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Chapter Name: Blades of the Nephilim

Predecessor Chapter: Dark Angels

Homeworld: Alnar (Segmentum Obscurus)

Chapter Leadership (Alive):
Chapter Master Adrastos (Tor Garadon Model)
Captain Argos (Captain in Gravis Armor)
Lieutenant Phrixius
Lieutenant Avitus
Master of the Apothecarium Cephalus
Techmarine Master of the Forge Menelaus
Chaplain Reclusiarch Diocletianus
Judiciar Caius
Interrogator-Chaplain Kathazar (Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain)
Terminator Captain Anhillius (Deathwatch Terminator Captain)
Chief Librarian Orestes

Chapter Master Adrastos, oldest member of the Blades of the Nephilim, is the highest ranking marine in the chapter. While benevolent and caring for his battle-brothers, he is haunted by the destruction of half of their chapter, and constantly vigilant for another heretical outbreak. He is the marine that requested Interrogator-Chaplain Kathazar to investigate the Chapter.

Captain Argos is one of the last remaining Captains of the Nephilim, and is a noble and mighty soldier. The burden of command hangs heavy on his shoulders, and while he does not openly wish to be rid of it, he is constantly on the watch for any promising marines to rise to the rank of Captain. He led the spearhead assault on the Red Corsairs during the War of Cystan.

Lieutenant Phrixius commands respect in all of the ranks, the exception being Judiciar Caius. He once battled the Judiciar, who had at one point accused him of being a heretic in the battle of Cystan. While Phrixius has since proved his loyalty to the Nephilim a hundred times over, Caius is still suspicious of his brother, though he does not voice his doubts.

Lieutenant Avitus battled valiantly during the battle of Cystan, holding the line against the Red Corsairs and their forces.

Master Apothecary Cephalus is one of the few remaining Apothecaries in the chapter. He aspires to become the Chief Apothecary, a rank which has been left void since the battle of Cystan.

Techmarine Master of the Forge Menelaus is devoted, in heart and in soul, to the Omnissiah. This fanatical devotion makes him stand out from the rest of the Chapter, who all view the Omnissiah as merely a view simple-minded Mechanicum have of the God-Emperor. While Menelaus understands this view, he harbors bitterness about his brother’s beliefs.

Chaplain Reclusiarch Diocletianus holds the honored rank of Chaplain. He is constantly in prayer to the Emperor, enticing his brothers to do the same. He holds Interrogator-Chaplain Kathazar in high regard, and is equipped with mechanical wings fashioned by Techmarine Menelaus.

Judiciar Caius is a strong-willed fighter, and zealously carries out the orders of Chapter Master Adrastos to the letter. His mind was horrendously assailed by the evil of the Red Corsairs, and he has since become paranoid about the chance of heretics in the ranks of the chapter.

Interrogator-Chaplain Kathazar is a member of the Dark Angels Chapter, and has been given the highly honored rank of Interrogator Chaplain. He was summoned to the Blades of the Nephilim by Chapter Master Adrastos, who was concerned about another possible outbreak of heresy. The Interrogator-Chaplain marches alongside his brothers-in-arms, always seeking out any sort of hesitation or lapse of faith. He wields the Benediction Of Fury as his weapon.

Terminator-Captain Anihillius commands the 1st Company of the Nephilim. After the company’s severe losses, the 1st Company has remained mostly inactive, focusing on garnering more Firstborn Marines from other Chapters. Due to the lack of Firstborns remaining, Anihillius holds his battle-brothers in high esteem and honor.

Chief Librarian Orestes is a councillor and aide to Chapter Master Adrastos. Calm and level-headed, he fought through the War of Cystan and wounded Huron Blackheart himself while defending the Chapter Master. He is a master of the psychic arts, and commands respect

The following lists have all units at full capacity, and are accurate lore-wise. Due to the little command remaining, the named characters listed above move around, but obviously some companies have Techmarines and Apothecaries as well, and are listed below.

