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< rant >

lol thats taking a symbiote ripper to a different level :D i really dig the look of the model though! and the warrior wings do look amazing but it almost feels as if they might look a tad small for such an impressive model... i mean they might look perfect for the model but as i recall, they looked small even on a normal warrior...

how ever, criticizem aside, when those wings get in, i'd blue tac 'em to get a feel for it to see if it looks good... maybe post a few pictures on here for the drooling nid guys and then paint up that bad boy!

< /rant >< + rep > :p

Edit: i dont know the new rules for nids but it almost feels like that should get a custom implant head tongue in the true Alien style... you do that and i may have to rep you for a week for making me giggle like a school girl
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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