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Deep within the heart the Segmentum Ultima, lies the feral world of Siouxis V, the home of the Redclaws chapter. The Redclaws are deeply spiritual for Space Marines, believing that the Emperor is all around them and that his will is channeled through his people. Their power armour is primarily yellow with orange in some places. Their hands are painted red and members of the 1st company wear black helmets with red stripes and are called the "Lords of the Wind". In battle, the chapter is led by their Chapter Master who they refer to as the Great Eagle and their cadre of Shamans (Librarians). Unlike the majority of Astartes Chapters, the Redclaws actually respect their Psykers, who serve a duel role as Librarian and Chaplain (if there isn't one around).This however has sparked a rivalry between the Redclaws and the Black Templars, due to the Templars fanatical anti-Psyker attitude and has on more than one occasion drew the eyes of the Inquisition. On the eve of battle, the warriors paint their faces and wear feathers in their hair and armour and dance before a fire, yelling and whooping to the stars.

Siouxis V
Siouxis V is a Feral World on the borders of Ultramar. It's surface is mainly verdant plains and forests to the north and dry wastes to the south, both divided by an equatorial mountain range known as the Emperor's spine. Within these mountains lies the Mountain Claw, the Fortress-Monistary of the Redclaws. The Planet's inhabitants are mainly scattered tribes of warriors and Holy Men from the which fresh recruits are drawn from. The people possess high cheekbones, red tinged skin and black hair, which is often grown long and made into different styles. The tribes are led by a chieftain, who has earned his position through merit, and a Holy man who advises the Chief in times of need. A common local rite of passage is for a boy of 10 years to go with a raiding party and to take the scalp of an enemy warrior. The people, unlike most feral worlders are highly adaptable, able to make use of of simple black powder weapons (and even the odd lasgun and plasma gun from crashed Imperial starships) and finely honed combat blades. Having a certain bond with the worlds around them, the Siouxissians have a certain knack for tracking their enemies and prey, a talent put to use by the Chapter. This world tends to have a high yield of Psykers for no apparent reason, the Shamans themselves have deteced no sign of taint on the planet (Daemonic of Xenos).

Siouxis V has a rather pleasant climate for an Astartes home world, in the Northern Hemisphere and equitorial regions. The southern region, known by the locals as the "land of the dead song" is the total opposite to the verdant north, being a dry and scorching place where few dare to go. The Wastelands are called home by the most savage of tribes who place a fanatical emphasis on honor above all else. The Redclaws indeed draw most of their assault squads from the southern tribes due to their prowess in battle. In the past 10 years, the planet has been raided by Dark Eldar, Ork and Chaos warbands and even the odd Tyranid splinter fleet. It is a credit to the skill and adaptability of the people Siouxis V that they have fended off most of their enemies (though the Redclaws had to intervene when a splinter fleet came) and live to tell the tale. As most boys have probably killed a Xeno, they would not need instruction on how to to do it.

The Shamans

The Shamans are the Redclaws Librarians, who also serve as the Chapter's priests. When the Chaplains speak of faith, the Shamans speak of prophecy. In battle, these Psykers call upon devastating abilities that reflect on the Spirits of nature, from scorching flames to bone-numbing cold, from the roaring wind to the earth tearing itself from beneath the enemy's feet. The Redclaw's Grand Shaman is Spirit-In-His-Heart, who has served as the Great Eagle's advisor for many centuries.

The Redclaws' geneseed is a melding of the 3 original legions, the Space Wolves, the Raven Guard and the Salamanders. The geneseed has a few mutations that are really not of too much concern, such as accelerated head hair growth and very slow facial hair growth. However, whenever the Chapter occasionaly recruit from other worlds, the geneseed causes their hair to turn black, their cheekbones high and their skin red-tinged, just like the inhabitants of Siouxis V. This makes it nearly impossible to tell the difference between an offworlder or a Siouxissian Space Marine. The more enhancing mutations include enhanced reflexes and eyesight even for that of a Space Marine, there is even a flaw in the catalipsean node which causes Redclaws aged 500 and over to speak in riddles that make little sense to outsiders.

Combat Doctrine
Having inherited much from in their Raven Guard cousins, the Redclaws commonly make use of Ambush and raid tactics to weather down the enemy force before the main conflict. The Chapter then exploits it marksmanship to the full by maintaining withering volleys of Bolt and lasfire. The Redclaws than move in to assault the enemy with their specialists, who withdraw so that the Tactical, Scouts and Sternguard can continue the volley. The Shamans use their powers to wreak havoc on the enemy, summoning storms of fire and ice that can easily break the toughest resolve.

