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Hello all!

It was once again time for the forces of the "yet to be named" space wolves and The Legion of Woog to battle it out to the death!!!!!

Coming off of an embarrassing defeat, the LOW regrouped with it's fleet and brought along more reinforcements!

So without further delay,

Annihilation game, regular deployment.


The Legion of Woog


Woog the Master Cankerwyrm of Aischrolatreia (Abbadon)


-plasma cannon

4x Terminator champions
-Mark of Khorne
-1x dual LC
-1x CF
-3x Combi-Melta
Dedicated Transport
-CSM Landraider
-Demonic possession
-Havoc Missile laucher


2x 6 man zerker squads (including SC)
-Skull Champion
Dedicated Transport

Heavy Support:

3x Obliterators

Yet to be named Space Wolves


Wolf Lord w/ thunderwolf mount,
Belt of Russ
WolfTooth necklace (bane of my existance)
power weapon


2x Venerable Dreadnaughts
w/TL Las Cannon


2x Squads of 8 Grey hunters
5x Bolters
1x power weapon
1x pack leader (or something like that)
1x power fist

Fast Attack

1x squad of 2x Thunder wolves
1x power weapon
1x Storm Shield

1x squad of 5x Thuder Wolves
1x frost blade
2x storm sheilds

Heavy Support

6 man Long Fang Squad
1x Squad leader
2x las cannons
3x heavy bolters

I'm not 100% on his list. Again This is one of the rare times we play 1500pt game

The table was set up with 1 large area terrain (swampy dead wood) A bunch of small barricades. The LOW was deployed across the back of the table (40in round). The SW were deployed opposite. The terrain was set up around the large area terrain that was dead center spread out randomly deployed by scattered die and 2d6

Turn 1 -top-


The LOW won the roll off and went first. The Land Raider and Rhinos both moved up at Cruising speed. The dreadnaught went into a blood frenzy and raced towards the enemy. The Oblits creeped forward.


All 3 vehicles popped smoke. The oblits fired on the squad of 5 Thunder Wolves causing 1 wound. The dreadnaught moved up 3 inches towards the enemy and couldn't pop smoke.



Turn 1 -Bottom-


The Leader of his HQ joined the squad of 2 thunder wolves and advanced towards the Land Raider's. The 2 squads of Grey hunters moved up as well. The squad of 5 Thuder wolves moved towards the olbiterators. The Long Fangs held their positions.


The 2 Las cannons in the Long Fangs fired at the LR and caused no damage. The 3 heavy Bolters Fired on my obliterators causing no wounds. The first Ven. Dreadnaught fired a las cannon and failed to destroy my Land Raider. The second was luckier and managed to explode the landraider. My HQ and Termies didn't cause a wound. Woog and the Terminators were now on the Loose!!! The squad of 5 thunder wolves ran and rolled a 6 and charged within 12 inches of my oblits (t-bone managed to set his Thunderwolves up about 8 inches in front of the designated deployment zone without me noticing).


The Thunderwolves assaulted my Oblits and managed to take out 1 obliterator and cause a wound on another (i reread the allocation rules and realized we did it wrong for this game so just ignore that when scrutinizing). The oblits attacked back and manage to land 2 hits which i managed to roll Snake eyes. The oblits passed all their saves for their fearless

Turn 1 -recap- from the LOW point of view

The Space pups have suffered no casualties. The LOW lost 1 oblit and a Land Raider. The forces are spread out the table in two main groupings. The Low HQ squad is out in the open near the Swamp. The two rhinos are on the left flank beside barricades giving them a bit of cover. The Grey hunters and behind barricades they can fire over. The two venerable dreadnaughts are on the left flank more towards the center than the Rhinos. The LOW dreadnaught is behind Woog and his champions to the left of the Swamp. The Oblits and large unit of Thunder pups are to the right flank.

Turn 2 -top-


The rhinos moved up at combat speed towards the mass of the Space pups. The Dreadnaught stayed sane and advanced.


The rhinos rapid fired on the Pup's HQ causing 1 wound. Woog and his Champs unleashed TL bolter and Melta fire on the HQ of the pups causing 3 wounds and taking out 1 of the Thunder Pups. The dreadnaught managed to land a perfect shot against the HQ but failed to cause any wounds.


Woog and his escorts attacked the HQ of the Pups. Woog managed to tear through the all 4 remaining wounds before the pups got a chance to fight back and the CankerWyrm and crew advanced a few inches towards the Dreads! The Oblits managed to cause a wound and only lose 1 more oblit leaving one standing with 1 wound. (we're talking some really lucky rolling on my part btw)

Turn 2 -bottom-


The greyhunters were in firing range and stayed put. The Long fangs remained stationary as well. The Dreads advanced towards Woog and his Champs.


The greyhunters unloaded rapid fire and regular bolter fire upon the champions and their leader. They failed to cause any casualties. The Dreads managed to miss the Terminators. The Long Fangs to cause damage to the rhinos they fired at but did manage to immobilize the Dreadnaught.


The Dreads assaulted Woog and his Champs. Woog managed to take out 1 dread completely and stun the second one before the Term with the chain fist cleaned up the mess. The resulting explosion did cause 1 casulalty.

At this point T-bone Conceded and said my Leader was Broken and said he had no way to win.

Outcome: Victory Legion of Woog

Lessons Learned:

-Woog is a bad ASS!!!!

-Chainfists are worth every point.

-Landraiders are Enormous heavy fire magnets.

Let me know what you guys think of the battle. Let me know how i can suggest to T-bone that he improve his list. As norm. Woog will doll out rep for those who read the entire thing and give good advice.

woog out!

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Aside from me being dead wrong on the dread rule i forgot to ask what everyon thought of my 1500pt army and how i played the game. I'm always looking for improvements before i head out to my Local gaming store's saturday games. I haven't played anyone besides t-bone with 4th or 5th edition rules. Tips and pointers would be appreciated. I will not get rid of my dreadnaught and probably won't Pull woog from the list in change for a DP. Let me know what y'all think

woog out!

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Thanks. That's the first time i had rhinos for all my zerkers. Like I said it's a Fluff list. I have yet to create the actually fluff but i have certain things in my head. I agree that all those champs is a little bit much for a 1500 pt game. they would fit a lot better in a 2k + game.

woog out!

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He ended up wiping them out but his thunderwolves were too far out of it and couldn't have reached my zerkers or HQ squad. He also saw how my HQ cut through his HQ squad like butter and just conceded.... NEXT game i'll just shoot the hell out of him with ap3 bolter fire thanks to my awesome new thousand son's squad!!!!!!!! BAD ASS!!!! Thanks again sasha nein!!!!

woog out!
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