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Name: Shadow-Captain Ayden Siciro
Age: 240
Appearance: Terran born, Ayden is shorter in stature than his Deliverance brothers. While not as pale as the rest, he retains light color in his face cropped by short greying hair. He bears scars along his stomach from a Xenos weapon, from the lower sternum to his left hip. His eyes are dark brown, the right cheek twitching at random, giving him a permanent smirk. Above his right eye are two service studs, his first a Jovian rune, the second brass. Along the collar of his Artificer Mark IV armor are the words in High Gothic "Death doth descend on swift wings!" Apart from the typical matte abyssal black seen on his chapter's armor, on his belt hang three slender chains with a tiny raven's skull on each. His right pauldron is trimmed with a deep maroon, signifying his part of the Assault troupe, with several engagements written on the inside lip. Oath papers, and honors flutter from his pauldrons and his left greave. Due to damage his left pauldron has hastily attached ceramite, via bonding studs. His helmet a long, deep, yet superficial scratch over the top right side.

Personality: Considered outdated and out of place, by younger peers. But by his Terran brethren, he is seen as insightful, and one to take to heart the meaning of planning and "first and final strike" that his Primarch so favors. He has a voice that can be as quiet as the fabled Shadowmasters, and as loud as a Volcano Cannon, that holds the power of command. This strength is also accompanied by a humbleness not seen normally in his age. With his men, he is known to mix ideas and solidify them into perfect plans of attack instead of taking all credit. He can often be seen studying the writings of his Primarch and Primarch Guilliman to better himself, and jovial despite his studious nature.

Background: Born on Terra approximately 60 years after the last of the Unification conflicts, Ayden no longer recollects his origins beyond his home planet. Seeing several small conflicts as an initiate, his first major conflict was the liberation of Jupiter's moon of Lysithea from xenos overlords. It was here that in the swirl of melee that he took a blow from a xenos weapon and was thought dead. Abandoned his body went into shock, fighting to stay alive until he was found alive still by an Imperial Army patrol responding to a pocket of resistance. Having been left out of treatment for so long, neuro toxins ravaged his nervous system, until the Apothecaries treated him. The only side effect being some nerve damage in his face, making him appear to have a smirk most of the time. For his actions on Lysithea he was given a Jovian rune as his first service stud. Months after his full recovery, his company was splintered off to support Horus' Luna Wolves in another 80 years of liberation acts, despite his dislike for Horus' use of the Raven Guard. It was then that he was anointed to the assault troupe, and then rose to the rank of Sergeant. After receiving word that their primarch was found, his company was recalled to Deliverance, where they learned their new doctrines, adapting flawlessly.

During the Akum-Sothos Cluster reconquering, his squad personally defended the fallen 7th Shadow-Captain's body and fallen Battalion standard, until relieved by battle brothers from the 5th company and Corax himself. Fueled with vengeance, he took to the skies alongside his Primarch, retaking "Gate Forty-Two." For his stalwart dedication to his company, and loyalty to his Primarch, his Terran origin was over looked and he was promoted to Shadow-Captain of 7th Assault Company, 3rd Battalion. He remains there to this current timeline. The two raven's skulls that are not his were the ones found on his former Commander and his standard bearer, which he holds on to until their return to Deliverance.

Weapons: He holds a power axe known as "Raptorios" a dull grey color, very unadorned, abnormal for a Commander. He also carries a hand flamer and bolt pistol both dulled down for concealment, known as "Victory" and "Death" respectively engraved.
Equipment: Frag/Krak Grenades, Med Pack, (Jump pack?)

At the time of Isstvan what remained of his company after the barrage from their "loyalist allies" was surrounded by Word Bearers in close quarters. This prevented them from fully utilizing their jump packs, lest they get picked out of the sky by the Iron Warriors. Following a series of strikes to push back the traitors, the Gal Vorbak descended, laying waste to what remained. At the moment they appeared a round nearly took his head off, knocking him unconscious and leaving the rent on top of his helm. Luckily, he is believed dead, yet again.

(guy can't get a break jeez lol. Hope it all is good, and I tried to incorporate as much lore as this guy would/could have gone through following the unification wars to keep accurate. let me know.)
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