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For the last 2 years, I have been running a hex-based campaign with the group of people I play with. We used it primarily to track activity and try to create some sense of competition between players and encourage people to challenge each other.

The campaign was a big success. We started out as 5 players and ended up being 13 player, some with multiple armies, that played against each other on a regular basis - Sometimes up to several times a week. However, to shake things up I decided to end the campaign and make a new one. One that catered a bit more to seasoned players and tried to put in some fun tidbits. This new campaign started on the 1st of January, 2015.

I want to share this campaign with you, and extend a hand to anyone who might want to recreate the campaign in their own gamegroup. So without further ado, I present to you:

The Outpost Wars

First, the battlemap (As our game is on-going, I decided to show you how it looks when a game has begun):

The basic principle is this;

Each player controls up to 3 armies, that plays under their own control. Each army has a named warlord, that comes complete with fluff and his own rules. Each Warlord has Eternal Warrior and can choose one named trait from any named character in their codex; Not war gear, not warlord trait, but named trait. For example, my Daemon warlord has The Dance from The Masque as his unique trait.

If two players have the same army, they are enemies. Opposing chapters, legions, renegades, whatever.

This warlord must be present in each and every game. What gear you choose for him can be altered from mission to mission, but his unit type remains locked. For example, my Chaos Space Marine warlord is a Chaos Lord. I can not change him to be a sorcerer if I wish.

You can use allies in your games, but the army that is the main detachment is the one that wins the match, for campaign purposes. The allies are just there to help out and are on their way afterwards.

In the sector there are 7 planets, which comes with a number of hexagons. Each hexagon is up for grabs, where you challenge other players to that match. The players then decide the match type (Normal, maelstrom, escalation, etc.), point limit and if any supplements wants to be used. The player who wins the match, gets the hexagon.

Challenge system:
If you challenge on a empty hexagon, you can challenge anyone you wish. If someone owns it, obviously you challenge him instead. The winner gets the Hexagon.

A player can only enter a planet by a hexagon that is in the outer rims of the planet. Once he has gotten foothold and won one match on that planet, he can only challenge on any field that is directly connected to his owned hexagons.

If you are successful in getting multiple hexagons that are connected, and you challenge another player in a field that is connected to multiple fields, you get a bonus for that one match. Lorewise, it is showing that your army is getting a foothold on the planet and that you get harder and harder to get rid of:

- 2 fields: Free upgrade to your warlord for a max of 10 points
- 3 fields: Free upgrade to your warlord for a max of 15 points
- 4 fields: +1 to a warlord stat of your choosing.
- 5 fields: You don't roll for your warlord trait, you choose it.

Special rules

However, to shake things up, here is the kicker: Each planet has their own special rules for each match that you MUST adhere to. To make it simple, a rule map has also been created:

The only planet with no special rules, is the biggest one in the middle: Jalea. Otherwise, each planet has their own rules - Are they all fair? Are they balanced? Nope. Are they fun? Shit yes.

This is the basic principle of the campaign.

First of all, I would love your input on it as I always try to improve on it.

Secondly, if any of you wish to have this campaign I can send you the Photoshop files for the map so you can add your own players and armies. It is my gift to you all for the years of fun I've had here.

I hope you like it and look forward to your input.

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That's a fun looking Hex system Nord! If I lived somewhere with a larger group of regular gamers, I'd definitely adopt this to give it a trial. As it is though, I think I'll be sticking to 1 v 1 campaigns for a while.
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