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The Omega Marines are a space marine chapter I thought I had created prior too looking into the 3rd Armageddon. :p
But due to lack of any real history I thought I would take it upon myself to finish there story to there current point (well my point that is).
Once I get the main over view and history of the chapter im going to do small short storys of all the Characters in my army and Sketches.
Please dont mind the grade school spelling and ghrammar errors.

The OmegaMarines have a rich history of batteling every enemy of the emperor known to the Imperium. And in the darkest of times they lend there most elite Sternguard, Dreadnoughts, and Tatical Dreadnoughts to the efforts.
Chaplain Gallo is the Chapters Chapter Master. He is roumored to be as old as Bjourn the felhanded and as of recently, been forced to take on the nobel Dreadnought armour.
Prior to Gallos encasement within the armour and several majior Wars, The Chapter had been lost in the warp after an assult by a tyranid splinter fleet of unknown origins. Forcing them to fleet through the warp.
For close to a decade the Chapter was missing, within the warp there time was much longer.
Spanning 6 decades the Chapter fought Tyranids still hiding deep within the bowels of there space Hulk, and Chaos Deamons looking to corrupt there souls.
It is romoured that it is Chaplain Gallos intence faith in the Emperor, and unending determination for the survival of his Brothers in the Chapter that Kept all his warriors from taint and consumption by the dark Gods.
Some even believe that the Emperor was with them in there time of lost.

The OmegaMarines Fortress upon the space Hulk Guidance of light, was falling.
The OmegaMariens had been battling for days fending off Tyranid mycetic
spores, and defending Artillery emplacements from wave upon wave of Hormagaunts
Raveners and geanstealers.
With the entire Omega fleet destroyed and the Chapter down to half its
number, Chaplain Gallo, The Chapter Master of the Omega marines, knew he was
running out of options, and time.
If a plan wasnt devised soon to fend off the tyranid swarm or get the remaning
brothers of the Chapter off the space hulk, The Chapter its self would be
forever lost.
The space hulk was massive, nearly half the size of the Moon of terra,
Giant Imperial structures Jetted from the surface of the beheamoth.
Within the center of the fortresses structures sat the Chamber of light, the
control center for the Hulk and the Omega Chapter, as well as the dwelling
chambers of Chaplain Gallo. The OmegaMarines Chapter master since its founding.
Allready the surface of the Hulk was coverd in destruction, Marines battled
the endless tied of Tyranids, and Gallo knew altho his Marines had the will too
fight, there situiation was intenceifying.
Reports of geanstealers were comming in from all throughout the Fortress, and
they were making there way to the centrial tower where Gallo was overseeing the
The Tyranid swarm that now completely enclosed the space hulk from the
void of space, appeared to be the remnance of a onece larger Hive fleet.
It was to Gallos beleaf that the swarm had been waiting in dormancy for
some time, in order to spring on a small enough target like the Omega marines
Chapter. And in there weekend state from the haulting of an Ork Waaagh! just
weeks earlyer, the Chapter didnt have the resources to continue the level of
fighting they were locked in.
Gallo needed to get his Chapter free before the Grip of this Tyranid fleet
finnaly tightened.
In a desprite attempt to reach a sector of safty, and a desire to destroy all
of the Tyranid threat that he could, Gallo ordered the fallback of all
remaining Omega Marines to the chamber of light, and the activation of the
space hulks Warp drives.
Never had the Chapter seen a moment as dire as this. With the Hulks Navagator
gone and the intence shadow in the warp emited by the tyranid presence, it
would be suicidal with out faith in the Emperor.
With the Jaws of the Tyranid Swarm closing on the Chapter, Gallo orderd the
activation of the warp drives.
Within an instant, both the tyranid swarm and the Omegamarines were gone.
Lost in the warp.

To be continued...

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