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I've had a few people ask me about the Chapter in Only in Death, my current Fanfic, so I've got this.


Enter Inquisitorial Clearance. Thirty seconds to comply.
Code: *******
Code Confirmed: Ordo Hereticus Priority Alpha
Welcome Inquisitor Vau

Downloading requested documents.
Download complete.

The Black Watch
The Black Watch, now under the title of the Reclaimed, first appear in Astartes records on Mars in the 41st Millienium, fighting around the Cadian Gate, and later taking action in the Sabbat Worlds crusade.

The tragedy and fall of the Black Watch arrived on Aegis VII, a remote agri-world on the outer rim of the Sabbat worlds. An Imperial Segmentum Order was carried out, and Imperial forces under Lord Militant Humel were forced to pull out, to cleanse the planet with an Exterminatus.

The Black Watch recieved the call too late, and did not reach the extraction point. The record of the transmission is recorded below.

[Attention all Imperial Forces deployed on Aegis VII, this is Segmentum command. We have to withdraw, pending an Exterminatus. To those who cannot reach the drop zones, the Emperor be with you. You are on your own.]

This message was sent to all Imperial garrisons on the planet, and over a million Guardsmen and Sisters Of Battle were recovered. Not one Black Watch ever made it to the extraction points. From what we now know, a faulty radio relay sent the Black Watch the message an hour after it was sent, prompting them to retreat far too late.

Because of what they perceived as a betrayal, they fought on, oblivious. The Naval forces surrounding the planet were unable to launch the Exterminatus because of an engagement with the Ork vessels that had arrived during the retreat. All contact was lost with Aegis VII sixteen days after the retreat was called.

It is now known that a Space Marine named Urkrathos convinced his brethren that the Emperor had forsaken them to die on Aegis, so that he would be rid of them. Urkrathos was soon killed by his brothers, but the idea had taken root. The Marines left Aegis VII six years later, after stealing a Salamanders battle-barge by converting or killing the sixty-seven Marines left aboard.

The Reclaimed, as they came to call themselves, have no single leader, which makes destroying their command structure nigh impossible. Instead, they are loyal to a number of captains which command their pirate fleet. A full record of the fleet is below.

Aay'han-Battlecruiser class, Heavily converted Space Marine Strike crusier.
Ref.- Threshold Incident, primary Reclaimed vessel, rumoured to be the flagship of the last Chief Apothecary of the Reclaimed, Apothecary Lukas Altair.

Ven'couyt-Battlecruiser class, Heavily converted Space Marine Strike crusier.
Ref.-Threshold Incident, secondary Reclaimed vessel, destroyed Fist of the Emperor during the 13th Black Crusade.

Kel'dabe-Battlecruiser class, Heavily converted Space Marine Strike cruiser.
Ref.-Fortuna Raid, supported uprising against Space Wolf fleet and ground units.

Dirge Eterna-Carrier class, Former Word Bearers Murder-class crusier.
Ref.-Thought destroyed by the Blood Angels during the Shenlong crusade, the hulk was recovered by the Reclaimed and extensivly refitted and modified to serve as a carrier for Thunderhawk and Longsword-class gunships.

Prosecutor-Cruiser class, Stolen Dark Angels Strike Cruiser
Ref.-Stolen from Port Maw while under refit, possible link to Techmarine support.

Cult of Delieverance-Super-Heavy Battlecruiser class, Stolen Salamanders Battle-Barge
Ref.- Heaviest ship the Reclaimed can field, a very heavily converted and expanded Battle-barge class ship, stolen from high orbit over Aegis VII.

The Reclaimed have fought in a variety of places, including (but not limited to).

-Rynn's World
-Volcanis Ultor
-Aegis VII
-Port Maw
-Coronis IV
-Damien XI

The Reclaimed are slippery, and are used to flowing, well-defendable locations. Their motto reflects the bitterness they harbor against the Imperium that (according to them) left them to die.

"You are on your own!"
-Battle-cry of the Reclaimed, ref. Fortuna Raid.

