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The Horus Heresy has begun. On the killing fields of Istvaan V, three Legions have been shattered. The Iron Hands, the Salamanders and the Raven Guard. Tens of thousands of the sons of Medusa, Nocturne and Deliverance lie dead in the red sands of Istvaan, only an endless sea of broken corpses and murdered heroes give testament to one of the greatest battles ever fought by mankind. The Primarchs too have suffered. The Gorgon lies dead, betrayed by his closest brother; the Drake Lord has vanished as if he never existed; and the Raven even now fights for his life against the wounds inflicted by the Gladiator-King.

Three Legions have been broken, and now the only survivors flee Istvaan in whatever way they can. Shuttles, stolen gunships and crippled battleships flee the Istvaan system en-masse, the only order being the fastest survive while the slow are left behind to the cruel mercies of Horus and his traitors. The horrors of Istvaan have destroyed three once proud and mighty Legions of the Astartes, and now it falls to the survivors to carry on the fight in whatever way possible. As ships flee through the Warp, strange tides and flows begin to create new paths and unexpected diversions, some will never reach their destination, some will find their way to whatever home still remains.

And some will find their paths have been irrevocably altered.​

Welcome to The secrets of Apocalus, my Horus Heresy Roleplay based around the Shattered Legions. This roleplay will focus characters from the Heresy and how they will produce different results than 40k characters, the unique nature of plots that can be used in the Heresy, and plenty of Astartes with bolters and chainswords fighting against dangerous xenos, traitors and other monstrosities.

-GM = Final Decision. Do not dispute that.
-Death can happen and will if you make enough mistakes, or the plot takes it in that direction.
-No godmodding. That is self-explanatory.
-Any questions, just PM me and I will gladly answer them for you. Confirmation on points you are unclear on or collaboration between you as players and me as GM is also very welcome.
-PM me if you are unable to post, don't just drop off the face of the Earth. If you don't post in three successive updates without having forewarned me, your character dies. Dishonorably.
-I require a minimum of at least eight to ten sentences of a good length per post. I am looking for paragraphs, plural, in your posts. Not just one paragraph of brief sentences with barely any commas.

A note, if it's not already obvious. You can only be an Iron Hand, Salamander or Raven Guard. No Ultramarines/Blood Angels/White Scars/etc. Only the Loyalist Legions that were present on Istvaan V are playable.

Character Sheet;
Name: [Obvious.]
Age: [Anywhere from 100-300 is acceptable. 100 would mean you've been in the Crusade about halfway, and 300 means you fought in the Unification Wars and are an Original Legionnaire.]
Appearance: [Be detailed. And unique. I want to see Iron Hands with bionics, Salamanders with custom and artificer gear, Raven Guard with custom designs, etc. You can have whatever mark of Power Armour you want from MK II to MK VI.]
Personality: [Try to think of the Legion you are a part of when you consider this.]
Background: [Your background as a Legionnaire and your part in the Great Crusade, also add in details on Istvaan V.]
Weapons: [Options include: Bolter; Bolt Pistol/Chainsword; Heavy Bolter; Flamer; Lightning Claws. (HB/Flamer/LCs x 1]
Equipment: Frag/Krak Grenades, Med Pack.

And that is it. A little bit extra; Expect this to be a mystery style RP with a uniquely Heresy flavour but also a self-contained story. Nothing that happens beyond the planet Apocalus will affect the story. The entire RP will be focused on what happens on the planet, to your characters and the events that you will also take part in and cause.

Characters: (As many as wish to join, can join.)

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