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Well, as most tau players know, coming up with a flavorful tau kill team that doesn't suck and actually makes sense is hard.
The easiest routes are kroot and vespid, but both are fairly bland and, well, everyone does them. The other easy way is to just field a butt load of fire warriors. Also bland, and not very fluffy (suicide missions aren't what tau normally go for) Besides, assault is a big part of KT and FW suck at it.

The only really fluffy choices are drones (which end up leaving you short points and again, bland) pathfinders, which simply won't work because they all tote heavy weapons, and stealth suits...which won't work because their weapons each break a mutable.

Well, here's what I came up with as a unit that makes sense for a suicide mission, doesn't suck, and breaks only 2 mutables (hey, if you don;t break a couple it makes for a dull game ;-))

Kill Team Composition:
1 Stealth Suit, Targeting Array, Burst Canon 40pts
10 Gun Drones (from a gun drone squad, not wargear drones) 120

Lead by Shas'ui Shadowblade, the so-called "Shadow Reavers" have been a plague on imperial supply lines and orc settlements all across the swathe of stars slated for the third phase expansion. The stealthy, surgical strikes are almost mechanical in their efficiency and their ruthless execution. Striking from nowhere and then fading like ghosts in the night, sometimes taking supplies and equipment, sometimes destroying it.

Shadowblade was the sole survivor of his bonded stealthsuit team. The others were lost in combat when a scouting piranha, unaware of their presence, blundered into their carefully planned ambush of a space marine devastator squad.

Alerted by the roar of the piranha's engines as it screamed by, the sergeant checked his auspex and noticed a faint reading. Rather than waste the squad's heavy bolter rounds on the retreating scout, he instead directed them to fire on the copse of trees that Shadowblade and his comrades were using as cover. Most of the stealth suits were cut down before the piranha could circle back around to assist. By the time it was over only Shadowblade remained, having beaten the sergeant to the ground with an armored fist and firind a burst from his cannon into the marine's chest as he struggled to right himself.

The traumatic event left the already independent stealthsuit pilot embittered and resentful. He refused to be assigned to a new team, requesting instead to be allowed to operate as a monat, but without relinquishing his beloved stealth armor. The Aun were in a tough spot: Not wanting to force the already bitter and somewhat unstable pilot to join a new unit (possibly endangering them by giving them loose cannon to deal with), but unwilling to let him undertake what would doubtless become a string of suicide missions without any support.

Eventually they came up with a compromise that suited them and Shadowblade. Equipping his suit with an experimental new drone controller, they assigned him a squadron of gun drones to lead. Shadowblade was happy that there was no chance that they would prove unreliable or untrustworthy, and the Aun were content that they would enable him to undertake dangerous missions behind enemy lines (and away from other tau) without risking further tau lives. If the plan worked, he would prove to be a valuable asset in disrupting enemy supply lines and morale. If it failed, only Shadowblade would pay the price, and nobody could say it was for a lack of support from the Aun.

And so, equipped with the new drone controller and his small army of stealth capable drones, Shadowblade stalk theisolated worlds and spaceways ad the vanguard of the Empire's expanding reach, looking for targets of opportunity and making infrequent reports whenever he learns something vital. Occasionally the Aun send him specific missions, but most of the time they leave him and his cloaked, drone-controlled ship to their own devices.

Since beginning operations, his one man reign of terror has become legendary, earning him and his drones the name "Shadow Reavers" by fearful Imperial Guard, and a huge bounty on his head by enraged Imperial Governors and commanders.

I'm going to give them backstabbers. With the drone's high Initiative, they;re actoually our best non-alien, non-battlesuit assaulters. And a WS2 will hit a WS4 Meq just as easily as WS4 does, it;s just they get to hit on a 3+ against us...if they live long enough

I plan to model his drones with saw-like blades around their rims, and perhaps blades on place of the pointless grenade launchers on their carbines (though, they actually do get frag grenades, so maybe keep the launchers and just add kroot-blades to the underside)

For Shadowblade himself, I'm just going to use my stealth suit leader. He already has extra antennae and such.

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Nice stuff Gal - thought I would bring it move it to the Fluff forum and bring it forward in the forum so you can get some readership of this.

I really like idea of the Aun having to deal with this guy. A council where they are deciding what to do with him would be so amussing. Great work. Have you used him at all?
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