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The Parasite of Mortrex...while reading through the new Tyranid Codex i read about this little beauty...and was inspired!...after alittle research and a couple of "borrowed" ideas, i think im at a pretty sweet start...

-Tyranid Warrior body with the lower half reversed
-Forge World Tyranid Warrior Wings will adorn the beast as soon as they get here
-the head is moved forward for that "reaching" bite look
-added two extra armor plates (chest/back)
-chaos spawn "limbs" give it a real "insectoid" look i like
-Ripper tail for fun...the art in the book shows a stinger and on other versions of this creation i have seen incorporated a stinger as well, but i thought it would be more fun to play on the "Ripper" power of the Parasite (will green-stuff the tail for a more smooth transition)
-will create a flying base

...while (currently) not an Army of mine the Tyranids are fun to build...lots of options and room for ceativity for this ever evolving race of lifeforms!

ideas or comments welcome!
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