1st Company: Veterans
2 Terminator Squads (Currently Available)
Squad 1
9 Battle-Brothers
Brother-Sergeant Mattheus

Squad 2
9 Battle-Brothers
Brother-Sergeant Kephalos

1 Venerable Dreadnought (Brother Servius)

2nd Company
5 Intercessor Squads
3 Eradicator Squads
3 Assault Intercessor Squad
4 Heavy Intercessor Squads
2 Invictor Tactical Warsuits
1 Dreadnought (Brother Cephalus)
3 Invader ATV Squads
2 Firestrike Servo-Turret Squads
1 Impulsor Tank
1 Repulsor Tank

3rd Company
5 Intercessor Squads
3 Aggressor Squads
2 Assault Intercessor Squads
3 Hellblaster Squads
3 Inceptor Squads
1 Impulsor Tank
4 Firestrike Servo-Turret Squads

4th Company
5 Intercessor Squads
4 Heavy Intercessor Squads
4 Assault Intercessor Squads
3 Eradicator Squads
4 Inceptor Squads
1 Repulsor Tank
2 Invader ATV Squads

5th Company
6 Intercessor Squads
4 Eradicator Squads
2 Hellblaster Squads
4 Assault Intercessor Squads
3 Heavy Intercessor Squads
2 Invader ATV Squads
1 Dreadnought (Brother Callistus)
2 Repulsor Tanks

6th Company
6 Intercessor Squads
4 Assault Intercessor Squads
3 Eradicator Squads
4 Heavy Intercessor Squads
2 Hellblaster Squads
3 Firestrike Servo-Turret Squads
1 Impulsor Tank

The Blades of the Nephilim were created in 998.M41, during the Ultima Founding. They were situated in the world of Alnar by Bellisaruis Cawl as a successor of the Dark Angels Chapter. Alnar was a planet very firmly religious in their belief of the God-Emperor. The religiousness of their beliefs rubbed off on the newly established marines, and they became devout in their litanies and rites of battle.
The Chapter was led by a marine named Kallius Adrastos, a supreme combatant and an inspiring leader. Adrastos led his brothers on multiple missions across the Segmentum Obscurus, emerging victorious almost all of the time. Adrastos was accompanied by the Chief Librarian Orestes, a skilled psyker who was able to cool Adrastos’ rage and battle-fury.
The Blades of the Nephilim are not an especially psychic chapter, and they revere those who are as the embodiment of the Emperor’s divine will. Orestes was no exception, and he was looked up to as the second-in command in the chapter.
The Nephilim recruited from the worlds surrounding Alnar, most noticeably from the ice world of Cystan, where they kept an ever-vigilant Fortress-Monastery titled the Sanctum Angelis. Though there was nothing tactically advantageous about the location, the men, women and children born on Cystan were strong and hardy, well-adapted to the frigid conditions of the world.

The Eye of Terror was an ever-constant threat to the Chapter, and much of their time was spent preventing Chaos Space Marines from gaining a foothold in the Materium. On multiple occasions they sent aid to Cadia during Abbadon’s Black Crusades, helping to hold back the onslaught of the Black Legion.
In 999 M41, the time of the 13th Black Crusade, the chapter was unable to send all of their forces to Cadia, despite the monumental size of the conflict. In the end, only the 10th Nephilim Company managed to arrive on Cadia. The company was nearly decimated at the Defence of the Basilica of St. Lyris, though it fought valiantly alongside their Black Templar brothers.
When the rest of the Chapter attempted to mobilize against the heretics spilling out of the Eye of Terror, they were interrupted by a splinter fleet of Red Corsairs, who had attempted to ward other Space Marine chapters off from assisting Cadia. The Corsairs had attacked Cystan, and were led by Huron Blackheart himself.

