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The Scouring of Arajo

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The Cadian gate, one of the greatest bastions of the Imperium; the stop-gap preventing the legions opf traitors and vile depredations of the realm of chaos from pouring into the realm of man. In the wake of the Despoilers thirteenth black crusade, Cadia is in ruin, after nearly ten millenia of war Abaddon and his minions finally set foot upon the world; but despite this it fights on, the people fight on against chaos.

Despite his many victories, the forces of the Imperium have managed to put a stop to Abaddon's crusade and push him back into the eye of terror, for now. In the wake of this though, the Imperium has been left reeling, countless worlds lost or destroyed; the plague fleet of Typhus, herald of Nurgle, has spread forth plague and disease that nearly overwhelmed the Imperial Navy. One of these plague, possibly the worst of all, the zombie plague, ran rampant through the systems of the Agripnaa sector, backbone of the Imperial Navy's ports within the segmentum.

As the Black Templars rush forth to reclaim the worlds taken in the wake of the black crusade, other Imperial commanders follow in their stead to reclaim the ports of Agripnaa. Even now, a vanguard of twelve regiments of the Imperial guard, a force of mechanicus vessels, and an element of Legio Magna ply the stars to the Arajo system to reclaim the ship yards and titan forge at the very heart of the system.

Eight regiments of the Imperial Guard have been committed to the reclaiming of Arajo VII, a mining world rich in materials used in the production of titan armour. It has been four days since initial planet-fall, the eight regiments splitting to take back the five space ports of Arajo VII and fanning out to search the outlying cities and mining complex's for survivors, or worse.


"Dammit all sarge, how much longer we gonna be traveling to this place?" Trooper Jeejo complained over the rumbling and shaking of the chimera. It had been fourteen hours since fourth platoon, the hard-liners, had been sent out along with the nineteenth platoon, the scarlet bastards, to seek out survivors or enemies in the mining colony of New Porleyo. So far, the Longknives had encountered large numbers of plague zombie's, victims of the plague, along with scattered pockets of cultists propagating the plague.

"Just shut up and get ready, we're here." Sergeant Rictor Brast called down from the top hatch of the transport, dropping down to the armoured interior of the cabin. The red light of the transport made the Brontian's dark features even darker. Picking up his lasgun, Brast calmly walked to the back hatch of the vehicle, seemingly undisturbed by its movements, borne from nearly a lifetime with the 17th. "Right, so for those of you who either forgot or never bothered to pay attention, and do speak up now if thats the case 'cause I've got a treat for you later, along with squad D and a pair of squads from the bastards we get the fun of checking the hab blocks for survivors. Adding to the, Lt Cohlan has assigned his second to accompany us, so you listen to me and him and don't rut things up." He said, nodding over to cadet Eli Quint as the chimera slew to a halt and he smashed the rune to drop the back ramp, the stuffy interior of the transport dispersing to a dry cold wind of the outside. "So load up and move out you dogs, lets get this done so we can link up with the rest of the 'liners." Brast shouted as he walked out of the chimera.

Eli; your last out of the chimera, the troopers of the squad filing out ahead of you. During the ride you hadn't really said much, then again most of the troopers hadn't either; but for you it would likely be mostly due to being an outsider to the unit. You quickly make way to sergeant Brast, he wasn't terribly pleased when Cohlan assigned you to squad C for this mission, but he had been far better than some of the others in the last few days.

[Your with Brast for now as he oversee's the squad entering the first of the hab blocks; squad C has six more to check out after this, each of the squads has seven or eight hab's to check out in this section alone. Any thing you want to say to the man? Maybe wonder why he's committing the whole squad to one building when he could split it and check out two or even three at a time?]

Serpio, Tine, and Jonas; You hurry down the ramp, following the motions of Brast to the first hab block, a three story unit of gunmetal grey and devoid of any light, and possibly any life. You run up to the side of the entryway, Tine kicking in the double doors while Serpio and Jonas cover.

[Not much to see initially, small hallway ending with steps to the next level with two doors leading to the main rooms of this level. You notice the left door is slightly open, do you approach with caution? Perhaps slowly enter, or kick the door in and rush inside?]

