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Hey all.

In the Unforgiven force I am currently building (The Angels of Vendetta), I plan (1/3 of it is allready included) to include two Deathwing Terminator Squads (that can be taken as a troop choice - w00t! :biggrin:) and one Ravenwing attack squadron. The main tactics that I will use in games will mostly consist of interraction and cooperation between the three. However, I am not completely sure how to use it.

The three units are as followed:

Terminator squad Incendia includes 3 termies with power fists and storm bolters, one with assault cannon and a sergeant with power sword and storm bolter. - I plan this one to be kept in reserve and used for deep striking. They will eigther have my Master of the Deathwing or an Interrogator Chaplain with them.

Terminator Squad Saevio Includes 2 terminators with thunder hammer and lightning shield, and 3 with twin lightning claws - These are deployed with a Land Raider transport.

The Ravenwing attack squadron has a sergeant armed with a power sword and meltabombs, two bikers armed with meltaguns and one attack bike with a multi-melta - these are to haunt the nightmares of all heretical tank crews. I plan to use their infiltrate and scout abilities to make them neutralize enemy veichles before they even notice thei're dead.

I have some idea of how I want to use them, but I am a rather unexperienced gamer, and hence no master strategist.

That's why I request your potential help with finding out how this trinity of awesomeness can bring ultimate retribution to the enemies of Mankind.

So, yeah. Would be awesome if you had a hand or a thought to share. :victory:

(Ps: In case you wonder, the other units I will include in my army will be a five-man, HTH-specialized Veteran squad, which also will include eigther my Master or Chaplain, and a Predator destructor with heavy bolters.)
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