The Redclaws Space Marines have a great skill for tracking, a skill that has been nurtured since childhood. This skill perhaps rivals their Brothers in the Space Wolves, for even battle brother can tell who the enemy is and where they are headed by the shape of their footprints and the destruction they leave behind. Marksmanship is taken seriously among the Redclaws, for a hunter can't kill his prey if he can't aim his thunder rifle or bow. In fact some scout squads use modified bows in battle, that are rumored to fly farther than a sniper rifle. Redclaws also take pride in their close combat skills, their heightened reflexes making fellow Space Marines and Noise Marines look like bumbling drunkards.

The Great Eagle

The Great Eagle is the Chapter Master of the Redclaws. Named after a Siouxissian manifestation of the Emperor, a Great Eagle is legend in battle and widely respected by all. A relic, held by all holders of the title, is a pair of lightning claws known as the "Eagle talons" said to have been blessed by the spirits of Siouxis V. As tradition, a Great Eagle either wields both claws in battle or gives one to the Chapter's Champion when battling the Traitor Legions. He is chosen by a council of the greatest Chapter Shamans, the chosen must pass 3 tests of bravery, skill and compassion. First he must spend 30 days within the Wastelands and on the final day successfully slay a Daemon tiger with his bare hands. The 2nd test involves besting the Chapter's Veterans in close combat, and the final test involves befriending another Daemon tiger through words rather than weapons. When this test is passes, the Marine has proven himself worthy and bloods himself as the new Great Eagle, with the Eagle Talons in single combat with powerful enemy (they certaintly are not choosy as long as it is a good kill).


The Redclaws were first established during the closing days of the 35th millenium. When a merged fleet of Salamanders, Space Wolves and Raven Guard stumbled across a backwater feral world. When they made planetfall, they were surprised to see a humble group of people, who possessed some weapons that such people should not have, even more more surprising was the fact that none of these men showed any fear of the Astartes. The Raven Guard admired their cunning, the Salamanders admired their craftsmanship and Space Wolves admired their bravery (it's not every day you see a group of humans not wetting themselves in front of Space Marines). As the Space Wolves started to leave the planet, the Salamanders and Raven Guard came to blows about who should start recruiting from this world. The arguments lasted for months until the High Lords decided to create a Chapter from this planet and called it Siouxis V.

The First major battle, the Redclaws were engaged in was on the planet of Gardana, when a large raiding party of Dark Eldar arrived in the system. Knowing full well what they will do to the people of Gardana, the Chapter acted immediately. A plan was concieved to draw most of Xenos away from their Archon, and away from the hives. The majority of the Redclaw force drew the Dark Eldar unto themselves, using their reflexes to match blades with the enemy. The foes usual arrogance about the sluggish arrogance, was completely challenged by the unnatural speed of the Astartes. The then-Great Eagle Fire-In-His-Eyes led a strike force of First company Veterans against the Archon and completely caught the alien Lord off his guard. The Great Eagle dueled with the Xenos warlord, who used every trick in he could to kill the Astartes, but Fire-In-His-Eyes' was simply to fast for the Dark Eldar and took his head off with a quick blow. As soon as the deed is done, the Eldar fled but instead of pursuing their adversaries, the Great Eagle ordered his Chapter to leave them, for they can spread the tale of giants equal in speed to them.

Their greatest victory was during the 13th Black Crusade, when 2 large Warbands of Khornate and Slaaneshi Traitor marines assailed the planet, Lumiyas Majentus. The Redclaws quickly answered the distress signal, and immediately struck in the middle of the Khornate Warband. The surprise knocked the traitors of their feet, the Redclaws danced around their enemy's blows and strike fast across their throats. To the Chapter's horror, the notorious butcher, Kharn the Betrayer was among this warband. The current Great Eagle Swift-Claw engaged the traitor in close combat. Using his wits, Swift-Claw lured Kharn into a Warp rift, deep beneat the festering sewers of Lumiyas. The Great Eagle payed a terrible price, for the Betrayer had cut off his left arm
and destroyed one of his hearts. Despite this, the Slaaneshi warband was easy to slaughter, for the Chapter ambushed them during their acts of terrible decadence. The Redclaws were rewarded with new recruiting grounds for their chapter and their banner placed on Terra

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Sounds very solid, even tough I have never been a fan of the several gene seed sources thingie...

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like that background, makes me think native americans (am I right? ...oh I'm sure I'm right)

So what can we expect from the next post? lil' story or maybe a character background?

Just one lil' piece of critisism; I think that I read in one or other book from BL that the doom eagels or another chapter already have some monestary called the Eyri (could be mistaken though)

keep 'em coming
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