Tabitha and Alexious, Your right behind Serpio, Tine, and Jonas as they kick in the doors and rush inside, flood-lamps at the end of lasguns casting light into the dark room. The rest of the squad files in, you move over to the first living section, each of these levels is fitted with two, for a total of six in this block before the squad can advance to the next block and do the same all over again.

[Like Serpio, Tine, and Jonas you also do not seem much in the hall, moving to the right door, one of you to each side. How do you decide to enter? Any thoughts running through your mind, or things your saying to each other?]

[Obviously not to much going on; want an idea of what you all will do. Both with not loads handed to you, and with slight stuff from me. (Thats the stuff in these brackets you'll be seeing in updates.)]
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Eli hung back with Brast, observing the movements of the troops. It was a routine sweep- there was little that he could contribute tactically at this point. That is of course until things go belly-up, which such 'routine' maneuvers had a worrying habit of doing.

He took the time to observe each of the men (and women) in the squad during the ride in the Chimera, gleaning what he could about their personalities, habits, ... chances of survival. Sure it was a little pessimistic, but he'd been taught the statistics at the academy. It was a very real possibility that one or two of these men would be dead by the end of this engagement. The campaign? Well, he'd be lucky if even he managed to scrape through that one.

Quint pegged Trooper Savales as a good soldier, loyal. He'd come in handy at the vox. Sendo had experience. If there's one member of the squad you want to have experience, it's the medic. Cas looked rough and ready, the type to be busting in heads at the first opportunity. Fortis was a smart-ass- Eli had already heard a few snide quips muttered under his breath, but as long as he kept in tongue in check around him, Quint would turn the other cheek. Eli had just about mistaken Arcanius for a servitor when they first met, but he had a reputation as a crack shot, a skill that could be readily put to use. As for Tolner...well, he didn't quite know what to make of him yet. He seemed nervous, fidgety - but who could blame him, it was his first real engagement.

Presently his thoughts strayed back to the task at hand, and turning to Sgt. Brast, Eli inquired, "What's our ETA for the rendezvous? At this pace, one hab at a time, I'm a little concerned we're going to be late for the party."
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"Any suggestions about how we are going to get in sir? I mean we could always try and break it down, but that wouldn't be very subtle now would it," Trooper Colt said with just a hint of bravado.

Lt. Quint stood back, analysing the door from top to bottom. Solid. Probably some sort of reinforced steel. No visible hinges - must be on the inside.

"On any other day, I'd be inclined to agree with you. But it seems we're left with little other choice. Time is of the essence. What concerns me, trooper, is that this door opens inwards. Whoever lived here would know that. So why has someone...or something, tried to force its way out?" He took a moment to let his words sink in. "Colt, on my signal, I want you to plant your boot with all the force you can muster directly under the handle. If it doesn't give the first time, do it again. Harder."

Eli spun around to the stairway, where several troopers had started to file through to the second hab on the floor. Noticing one carrying a shotgun, Eli placed a hand on their shoulder. "Trooper. You're with us. As soon as this door is open, move in, and stay left. I'll be right behind you. Colt, you bring up the rear."

Eli moved into position, lasgun at a low ready. Making eye contact with Colt, heart pounding in his chest, he gave the signal.
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Satisfied that the troopers on the next level were no longer in danger of stumbling through the floor on and top of his head, Eli gave the room one final sweep with the flashlight attacked to the end of his lasgun. "All clear. Let's move out."

Lt. Quint performed an about-face, signalling for troopers Colt and Sendo to fall in. He turned right out of the doorway, and headed for the stairs. The thudding of three sets of boots on solid steel must have been audible three floors in either direction. Then again, this was hardly a stealth mission.

As the third floor of the hab approached eye level, Eli barked out, "Sergreant Brast! Lieutenant Quint moving up to fourth floor. Troopers Colt and Sendo accompanying." With that, and presuming no immediate objection, Eli carried on up to the fourth floor, to continue the sweep, starting with the room on the right this time.

Thoughts continued to race through Eli's mind like a never-ending torrent. Things were quiet. Too quiet. Judging by the signs of struggle, they were definitely not alone. Traps? Set by survivors, or aggressors? He'd have to be careful from now on. Whatever was happening, he had a feeling they were about to find out.
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