The War of Cystan
While the enemy fleet was small, it was still large enough to claim hold of most of the world, undermining and slaying all who opposed them. Communications from the Sanctum Angelis were cut off from the rest of the Nephilim. Upon noticing the lack of communication from his brothers, Adrastos sent a small team of marines to make contact with the lost planet. The team
made planetfall and had only just enough time to contact the main fleet before being cut off by the Corsairs and forced to retreat to the Sanctum Angelis.
Outraged by this turn of events, Adrastos scrambled the fleet and ordered them to prepare to retake Cystan. He himself, along with his chapter Command, led the assault on the Angel of Alnar, a Gloriana-Class battleship that was used as their mobile base of operations.
The world was almost completely overrun by the heretics when the Nephilim finally emerged from the Warp, with only the Sanctum Angelis standing strong.
While the space marine forces landed, led by the honored Captains Argos and Kelvius, the Red Corsairs launched a counterattack that swept the remaining members of the Nephilim out of the Sanctum, and were it not for Lieutenant Avitus the remnants of the marines positioned there would have fallen.
The marines that escaped from the Sanctum established contact with Captains Argos and Kelvius and joined up with their Companies (the 2nd and 4th, respectively). The Corsairs pursued the marines, who, now renewed in both morale and manpower, stood valiantly against the traitors. The Corsairs, not expecting such a large force, fell into disarray and were beaten back by Argos, who led the assault.
Heartened by their victory, the marines chased the Red Corsairs force back, and were soon reinforced by more Nephilim who had made planetfall.
Unbeknownst to the marines, the Red Corsairs had not yet brought the full might of their army to bear. A fleet of Corsair Ships teleported out from the Warp next to the Angel of Alnar and it’s escort ships, firing even before their Gellar Fields shut off. Chapter Master Adrastos ordered his little remaining forces to attack the Might of Huron, the Corsair’s main ship. The Angel fired its cannons into the enemy vessel, seriously wounding it. Adrastos then, against Librarian Orestes’ will, boarded the enemy ship along with the veratan company of the Nephilim. In the ensuing battle aboard the ship, large amounts of casualties were taken on both sides.
Lugft Huron, master of the Corsairs’ fleet, abandoned his ship, making planetfall successfully and surrounded by his remaining warriors. As the Nephilim encroached on his location, Huron readied a final attack against his opponents.
The rest of the available Nephilim chapter deployed on the planet as more and more of the Red Corsairs’ ships emerged from the darkness. Soon, almost all of the forces available to both sides were locked in combat, with Adrastos stuck on the Might of Huron, which was rapidly descending towards the planet.
Sensing his peril, Orestes, the Libraruim, and the Astropathic Choir teleported Adrastos and the remnants of the 1st Company onto Cystan, thereby saving their lives. The marines were just in time to witness Blackheart spring his ambush on Argos and Kelvius. Kelvius was killed by Huron, and the Nephilim were forced to hold their ground in a malfactorum. Captain Argos contacted the Angel of Alnar, requesting reinforcements. Librarian Orestes heard the message and made planetfall, accompanied by Reclusiarch Diocleantus. They fell into the battle, following Adrastos and the 1st Company.
The ensuing battle was harsh but short, with massive casualties on both sides. The 1st company was nearly lost in a bloody encounter with a swarm of demon engines, but managed to conquer with the assistance of Reclusiarch Diocleantus and Judiciar Caius.
In a final act of desperation, Huron struck at Adrastos in an attempt to end the battle and kill his opponent, but he was foiled when Librarian Orestes wounded him. The Tyrant of Badab had to
be carried away by his servants, who fell into disarray and were scattered. They managed to escape the grip of the Space Marines and teleport away to an unknown location.
The battle, though won, was still counted as a loss by the Nephilim, who had lost hundreds of their marines and ships. Cystan itself was ruined; it had been defiled by the Corsairs and ravaged by war. The Sanctum Angelis had been nearly torn to the ground, yet it stood still. Shrouded in disgrace by this half-victory, Chapter Master Adrastos returned to Alnar with what remained of his chapter.
While the Nephilim have since gained back some measure of their former strength, they are still haunted by the War of Cystan. Measures have been taken to ensure that this never occurs again, and they are forever vigilant for more Chaos incursions in the Segmentum.

Thank you for reading this far, it means a lot to me. Please comment below if you'd like to see more of this.
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