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Okay, off the top of my head, here's what I think the Wolves should do:

1) Fix the Wolf Lord's wargear.

Wolf Lord
- Single wolf claw
- Storm shield
- Thunderwolf Mount
- Wolftooth Necklace
- Saga of the Warrior Born
Pts: 240

Now he has an HQ almost as "broken" as Abad - err, Woog.

2) Stop wasting points on Venerable status for the Dreadnoughts. Two normal Dreadnoughts with the same equipment will save him about sixty points per model - more than enough for 3).

3) Get the Grey Hunters Rhinos, preferably with extra armor. These guys are fantastic troops (possibly the best in the game for their cost) but without transports they can't get where they need to be.

4) Balance out the Thunderwolf squads so that they have closer to the same number of models in each. Also, replace the power weapon on the one model equipped with one and take a wolf claw instead. They're far and away superior weapons.

5) Use any extra points to upgrade as many heavy bolters to missile launchers as possible.

Hope this helps your friend/rival.

Katie D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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