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The Heresy Of Magnus
This heresy was generated using Ragnar 02's genrator
Emperor’s Children =loyal
White Scars =loyal
Space Wolves = traitor Khorne
Blood Angels = Traitor Nurgle
World Eaters = loyal
Ultramarines = traitor Slaanesh
Thousand Sons = Arch traitor (Tzeentch)
Word Bearers = traitor
Raven Guard = loyal
Dark Angels = part traitor, Luther remains loyal
Iron Warriors = loyal
Sons of Horus = loyal
Night Lords =loyal
Iron Hands = traitor
Death Guard = loyal
Imperial Fists = traitor
Salamanders = loyal
Alpha Legion =heretic

ok the sides are drawn ill post more later

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The council Of Nikae
at the council of Nikae the Emperor decreed that the space marine legions where not to use space marine Librarians. Magnus flew into an utter outrage claiming that the Emperor was a hypocrite as he himself produced immense psychic powers. Many of his brothers agreed with him that the Legions should utilise the gifts of the warp to victory in the great crusade. The Other Primarchs, the Empeor and malcador openly rebuked the rebels which led to their silencing, or so the others thought. Magnus and the other rebels secretly still used their librarians to great effect inside their legion.
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