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The Red Tide

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I'm one of these strange people who think to themselves "I like the idea of chaos orks." As the name implies, they are red, red gore or scab red to be exact. The Big Boss dude will be based around the idea of Wazdakka Gutzmek just no name yet. I also don't have much fluff yet either. I'm thinking something along the lines of bikie gang terrorising some poor imperial planet/star system. They worship khorne and not gork and mork (the other gods would have been really really cheesey and not fun to play against). I have some models painted up for an idea of colour sceme, just no photos yet. Will upload when I have photos. For an idea; dark red skin, black armor, bolt gun metal bolts, tin bitz for random metal bolted on, golden yellow glyphs. I'm not sure if that helps, but photos will.

If anyone could help with; Big Boss dudes name, some fluff or any other ideas, I am open to sujestions.

Tyranid Bruce.
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Either carving in, or branding on (not sure how to get that effect, but sounds like something Korn Orks would enjoy) sounds like a good idea. With all of the bits you are adding to the bikes, you may not want to add very many scars on top of the tattoos, but that might look excellent for the troops on the ground. Maybe something as cliche as one Ork having ripped the arm off of the Ork next to him and is now wielding the bloody stump as a club, while the owner of the arm is just using his bloody stump... as a club. You get the idea.
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