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I've also allocated a spot for some Kytharin fluff. As some of you (The ones who read Only in Death) may know, the Kytharin are an alien race fighting alongside Altair and his warband. Here's some about them.

My lord, if I may, I would like to include a bit about the Kytharin themselves.

The Kytharin are loathesome Xenos, being declared Xenos Abominationous in 287.M36, just after the founding of the Order, the chapter behind the Mountain Angels.

The Kytharin are dragon-like humanoids, however, unlike the dragons of Terra's myths, the Kytharin are devoid of wings. They are quite thin, but can grow to be almost 7' tall. They are almost entirely ambidexrious, and are proficient in all manner of human weapondry. Kytharin females are the same status as males, and Kytharin generally have more than one family, making small groups known as Kin. Kin are very protective of each other, and will not hesitate to defend themselves or their kinmembers.

The Mountain Angels are rumoured to have first encountered Kytharin in the late 227.M38. The aliens were first seen fighting with the Angels on Murder, in the year 223.M39. The Kytharin were also fighting Feral Orks at this time, and we have several accounts of Orkish survivors of the battles babbling about giant blue "Umie smellin' beakie boyz wit da fire-spittin' gunz"

This undoubtably refers to the Mountain Angels fighting alongside Kytharin as well. What concerns me greatly lord, is that the Kytharin warriors are both male and female. The Kytharin war fleets travel with many breeding pairs, which serve to bolster an army and provide replacements, as a Kytharin grows extremely fast compared to our population, being full-grown and developed by age three. The Kytharin also live longer then us, usually reaching 120 before retiring to a world near Kytharia, or to the conqured worlds in the path of the war fleet.

The Xenos were sighting fighting as mercenaries alongside the renegade Mountain Angels as early as 201.M41, however, Sergeant Lorien has introduced them to many renegade Chapters, such as the Reclaimed (See Threshold Incident), and the Red Corsairs, however, the data recovered from the Red Corsair sighting was garbled and could possibly point to Hrud mercenaries instead.

The Kytharin are deathly loyal to their race, and form a number of clans that compete with each other for riches and plunder. The six major clans are listed below. Each clan had taken a world near Kytharia as a homeworld, which bears the same name as it's ruling clan.

Aay'han- Meaning "Remembrance" in Gothic, the warrior-cultures of Aay'han rely on looted weapondry and heavy Stormserpent units. Most Kytharin from Aay'han are regarded as passionate and fixated on a goal.

Ven'couyt- Meaning "Justice" in Gothic, Ven'couyt functions as a base of operations for law and learning in Kytharin space. Stormtroopers from Ven'couyt are regarded as learned and wise.

Kel'dabe- Meaning "Defense" in Gothic, Kel'dabe is the closest world to Kytharia itself, and almost the entire population is under arms, with massive orbital defense and a mandatory warfleet, to protect Kytharia from any attack.

Te'kiel- Meaning "Space" in Gothic, Te'kiel is the main fleet support base for the Kytharin warfleets, and builds most of the ships that aren't stolen. Kytharin from Te'kiel are used to the lesser gravity of the planet and are used as pilots and starship crews.

Quet'za- Meaning "Vengeance" in Gothic, Quet'za is the base of machining and weapons-production in Kytharin space. The Kytharin on Quet'za are formed into a number of heretical Machine-cults, mimicking our own Adeptus Mechanicus.

Kytharia- Meaning "The Gods" in Gothic, Kytharia is the homeworld of the Kytharin race, and the base of their entire race. Most Kytharin leader have estates on Kytharia, and the vast House of Senates is on the planet. The planet is protected by two battlefleets and a mass of Orbital defense platforms. An ancient weapon, only mentioned as the Slayer of Kings, is dug into the rock of the highest mountain on Kytharia, and is capable of destroying a battlecuiser with a single blast. It was used to obliterate Kytharia's secondary moons to provide bases for the defenses.

Note that many of the Kytharin are not devoted to any particular sect, and wander the stars as mercenaries, or are part of Kytharin pirate fleets.

More to follow, lord, I must examine my notes carefully.

-Magos Hulvern, Adeptus Biologis
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