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The Rumor Mill.

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Post any of your 40k rumors here. Whether it be from a gaming shop, GW employees themselves, or GT heresay. I'm sure this thread will be replaced by either a sticky or a full-blown category, but for now give us your confidential stuff here! I'll try to keep a steady flow of rumors as well.

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FrozenOrb said:
Skcuzzlebumm said:
Drop pods are going to be out before the summer.....

.... now you may get excited.
Summer. Before. Okay that gets me excited.

You guys want to know what the leetest thing in 40k is?

Yellow Drop Pods falling from sky, with yellow dudes and a yellow Dreadnought appearing. That's what. 8)

The wrath of the Emperor has come to judge you Heretics. In His name you shall perish.
"Commmisar. What in the Emperor's name is that?"
"Relax son, that's just the emperor taking a leak."
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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