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Stop. Collaborate and listen, Woog is back with a brand new Report thread...
Enough of that. T-bone and i set up again to a brutal fight to the death. I'll get right to it.

standard 750pt setup. Old school Table edge to table edge battle. 1 piece of area cover, a shit load of barriers,.

Space Wolves:


Wolf Lord w/ thunderwolf mount,
Belt of Russ
WolfTooth necklace (bane of my existance)
power weapon


2x Squads of 6 Grey hunters
5x Bolters
1x power weapon
1x pack leader (or something like that)
1x power fist

Fast Attack

2x Thunder wolves
1x power weapon

Heavy Support

6 man Long Fang Squad
1x Squad leader
2x las cannons
3x heavy bolters

Legion of Woog


Deamon prince w/ mark of khorn and wings


1x 7 man zerker squad
+1 Skull Champ w/ pf
Dedicated Rhino w/ havoc launcher

1x 7 man zerker squad
+1 Skull Champ w/pf


Chaos Dreadnaught w/Plasma cannon and HF

Heavy Support

1x Obliterator



Movement- T-bone moved all his troops towards the center of the table and ran with his grey hunters and thunder pups.

Shooting- Two of his las cannons were the only ones in range and managed to immobilize my rhino and shake the crew.

Assault- N/A


Movement- The dreadnaught managed to stay sane, the obliterator drudged up about 3 inches, the zerks in the rhino piled out and the other zerkers moved up towards cover. The DP moved up behind a baricade giving him a useless cover save.

Shooting- The dreadnaught fired at a squad of grey hunters landing 2 hits and causing 1 wound. (you're going to notice a bad stread of 1's being rolled.) The oblit's plasma cannon overheated and he took a wound. The free squad of zerks ran to cover and I forgot to run with the tank zerkers making them mostly useless for half of the game.

Assault- N/A


Movement- The Grey hunters moved up and spread out allowing room for the thunder wolves to move through some barricades. The Long fangs remained stationary.

Shooting- Not much could be fired at because of position of his troops and barricades but he did manage 1 clear shot at my dreadnaught which managed to do nothing. 3 of the heavy bolters could see my DP's head and managed to cause 2 wounds. (both of which were 1's). The closest GH squad (to my right) managed to hit a few of my zerkers and do no wounds. the Thunder pups galloped towards my zerkers and managed to get within 12 inches.

Assault- His HQ managed to take out 3 of my zerkers. The Zerkers managed to cause a wound. His remaining 2 pups took out 1 more zerk and my Power fist caused 2 more wounds which took out a pup and gave his other (the one with a power weapon) a wound. The zerks managed not to take a wound from losing combat.


Movement- Leaving the remaining 3 zerkers to fend for themselves i flew my DP up to a full str squad of GH. Again the dread managed not to go crazy (kinda wish he did) and moved towards combat. The Oblit scuttle up a bit and the zerkers in the rhino advanced towards the CC.

Shooting- I once again forget to run with my zerkers and they were not in range to shoot. The rhino's havoc missiles managed to hit and wound 1 LF and but it shrugged off the explosion. The dreadnaught managed to hit 3 GH but only managed to wound 2 (again with the 1). The oblit managed to get a shot off but it scattered off into nowhere.

Assault- The DP attacked the GH and managed to roll 2 1's and 2 2's and left him with 2 hits which wounded and killed the GH. They managed to clean up the last 2 wounds on my DP with a result of snake eyes for his saves. The zerkers managed to fend off a slew of attacks from his HQ and Thunde pups and only loose 1 more while causing 2 wounds to his HQ and removing the other pup.



Movement- T-bone smartly kept both squads of his GH out of assault range of my second squad of zerks and out of range of my CC in case of a lucky consolidation move if they won combat. The LF stayed put and his HQ was still locked in combat.

Shooting- with only 1 shot at my dreadnaught with a las cannon he managed to destroy my dread. :shok: The other HB managed to plink out 2 of my zerkers preparing to get into CC.

Assault- My zerkers managed to survive his HQ's onslaught and not cause any wounds. (1's again with my power fist)


Movement- The oblit moved an inch.... :wacko:

Shooting- The oblit managed to take out 1 more GH.

Assault- The zerkers finally got to charge and take out his HQ while only sustaining 4 wounds. Both squads consolidated sideways and should have just moved towards combat which proved to be their ultimate downfall.



Movement- He moved his GH in to what he thought was out of 12 inches. The LF stayed still

Shooting- The las cannons took out my Oblit who got a 5+ save from behind behind area cover. The GH opened up at my 3 man squad of zerks manageing to take out 2 leaving just an skull champ.

Assault- N/A


Movement- Zerks moved up.

Shooting- Shot at the GH and missed all but 1 shot that managed not to wound.

Assault- Assaulted the squad of 3 GH and wiped them out and consolidated towards the other squad.



Movement- GH moved up towards my maimed squads of Zerkers.

Shooting- The GH managed to cause no kills. The LF managed to blow up my tank and cause some saved wounds on my zerkers.

Assault- The GH attack and managed to take out the rest of my Zerks causing his victory and ending a game that i couldn't wait to be over:headbutt:

Moral of the story-

Changing my oblit model. I think the one i'm using is cursed.

My dread hasn't seen CC in 4 games. I need to think of a new strategy.

Long fangs are a pain in the ass.

DP should not be sent to fend for himself.

T-bone is getting better at keeping me out of CC. I need to finish building my second rhino.


Overall it was a good game. I would have liked it to be closer than it was. He out played me and i made to many errors. I think i'll be using different Dice as well.

As usual i'll be dolling out rep for people who read this whole thing and give insightful feedback..

woog out!
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