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EDIT: Painted so far army shot

The general premise:

A human, elite infantry force, with a relatively low model count and not taking up too much room! Probably wont be very competitive.

I plan on using bits from multiple different manufacturers so each model is fairly unique, and I'm trying to keep the costs somewhat reasonable.

The list will use astra militarum, assassins, and inquisition together as a bound force if I've read the rules properly! It represents either a mercenary force, or a bit of a rogue inquisition force, not too fussed. They're elite and a bit ragtag.

Anyway, pics before I go much further...

The first one! The core of the Astra militarum is 2 vet squads with carapace armour, camo(scatterfield type back pack), shotguns, and possibly demo charges if I need the extra points. I need to finish off the bases. I might change the backpack ariels slightly if they're screaming skitarri a bit too much?

And a few more, along with demo charge briefcase. The pockets have been filed down and are meant to look like armour plates along with the shin pads.

Now for the general, loose list.

Hq squad, carapace, master of ordnance
Hq squad, camo, master of fleet, master of ordnance.
Primaris psyker, commisar
Cara vet squad
Cara vet squad
Shocktoopers hq
shocktrooper sq

execution force ie 1 vindicare, 1 culexus, 1 eversor, 1 callidus

Terminator inq with psycannon (ie a battlesuit) OR a coteaz count as
Terminator inq with psycannon (ie another battlesuit) OR and inquisitor with all the fancy grenades (rad,brain etc)
10 acolytes, power armour, storm bolters, x1 jokero
10 acolytles, storm bolters, x2 jokero
mishmash acolyte squad ...ie a penal squad with a few surprises

which is around 1800-2000 points depending. Possibly some rough riders/a sentinel in the far, far future.

more to follow soon-ish

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Faces, and females!

Here are (almost) the last few other minis I painted up a when I first started this force. (Did I mention I half started this a few months ago, then real life got in the way, and this is a re-start, no? Now you know. Also I havn't touched the hobby since 5th edition.)

I'm actually really pleased with the faces, I used to avoid them as much as possible in the past.

And a preview of a scion, and a culexus assassin:


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Cant handle how potato=y that pic is...here's a better one.

I need to do the skin and finish off most things. Thinking I might make the under-shoulder armour orange..or just leave black as is...

On the one hand orange could help them tie in and add a bit of pop.
On the other it may be gilding the lily...too many colours plus I quite like having a break from all the orange :)!
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