted by Chaos and given false promises. Even as the remaining Golden Sentinels watched he twisted and mutated into a demon prince. Some fell back in horror but many knew of this corruption and had also been tempted by the Chaos Gods. The corrupt marines turned their guns on their own battle-brothers. Many perished before Lustig called for the bloodshed to stop. Only a small handful of pure from the once proud chapter remained. But when all seemed lost the unbelievable happened.


Suddenly, and without warning, a hideous scream filled the air. With an almighty eruption of noise the rift in the fabric of reality disappeared. The demons now had no way of leaving the planet. Lustig and the other greater demons roared and looked around for the source of this commotion. The traitor marines stared around with wild-eyed horror, expecting attack from every direction. And then, with a roar of engines, a Thunderhawk gunship appeared from the clouds and landed with a resounding thud. For a moment all was quiet as the remaining marines recognized the markings of their own 3rd company. But then more Thunderhawks fell from the clouds and landed, close to the first. These Thunderhawks bore the insignia of Ultramarines, Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Iron Fists, Dark Angels, White Scars, Grey Knights and many others. With a shreek of hydraulics the doors to these mighty ships clanged open and the proud Adeptus Astartes of many chapters, united together, poured out onto Orvar 4.

To The Death.

The recently arrived Space Marines tore a bloody gash in the surprised Chaos forces. Leading this attack was the Golden Sentinels 3rd company. And at the very tip of the Space Marines was none other than the Grand Librarian of the Golden Sentinels, Romero Nel. For it was Romero who had battled the very Chaos Gods themselves and managed to close the demonic rift. Romero had known of the corruption in Lustig and much of the chapter for a long time. With this knowledge he had formed the 3rd company himself, ensuring that it contained only pure Space Marines. He had known the fate of the forces going to Orvar 4 before they had even set off. Knowing this he had called upon all the other chapters of the Space Marines and led them to Orvar 4. Within an hour the battle was won and the demons had been slaughtered. Only Lustig was unaccounted for. For as the fight first began Lustig had run from the field of battle and escaped to the Eye of Terror, to lick his wounds and prepare his revenge.

The Purging.

Romero thanked the chapters and gathered the remnants of the Golden Sentinels with the 3rd company. Knowing that the risk of temptation was high he decided, with a heavy heart, that all that remained of the lost chapter had to be destroyed. With this in mind he returned to Miros and struck down the corrupt techmarines responsible for the geneseed. He then took this geneseed and all the inhabitants of Miros. He recruited all of the male populace and transported the females to the neighboring world before turning the guns of his Battleship "Immortal" on Miros itself. After one hour of constant pounding the once bustling hive planet of Miros was nothing more than a death world. Romero then turned from the blazing planet and led a bloody crusade across the galaxy. After 500 years only the pure remained in his chapter. Over this time Romero had trained one young Space Marine, Baltus Aldir, to a level of physic power almost the same as his own. And after entrusting the future of the chapter to Baltus Romero turned from his chapter and travelled alone into the Eye of Terror, seeking Lustig's blood. He was to never be seen again. It is tradition from that day on that the chapter is led not by a Chapter Master, but by the Chief Librarian. And after 1000 years of service as Chief Librarian they must train another to the best of their ability and then follow Romero into the Warp, never to return.

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Nice writing but it switched from the silent lions to the golden sentinels. So are they the same chapter? anyway I like the ideas behind it all and I may have to use the chapter builder and fix up my SM fluff haha!

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oh yeah, didn't realize that. They were originally formed as the Golden Sentinels but changed their name when tthey were betrayed.

I really reccomend the chapter generator and Baron Spikey did a really good job
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