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Oh, Rites of Teleportation. Why couldn’t you have been written clearer? Why would your words be so vague? Why? So we can abuse the hell out of it!

I’ve seen this argument before. Not many threads ever come up with a clear cut answer, but I’m here to put that to bed for good. The question is, "can a drop pod full of Grey Knights still use the Rites of Teleportation rule?" Well let’s find out.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Rites of Teleportation is a Command Benefit for the Nemesis Strike Force Detachment located on page 94 of Codex: Grey Knights. It reads as follows.

Rites of Teleportation: “Instead of making Reserve Rolls from the start of your turn two, you can make Reserve Rolls for any unit in this Detachment that is placed in Deep Strike Reserve from the start of your turn one. These units will arrive from Deep Strike Reserve on turn one on the roll of 3+. In addition, all units from this Detachment can both Run and Shoot, in any order, in the same turn that they arrive from Deep Strike Reserve.”

Notice the rules never state “arrive by deep strike” or “only units comprised entirely of models from this detachment”. Rites only refers to “Deep Strike Reserve” and “any unit in this Detachment”. That’s right, “any” unit in this Detachment. Rites doesn’t even require the unit to have the deep strike rule. It opens so many doors. So in order to be targeted by Rites of Teleportation you have to belong to two groups simultaneously;
1) the unit must be in Deep Strike Reserve and
2) The unit must be from the Nemesis Strike Force detachment.

So let’s see. I’ve got my three drop pods full of awesome Purifiers. To get those pods I’ve got to ally with either Space Wolves or Blood Angels and use their fast attack pods. Thank you Battle Brothers for letting me embark. Two of them come in turn one because of Drop Pod Assault. Lucky us. A clearly written rule. So how do I get that third pod on turn one? Drop Pod Assault again.

Drop Pod Assault: “Drop Pods and units embarked upon them must be held in Deep Strike Reserves. At the beginning of your first turn, half your Drop Pods (rounding up) automatically arrive from Reserve. The arrival of remaining Drop Pods is rolled for normally.”

Thank you first sentence! Not only is the drop pod considered to be in Deep Strike Reserve, but now so is the unit that is embarked in it. So now those Purifiers meet both requirements of Rites. They are from the NSF Detachment, and are in Deep Strike Reserve. So how does that non NSF drop pod react to me tugging at my Purifiers with Rites of Teleportation? It wants to be rolled for “normally”. What does “normally” really mean? Let’s ask Warhammer 40k: The Rules over on page 135 under Combined Reserve Units.

Combined Reserve Units: “During deployment, when deciding which units are kept as Reserves, you must specify if any of the Independent Characters in Reserve are joining a unit, in which case they must arrive together. Similarly, you must specify if any units in Reserve are embarked upon any Transport vehicles in Reserve, in which case they will arrive together. In either case, when making a Reserve Roll (see below) for a combined unit, roll a single dice for the unit and/or it’s Independent Character/Transport vehicle.”

Did I read that right? The last sentence where it said I can roll for either the unit and/or the Transport vehicle? Then on top of that they MUST arrive together? Gosh, this “normally” thing from DPA is really working in our favor here. Notice again the delicious use of the word “any” when referring to Transport Vehicles in the second sentence.

So when reading it under RAW, my Purifiers are from the NSF Detachment and are in Deep Strike Reserve, so are a legal target for Rites of Teleportation. I can roll for the Purifiers instead of the drop pod and the pod has to come in with them since they are inside it. All of these things are very nice. And that Combined Reserve Units paragraph also opens up opportunities to bring Independent Characters along with deep striking GKs. The only problem is the Independent Character wouldn’t be allowed to run and shoot when he lands with them since he’s not from the NSF Detachment. Put for GKs coming from a drop pod? Absolutely! Remember, Rites never said anything about not being able to run and shoot just because you came from a transport vehicle that isn’t from the NSF. Rites only requires that you do arrive from Deep Strike Reserve and are part of the Detachment.

So please ladies and gents, feel free to Pod in, shoot, and run for cover turn one all you wish. I don’t write the rules, but I will read them.

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Hmmm I haven't given my Grey Knights a game since the new codex, but this article is making me want to paint a blood angel successor allied detachment for them and give them a whirl. It certainly has a synergy to it, both being up and in your face armies. Further, the blood angels and space wolves will both be able to bulk out the attacks in cc, allowing the GK to come in and finish the job with force weapons.

I like it. I like it a lot!
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